Kim Källström - Swedish footballer

Kim Källström - a famous football player from Sweden, which is currently in favor of the club "Djurgården". During his long career, he has managed to win a large number of trophies, playing in different football leagues. Kim regularly appeared for his country. This player takes the position of midfielder.

The beginning of his football career

Kim Källström was born August 24, 1982 in Sandviken. His childhood was spent in the football club "Partille". His debut in the professional league took place in the team "Hockey". In 1999, this command returns to the highest Swedish division and staffed with new players. Despite this, Chelstrem remained composed. Kim debuted early enough for the main part, at the time he was only sixteen years old. This event occurred in 2000 in a match with "Göteborg". Kim Källström appeared on the field at the end of the game, coming on as substitute. In his debut game this talented midfielder scored his first goal a minute after entering the field.

Kim Källström - Swedish footballer

Professional career

Kim Källström has become popular at home at the club "Djurgården". In it, he twice won consecutive national championship. Chelstrem contributed greatly to the success of the club. For two seasons in the Swedish club "Djurgården", he scored 26 goals. Such a result is to be worthy midfield. During the transfer window opened in 2004. Kim Källström moved to a modest French club "Rennes". Such a talented player like Chelstrem, got them for only 1, 7 million dollars. The "Rennes" at that time spoke of his team-mate Andreas Isaksson. In the remaining half of the season at a new club, Kim scored seven goals in 18 matches. The following season, this talented football player was the real leader of the team. At the beginning of the season the club "Rennes" did not look very convincing, but in the end he managed to take fourth place and get into the UEFA Cup.

Kim Källström - Swedish footballer

Continued career in France

In 2006, Kim Källström player went to the club "Lion". He made his debut in a match against "PSG" for the Super Bowl France. His first goal for his new club, he scored in the Champions League team, "Dynamo Kiev". In the club "Lion" Swedish midfielder was twice champion of the French league. May 30, 2009 Kim Källström whose photos often appeared in sports magazines, played his hundredth match for the French club. Then, in the French league are having big problems. Due to the increase in tax deductions players began to leave from there. Kim Källström also decided to change the club.

Kim Källström - Swedish footballer

Speeches of the Moscow "Spartak"

In 2012, the French club "Lion" and Moscow "Spartak" have agreed on the transfer of Kim Chelstrema. He successfully passed the medical examination and made his debut for his new club in a match against Krasnodar "Kuban". Debut in the Champions League was held at "Camp Nou" against famous teams - "Barcelona". His first goal in the Russian Premier League, Kim scored in the game against the Permian "Amkar". Chelstrema goal with a penalty kick helped the team win with a score 3: 1.

In "Spartacus," Kim Källström was one of the leaders of the club. January 31, 2014 the famous Swedish player was loaned to London "Arsenal". March 25 held Chelstrema debut in the Premier League. Then he spent the game in the FA Cup and came in "Spartacus." Under new coach Kim Källström getting a lot of playing time and again became leader of the club. Then the Swedish football player went to "Grasskhopeer" club. Currently Chelstrem playing for the club, "Djurgården", which once won trophies. Footballer Kim Källström in his long career has replaced a lot of clubs. Let him and failed to become a major player in the Premier League, he still remembered the fans as a high-level player. For his team Kim Källström played in three European Championships and World Championships. At Euro 2016 coach called Chelstrema part, but he refused.