Tips: how to tie a scarf around his neck

Handkerchief, knotted at the neck, you can decorate the wardrobe of any woman. This accessory can be updated does not have a new outfit, give style and elegance. Beautiful scarf around the neck are not only the fair sex, but also men.

When they were wearing?

Tips: how to tie a scarf around his neck

Where went the fashion? Once a piece has used the toilet himself, Louis XIV, after which it has come to signify an attribute of nobility. Men of noble names are mainly used in clothing, this accessory. Like many other women gradually got their hands on the habit to tie bows made of fabric around their necks.

With what you can wear, and how?

Modern fashion is replete with a variety of scarves: silk, cotton, wool. And how to tie a scarf around her neck beautiful? After all, it's an art. Huge selection of colors, designs, patterns, shapes exist on the market. You can not make such a dry suit or a business woman, on the contrary, in normal dress, sundress add a touch of romance. Buy scarves around the neck ladies are not too expensive and is available every fashionable woman of any age. Consider what are the nodes of the fabric:

  1. The easiest - base.
  2. A simple loop.
  3. The asymmetric.
  4. and scarf collar, two in one.
  5. "Waterfall".
  6. "Rainbow".
  7. "Flower".
  8. "Snowball".
  9. "Friendly".
  10. "criss-cross".
  11. "Cowboy".
  12. Ensemble with decoration in the form of a pin or brooch.
  13. The ensemble with a ring.
Tips: how to tie a scarf around his neck

How do I wear?

1. A method № 1, how to tie the neck scarf knot "clamp", which is suitable to blouse with any cut:

  • fold the fabric along the length of a few times to get a long and narrow strip of a width of about 5 cm (to use in this case, the quadrangle, which should begin to wrap with two corners, by aligning them in the center so that the two other angles were similar triangles);
  • to apply the cloth to his chin, so that the center was in front, and the ends are wrapped around the neck back and forward again;
  • from the front to make small parts of tissue become trim assembly;
  • to hide the knot under the main product.

2. The method number 2 as nicely tie a scarf around the neck, in the evening if you have to go to a restaurant or at a dinner party:

  • to choose a silk fabric, suitable for the basic outfit;
  • to throw the product so that the large triangle was at the bust line and back ends of the wrap;
  • to wrap once around the neck and tie the front;
  • node must be hidden under drapes, turned to a fabric necklace.

3. The method number 3, how to tie a scarf around his neck to his chest look larger:

  • fabric is folded in half;
  • to throw ahead in the two arms, the ends have to be back;
  • on the chest to make the drapery;
  • to tie the ends at the back;
  • to fasten on one shoulder by a brooch product.

4. A method № 4, how to tie in the neck a handkerchief asymmetrically:

  • ordinary scarf with long ends to throw back to the main part remained behind;
  • Next tie a knot so that one end was quite small, and the second - longest.
  • long side to fix the brooch on the shoulder bending line.
Tips: how to tie a scarf around his neck

Be always beautiful

Be creative, experiment, do not be afraid of transformations using an elegant scarf. Be beautiful and unique! Let the street or in the office you still turn! Good luck!