Christmas gifts with his own hands: Gel candles

Christmas gifts with his own hands ... Is it real? Is it possible to make an interesting, beautiful gift, which will be remembered and enjoy family and friends? We hasten to assure you - it is quite possible. In addition, long known that giving Christmas gifts, souvenirs, hand made even more pleasant than to receive them. How do you feel about the fact that the cook as Christmas gifts for friends and relatives original gel candles? Such a gift is not costing a pretty penny. Therefore it is possible to do several of these candles, so as not to forget and to please their loved ones all at once. The process of manufacturing them is simple enough, and money for the purchase of supplies will not need much.

Christmas gifts with his own hands: Gel candles

is required for the manufacture of candles:

1. Approximately 5 g edible gelatin.

2. Approximately 35 ml glycerol pharmacy.

3. Several wicks.

4. About 2 g of tannin.

5. Plain water (20 mL).

Christmas gifts with his own hands: Gel candles

on the preparation instructions gel candles

Production of gel

1. Dissolve in glycerol (10 ml), the entire tannin.

2. Mix a separate water, gelatin and glycerin Pharmacy (the remaining 25 mL) and heat the mixture until the solution became homogeneous and transparent. 3. Enter the tannin in the resulting solution.

4. Be careful not to boil the resulting mixture, otherwise it will become opaque. Heated up until the water has evaporated. The gel should resemble the consistency of syrup.

5. Allow to settle (about 15 minutes) the obtained mass, spoon removing the bubbles formed in advance prepared.

Christmas gifts with his own hands: Gel candles


As decoration for the future can be used candles coffee beans, small beautiful shells, hearts, miniature toys, stars, flowers. Get fantasy, laying the prepared dishes (e.g., a glass, a vase, a glass) decoration components. Wick with a small sinker should be fixed at the bottom. After placing all the objects inside the container can gradually pour the gel, making sure that it is completely covered with the contents. Christmas gifts, made by their own hands, almost ready for delivery. It remains only to pack them nicely!

Holiday packages

To New Year's gifts, prepared with their own hands, like even more, get ready to pack gel candles special colored gift paper. Wrap and beautiful drape it around the vessel, fastened in the right places transparent tape. You can decorate with gold or silver packaging tape, which will emphasize the theme of Christmas gifts. It can be packed with glass contained therein in a transparent gel candle cellophane package, tying it on top of the bright strip or ribbon. It can be creatively used as a stylish decoration golden streamers or other shiny tinsel. Supplement

Christmas gifts, prepared with their own hands, can be equipped with a card, which is necessary to write a few warm words - a wish for the person to whom, in fact, intended gift. It would be appropriate! Such original Christmas gifts, made by their own hands, be sure to warm the heart and soul of your loved ones, friends and family!