Nail gel coat at home

Today, every woman takes care not only of their bodies, but also for the nails. Well, if the nails are beautiful from birth and the correct form, and if they are by nature brittle, fragile and not very attractive, what do you do in this case? To accept and to dream about the ideal marigolds or you can come up with something? Today ramp and artistically nails can each woman. In this article we will talk about what is a gel coat polish, and how you can do it at home.

Nail gel coat at home

What is the build-up of gel nails

Nail extensions by using the gel - it is a simple procedure, through which you can make them beautiful and tidy appearance. In addition, you can adjust the shape of the nail and extend it. Gel coat polish - is the use of man-made and high quality materials that make the nail plate even stronger and more durable. This technology has two ways: building on tips and forms. The procedure is not very complicated, and it starts with the preparation of the nail plate. Nails cut, their surface is disinfected and thoroughly sanded. If grinding was done qualitatively insufficient gel coating may peel off nail. Then, using a brush made of high quality material, the gel is applied. After that you need to hold the nails under the UV lamp, wait until they dry and apply two more layers. Final drying is finished, you can start giving any length and shape. Forms of extension nails can be different, choose those with whom you will be comfortable, and proceed. Now there comes a point of drawing on the gel surface.

Nail gel coat at home

A few tips for increasing gel nails

If during the drying gel on the nail plate have arisen burning, it means that the gel used is of poor quality. The procedure for drying under UV lamp should be stopped immediately, you need to wait until it stops burning. In addition, while building should follow a few simple rules.

  • Except brushes overlaying the gel can not be anything touching the ground surface.
  • It is not necessary to increase the nails in the case of antibiotics, or hormonal therapy.
  • If there is a fungus or nails are amazed by other diseases, do not rush them to increase. First, we need to cure them.
  • The day nail need not use hand cream.
Nail gel coat at home

The advantages of the gel coat

If we stick to all the rules when building up, nail gel coat does not require additional care for almost four weeks. Apart from durability, the gel has a number of different advantages, such as:

  • natural look;
  • elastic material through which the nail grows and breathes a gel;
  • easily removed with a special solution;
  • the safe application of: fingernails are not subjected to the treatment;
  • lacquer coating applied to the accrued nails much longer holds.

Experiment and you will succeed. I hope that our article on how to build gel nails will help you to make your hands amazingly beautiful and well groomed.