How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to choose a jacket for the winter. Women's warm clothes should be not only beautiful but also practical. To make sure your jacket served you faithfully, when purchasing, pay attention not only to design but also on practicality.

How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?

Pure fluff

How to choose a jacket in winter female? Many people traditionally pay attention to things filled with natural down. Typically use a goose or swan. It waterfowl feathers, as it has a pronounced heat-insulating properties and good wear resistance. This type of filler is designated Down marked on the label. Nevertheless, more and more you can see postscript Feather. This means that in the present heater pen. This allows you to reduce the cost of production of a few. At the same time, the ratio of "fluff / pen" can be different:

  • 80/20 or 70/30 - is the best option for areas with severe cold climate;
  • 50/50 - a good option for a mild winter;
  • if fluff content is less than 50%, this option is suitable only for those who live in warm regions.
How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?

Other types of insulation

If you do not know how to choose a jacket for the winter, feminine look should be primarily addressed to the heater. Agree on the beautiful things will be of little use if you freeze it. That is why the quality of the insulation - this is the main selection criterion. Given that the fluff - it's expensive and not always practical. In this regard, the market has seen such things with fillings:

  • or Cotton Wool - is wool batting, which shows good resistance to frost. Nevertheless, like feathers, they lose their properties after the first washing. Of course, things warmed by such materials, are inexpensive, but you'll have to spend extra on dry cleaning.
  • If you do not know how to choose a down jacket in winter female, sintepon become the most budget option. Nevertheless, from it we should not expect miracles, if you live in a cold climate. In addition, it will lose its properties after washing.
  • Hollofayber - a modern material which combines the properties of syntepon and fluff. This insulation protects the well from cold and has excellent wear resistance. In addition, hollofayber not block air circulation.
  • Izosoft - a leader in synthetic insulations. The fabric structure involves numerous small cells that accumulate warm air. In addition, these things very convenient, because a thin layer of izosofta provides 4 times more heat than, for example, padding polyester. After washing does not lose its properties.
How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?

What about the size?

How to choose a warm down jacket? In winter, the female wardrobe several transformed. Desire to show a slender silhouette and beautiful legs gives the desire to achieve comfort. , Consider these recommendations in order to properly determine the size:

  • Pay attention to the length. The best option - to the knee. If the jacket is short, you run the risk of freezing. But too long a model make it difficult to move.
  • No need to buy a down jacket "size in size." Let it be a little bit more. It promotes the formation of an air cushion that helps to keep warm.
How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?


How to choose a jacket? In winter, the female wardrobe must become practical. Before you choose the color of fabric, you should make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • material has breathability to prevent overheating of the body, sweating and bacterial growth;
  • should be a special impregnation, which completely or at least partially repels moisture (otherwise rain or melting snow can cause wetting of filler);
  • fabric, from which cross-linked lining must have a special teflon membrane or coating, which provides additional insulation.
How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?

What else to pay attention?

Knowledge of some of the key features will greatly facilitate the task of how to choose a jacket for the winter. Women should look to capture these details:

  • To a filler not break in one place and do not roll down, down jacket should be well stitched. The size of each block should not exceed 20 to 20 cm.
  • Pay attention to the number of layers of insulation. In temperate climates it is quite enough of one. If winter in your area severe, and you have a lot of time on the street, it is better to buy a dual-layer jacket.
  • Squeeze a small section down jackets (eg, sleeve), and then abruptly release. If he quickly took the original form, so the thing-quality and you will be warm in there.
  • Inspect the underside of down jackets. Ideally, the lining must be stitched.
  • On the sleeves and bottom of the cuff should be (preferably in the form of a gum). They will prevent the penetration of cold under the jacket.
  • If you have a down jacket fur or knitted lining, it must be unfastened. The same applies to the hood.
  • additional valve must be present above the zipper. This will prevent the penetration of cold air through the links.
  • The majority of manufacturers is applied to a down jacket silicone pouch filler sample. Otherwise, you can begin to doubt its quality.
How to choose a jacket for the winter by the female figure, size, quality?

How to choose a jacket on a figure?

How to choose a good jacket for the winter? Women's clothes, of course, needs and aesthetics. To look elegant even in a down jacket, pick up the item in accordance with the type of the figure:

  • If you want to hide wide waist, choose the right model of a free cut. If you do not have problems with excess weight, waist can be formed by using the strap. Visually correct prima ballerina silhouette help the diagonal insertion.
  • not high girls should avoid long models, as they visually reduce the height. If you prefer a practical option to the knee, wear a belt that will help shape the silhouette.
  • If you want to emphasize a magnificent bust, choose a model with horizontal stripes. At the same time, there is a risk to hide the waist. To avoid this, be sure to use the belt.
  • If you are too wide hips, you absolutely contraindicated in direct or close-fitting jackets. Note the fashionable silhouette "cocoon", which tapers towards the bottom. In this case, the upper part volume remains, hiding all defects under a figure.


If you do not know how to choose a down jacket in winter female, shoppers reviews will help you in this difficult case. Going shopping for a while forget about the original design and trendy decor. First of all, pay attention to the quality of the insulation and the base material. Just be sure that these characteristics are suitable for you, proceed to the selection of style, which is most advantageous to emphasize all the advantages of your figure.