Skirt summer 2013 - the romance and lightness

How hard is it to imagine a male wardrobe without trousers, and female is not without skirts. Despite the fact that now many women claim that easily do without skirts, and their favorite clothes are pants, skirts summer 2013 will be a temptation even for them.

Skirt summer 2013 - the romance and lightness

Trendy Skirts 2013 season

This season was a capricious fashion favorable to the subject of women's clothing and women allowed to choose from a large number of interesting models. This summer in fashion again, a pencil skirt, a magnificent model, with the smell, lacy texture, the length of the floor and a mini.

Skirts Pencil

Well all the familiar, but no less loved, classic and elegant skirt summer "pencil" again at the peak of popularity. They paid a lot of attention of renowned fashion designer in the world. Characteristically, this season is very popular white pencil skirt. They perfectly complement and form-fitting, and voluminous tops and blouses.

Skirts with the smell of

This model of the summer 2013 not only spectacular, but also quite practical. These skirts are very convenient and comfortable to wear. summer skirt with the smell of the average length were a triumph of the season. They appeared beautiful drapery, reminiscent of the eastern part attire. A famous Emporio Armani in her skirt with the smell skillfully combined bottoms, low waist, asymmetrical smell and a mini length. The result is a very worthy thing.

Skirt summer 2013 - the romance and lightness

Lush skirt

Skirts lush summer can be assembled on the waist line, to be layered, decorated with lots of frills and ruffles, and extended bulky items of decor. Very popular skirts on sleeves which are ideally adjacent to the upper thigh and beautifully drape below.

Skirts lace

This season should definitely buy lace skirt summer. Do not think that this model is suitable only for special occasions. According to many leading designers, lacy cloth naturally fit into the daily pattern, make it unpredictable and luxurious. Very original look model using guipure several colors. They will look stylish with small tops. Bright sandals with very high platform complement the image.

Skirts floor

Summer - the best time to show off in a long skirt of thin air and tissue. Today, these skirts can be divided into two types - straight and A-shaped silhouette. They may be made of lace or chiffon, but sometimes these fabrics were combined into one model.

Skirt summer 2013 - the romance and lightness

Knitted skirts summer

In these models, I would like to draw your attention. Skirts, crocheted from cotton yarn, looks just amazing. In addition, they are very pleasant to wear. The main thing - properly select the appropriate length for your figure and style and find the necessary descriptions and diagrams not be easy.

From what to wear skirts?

Naturally, the choice of stamp or blouse that you wear a skirt, entirely depends on the style of the skirt. If this model is lush with lots of flounces and lace, then it can not go on top of the bulk. For such a model much more suitable for small form-fitting top. And with the classic pencil skirt can afford something a little more volume.