Is it easy to sew sundress from handkerchiefs?

This light and airy

"What does that mean? - It is necessary to live. Sew sundresses and light dresses of calico ... "- sung in the once famous song. Sundresses still remain the most popular and favorite summer women's clothing. They are light, airy, comfortable in them and comfortable in the summer heat. Being a native Russian women's dresses, these dresses from one year to remain on the crest of fashion: models on the floor, a short, high-waisted, with lush tiered skirts or straight.

Is it easy to sew sundress from handkerchiefs?

Recently, a special popular sundress of handkerchiefs. He is original, emphasizes the lightness and the elegance of its owner, while hiding figure flaws. Another reason to choose this model: you can easily make it yourself. This does not necessarily have any special sewing skills.

What is needed in order to sew sundress from scarves

• 2 handkerchief width of 1m or coupon fabric width of 1, 4 m and 2.8 m in length (and may be less, depending on the length of your product); cloth is better to choose silk, as it looks more elegant, but it is possible and other light fabrics: cotton or chiffon;

• thread to match the fabric; • tapes for kuliske;

• sewing machine and scissors.

Is it easy to sew sundress from handkerchiefs?

Pattern sundress of shawls made directly on the fabric

1. 2 handkerchief folded face-to-face, make sure that coincided equity thread.

2. From the upper left top of the vertical (line middle of the forehand) postpone segment = 24 cm (the height of the bodice products). Exactly the same segment from the same point to delay the horizontal (line mid back).

3. Connect the low points in the vertical and horizontal arc (a line kuliske).

4. If you want the bottom was flat, then from the top left should be postponed in both vertical and horizontal interval = length of the product. Connect the points obtained arc. On this line of scarves sundress will end. Cut off the excess fabric.

5. Prepare the details Drawstring, belts and straps Drawstring. For them can take silk braid in tone color handkerchiefs 4 cm wide (and straps ribbon kuliske) and 5 cm (kuliske). If you took a sundress coupon cloth, then all these details should be podkroit of tissue residues. Kroyatsya straps on shared thread and reinforced interlining (thin adhesive cloth).

6. Also, fabric remnants podkraivaem the lower part of the bodice.

Is it easy to sew sundress from handkerchiefs?

And now sew sundress from scarves

1. Stitch folded handkerchiefs vertically and horizontally within a line kuliske.

2. Straps baste in the upper corners of the bodice. Fold the top and bottom parts of the bodice face to face. Stitch on all open slices bodice while prostrachivaya double seam straps.

3. Remove the bodice and there proutyuzhte.

4. kuliske stitched on the reverse side sundress (it is at the same time closes the lower section of the bodice).

5. Pull the braid in kuliske, wear sundresses. Tighten the braid and tie under the bust, tie around the neck strap and adjust the length.


That's all! The original and fashionable sundress from handkerchiefs ready! This bright attire will be appropriate in any situation: during the evening promenade along the sea or in the warm atmosphere of the cozy restaurant. In it you will feel comfortable, at ease, pulling the eyes of others men. Sundress emphasize your individuality, femininity and elegance at the same time surrounded by a veil of mystery and riddles.