Fishing box: Selection Criteria

Modern fishing stores offer for a person engaged in fishing, a lot of interesting and almost always necessary adaptations. These wonders of the art of fishing and related fishing box. This is where taking care of a fisherman in full: here you and a variety of compartments and boxes for storing anything that might come in handy on a fishing trip, and boxes for hooks and lures. In many there is a compartment for the preservation of the catch (well, if he does not make a hundred kilograms in weight).

Fishing box: Selection Criteria

Prices and selection

There are even versions with thermal insulation properties for certain compartments to increase battery life preservation. However, many fishing tackle boxes, relevant details and the catch are quite expensive (especially - imported in recent times of crisis). Therefore, the average angler and is looking for today, which is cheaper, as the Fish - where deeper. But cheap - does not mean bad. And to build his own fishing box is not difficult, especially if you are used to working tools and head. The fact of what should be given adaptation is certainly much needed on every fishing trip, described in this article.

Fishing box: Selection Criteria

Perfect fishing box: device

  1. The body of the device for fishing - purchased or home-made, no matter - must be made of aluminum or a lightweight alloy. Thus it is achieved the minimum weight of the product, which is important for shipping.
  2. to insulate fishing box foam (or its more recent versions).
  3. At least in the apparatus must be several compartments of different volume, which is convenient to place and tackle, and bait and lure, fishing rods and spare parts: sinkers, hooks, fishing line, floats, etc.
  4. ..

  5. must be present robust and functional mounting pen. Fisherman need to create maximum conditions for the movement equipped with a drawer. Winter options even desirable runners to the device was convenient to move on snow and ice to the fishing place and back.
  6. A warm and comfortable seat - the key to a fisherman health (especially ice fishing).
Fishing box: Selection Criteria

Box fishing year

All of the above focused mainly on winter fishing. But the box for summer fishing - something also needed. Of course, there are also versatile options. But, in general, summer fishing box differs from the winter more lightweight body, which is not necessarily made of frost-resistant materials. It can be made from plastic, and wood. Internal device, however, remains unchanged. And again, we must remember that this device - not just a handy box for storing and carrying fishing gear and detail, but also the seat for the fisherman, and the table in the case, if you want a snack. Fishing box itself must be multifunctional - this is its main advantage over a backpack or a bag, for example.

How to choose a summer box

In general, buying in a store, this device (if, say, you do not want to mess around and make it yourself), you need to first pay attention to the following characteristics.

  1. Light weight.
  2. Not too bulky dimensions.
  3. But at the same time - with enough space.
  4. Easy move from place to place.
  5. Thermal insulation and strength.