What could be the gifts on a silver wedding

We decided to celebrate every passing year of marriage. Especially anniversaries such as 10, 20, 25, 30 and 50 years from the date of the wedding. Each date has a special name that indicates the strength of the family for many years to hold on together. Today let's talk about this festival, as a silver wedding. Gifts, by the way, this day is accepted to give special.

What could be the gifts on a silver wedding

About festival

25 years - the first date of "precious metal" weddings. It symbolizes just how strong the family lived so many years together. Like silver, these people are strong, noble and valuable in their own way in the circle of relatives and friends. What better to give at such an anniversary? There are many options, but the banal to buy gifts just not worth it. In this day and spouses can treat something special, specially selected. And, of course, made of silver.


The easiest way to choose gifts for their silver wedding - the couple to buy jewelry from the same metal. They can pick up for a pair - the same, as well as separately for each spouse. An excellent option for both sexes will be silver chains around his neck and hands, for women - pendants, earrings and rings. Men can also present a silver cuff links, tie clasp on, signet-ring. There is also a tradition in the 25th birthday with life together again in the registry office to exchange rings. You can arrange for friends or relatives like a holiday and to present a gift your sweetheart silver wedding rings.

What could be the gifts on a silver wedding


It is also a great gift on a silver wedding. You can present a tray or bowl as a symbol of the fact that the heroes of the day house a full cup. Alternatively, it is possible to give a set of spoons silverware, coasters and even whole dishes. But it is worth remembering that you can not give knives. The rest of the dishes will be a great gift, which, by the way, and then can be transmitted to children or grandchildren inherited.

religious subjects

If a family truly believes in God, then there should be no questions as to what to give to friends silver wedding. A good idea can become an icon in a silver gift. It will be a present valuable not only from a material point of view. Its importance is measured by the spiritual component.

What could be the gifts on a silver wedding


Gifts for the silver wedding may also be in the form of various trinkets. Silver pin, medal, statue - all perfect for this anniversary. Interestingly looks custom-made silver coin that will be specially created for this pair. Also a great gift can be a silver desktop or wall clock. Such a gift will be used frequently in everyday life and always will remind the couple of who gave this gift. not silver

Gifts for the silver wedding can be made and not made of silver. If you absolutely have no idea what to present a noble metal can be bought and something else. Always handy in the household small appliances: coffee maker, blender, toaster. You can also make it less practical gift - to present a pair of trip at sea, in the resort or just sightseeing. You can give different thematic certificates for interesting work or entertainment. Such a gift will definitely long in the memory and will bring a lot of pleasant and unforgettable emotions.