Perfume "Hugo Boss": women's fragrance

In stores now have a variety of flavors, as they say, a different taste and color. Some people prefer sweet perfume, someone with the scent of flowers. But most of them are very hard to find a fragrance to your liking. Women have tried many spirits before they find it its flavor. So it's not an easy task. Today we will discuss the perfume "Hugo Boss". Women's fragrance presented in a large assortment. They are in demand in many of the fair sex.



The brand was founded in 1923. From the outset, makes clothes for work, uniforms, models for the police. Founder Hugo Boss at the time could not even assume that it will grow as small factory that does not know his name will only be ignorant. Unfortunately, Hugo did not live up to the peak of the popularity of the brand. The case was continued by his grandchildren, which released the first business suit HUGO BOSS.

And then it began a new era in the life of the brand. Produced not only tuxedos for men, but also casual wear, the model for women. Later he began to produce clothing for children. And only then brand designers think about their own flavor.

In 1985, there are the first perfume "Hugo Boss". Women's and men's fragrances since then confidently took the leading position in the ratings of perfumes.


The spirits of HUGO BOSS for the lovely ladies

Now this line of perfume brand has more than 30 flavors. Many of them already occupy the first place in the ranking of the world's best spirits! Even famous Hollywood stars prefer scented water of this particular brand. Among them there are very well-known personality. The most popular perfume "Hugo Boss" - women's fragrance Boss Nuit Pour Femme, Boss Nuit Runway, Boss Women, Boss Intense and others. All these flavors, as claimed by the producers themselves, made for a successful and independent women who are sure steps to clear the goal.

The fragrance Boss Women

"Hugo Boss WOMAN" - women's perfume that will suit young and energetic girls. It is an excellent choice of luxury perfumes. Spirits belong to a group of floral and fruity aromas. Perfume was released back in 1997. Since then it has become a favorite of many of the fair sex. Developed flavor Ursula Wandel. In the top notes sound peach and oak moss. Their combination complements the bouquet of cyclamen, melon, blackcurrant sheet, apple and papaya. In their place comes the aroma of jasmine, iris root, lily and water hyacinth. The base sheet can hear cedar, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, orchid and resin. All this complex composition gradually transformed. The aroma is obtained voluminous, vibrant.


Fragrances from HUGO BOSS: price

All people have become accustomed to the fact that any branded product has an associated cost. For example, to get 1 bottle of perfume Boss Women, will have to spend from 1000 to 2000 p. And as for the other spirits of the collection and say nothing. They, of course, not everyone can afford. All prices fluctuate within five or six thousand. It turns out that only people with a good income can afford to buy, "Hugo Boss" perfume (women). Price, of course, is palpable budget. However, many people are willing to pay for good quality.

Product Reviews "Hugo Boss"

Of course, when considering any product found, both positive and negative statements. Reviews "Hugo Boss" spirits (female) also receive different. Some girls really enjoyed the flavors of the brand. Someone gave up on them. For example, Boss Orange fragrance release a lot of girls. They say that it is moderately sweet, with a touch of citrus notes. Also note the resistance of perfume - well kept during the day. In this case, absolutely unobtrusive flavor.

In general, many consumers rave reviews collected "Hugo Boss" perfume (women). Their price, though high, but they are worth the money spent. So say consumers themselves. Especially those girls who are able to distinguish the original from the fakes. Not only in the world of fashion, but also in the manufacture of perfumes, few can compare to the campaign "Hugo Boss". Women's Fragrances deserve only positive reviews.


How to choose?

Pick up your scent is difficult. But probably. In brand stores always experienced sellers. They will help with the selection. Before proceeding to the "tasting" the new fragrance, you need to get rid of the previous loop spirits. This will help ground coffee. If it is difficult to choose, you need to put perfume on your skin and go about their business. During the day you can listen to your feelings, emotions. If the spirits cause only positive emotions, you can buy them.

Products of world famous brands such as "Hugo Boss", is hypoallergenic. However, the reaction is possible. After all, everyone can have their own characteristics of the organism. There are people with individual intolerance to a particular component. Allergies to be sure before use is necessary to consult with your beautician and a doctor. This is important, because they can appear not only itching, coughing and sneezing, but also more serious symptoms - swelling of the mucous.