Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

Kim Kardashian really good pace. Has anyone thought about the fact that it will be so long famous for? Anyway, if anyone thought that it will become popular? Previously, it was only a stylist and discreet friend of Paris Hilton. And then the famous and even overshadowed by his girlfriend's popularity.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

No special talents of the star is not there, it's popularity - a product of the media work. Just one day all of a sudden began to talk about it. Of course, not all discussed it in a positive way, but still discussed. But now everything is a smooth completion: it is possible that soon the popularity of Kim Kardashian will come to naught. And there are 9 reasons.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

1. Age

Kim is no longer young, this year it will knock 37. For women who build a career on their appearance, it's advanced age. Not everyone will be pleased to look at 45-year-old Kim dressed in bondage gear, which she loves.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

2. Kanye West

It seemed that Kim and Kanye Union should be interesting. But somehow, the opposite happened. Their relations were boring nowhere. From this marriage did not win one. Most likely, only their divorce will be able to add Kim's popularity.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

3. News about Kim ceased to be interesting

About her just stop talking. Even a robbery in Paris has not caused great interest of the public. The only reason why it still pay attention - a habit.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

4. It shows terrible

Yes, the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is still shown on TV. But his approval ratings steadily rolling into the abyss, fewer and fewer people want to see how the family lives Kardashian-Jenner. The public interest can not warm up any plot twists.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

5. Kim boring

It is not the most interesting character, even his family. Public attention flows smoothly on her younger sisters - Kendall and Kylie, who is much younger and more interesting.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

6. Kim is not as sexy as he wants to seem

Beauty Kim Kardashian - something akin to mass hypnosis. Yes, she has a pretty face and a huge sirloin. But we know that all this is the result of plastic, konturinga and a large number of Photoshop. And the younger Kim is not exactly becoming, and this adversely affects its appearance: in a bathing suit to see it, no one wants.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

7. It is bought and sold

Kim Kardashian for the money ready for anything. There are people who are doing what they love, and earnings - a nice bonus. But the career of Kim Kardashian is not built on it. Yes, she has earned millions of dollars, but many times it exhibited himself to ridicule.

Why Kim Kardashian's popularity wanes

8. tomfoolery bored

I must admit that a lot of people watching Kim is not due to the fact that it is cool. In many situations, Kim behaves silly and laughable. At first, it's funny, but tired quickly.

9. Her fame - a fake

It is unlikely that someone will be able to name what Kim has talent. Perhaps they simply do not have. And all her career - the fruit of the media work. Its popularity was developed on the principle of "once it's on TV, it means that it is cool."