Fishing in Anapa: Tips anglers

Anapa, as befits one of the best resorts not only in the Krasnodar region, but the whole of Russia, annually receives a huge number of tourists who flock here not only from our country, but also from neighboring countries. But few know that coming here, you can not just swimming and sunbathing, but also to engage in their favorite pastime with a fishing rod in hand.

Fishing in Anapa: Tips anglers

Fishing Anapa

Geographically, this famous resort is situated on the Black Sea coast. In addition, around the city there are many rivers and freshwater. Therefore fans to sit with a fishing pole in the hopes to catch a good place it is always there. Since ancient times, the region was settled in Greece exports of fish, which is incredibly appreciated it for its taste and fat content. Archaeologists are still excavating in the ancient Gorgippia on the territory of modern resort across rybozasolochnye bath, made of stone, metal hooks, sinkers and other clay tools for fishing.

Fishing opportunities here abound. Locals and visitors who prefer this occupation all other varieties of outdoor activities, have the opportunity to cast their lines in the open sea and in a lake or estuary, not to mention the numerous rivers. And if sea fishing in Anapa is very popular among tourists and requires quite a serious approach and above all the presence of the boat or boats, in many freshwater bodies, including in stocked ponds, fishing does not require special training and equipment. Therefore, many tourists do not miss the opportunity and leave to do their favorite hobby, after sitting with a fishing rod on the bank of a river or lake.

Fishing in Anapa: Tips anglers

Fishing in local ponds

Not only local residents, but also coming here to relax the opportunity to fish in estuaries and swamps of Azov. They are very close to the city. The distance from the center to Temrjuksky or Taman bays is approximately fifty to sixty kilometers. Especially remarkable fishing in the vicinity of Anapa Temryuk village. It is here that there are numerous estuaries that flow into the Sea of ​​Azov. Due to the unique natural flora of these places where you can always find a variety of fish species. In such reservoirs can catch pike pelengasa, catfish, carp, roach and t. D.

And indeed in Anapa fishing in freshwater lakes and rivers will take no less emotion than the sea. On the territory of the resort flow Anapka and Kuban. Here there is a huge number of fish, so fishing river ensures a great catch. As the reviews about fishing in Anapa, here you can get the trophy carp and pike-perch, bream, grass carp and silver carp. And here in the warmer months, swim large mullet and mullet.

Sea fishing

Coast of the resort city is literally teeming with underwater inhabitants. Even from the shore or standing on the pier a man will not be difficult to catch minnows, Golovach. If we swim away from the shore, the sea fishing in Anapa already give more serious production. Here, the hook often caught flounder and goatfish, Bobyr and ruff, as well as mackerel and horse mackerel. At greater depths can also catch the Black Sea shark katrana and sturgeon such as beluga and sturgeon. Fishing in the sea Anapa is incredibly popular among tourists who come here from different parts of the country and even from Europe. Fans of "quiet hunting" are allowed to fish everywhere, starting with the piers, bridge, and ending with the boats.

Features local fishing

Here, everywhere you look, everywhere there are people with a rod and spinning. Those locals who know the best places, arrive before sunrise to the peace and quiet waiting for a good bite.

Fishing in Anapa: Tips anglers

In addition, sea fishing in Anapa can be organized and relevant agencies, of which there are many. You can also go and catch yourself. Everywhere locals offer to rent all the necessary fishing tackle, bait and any boat or even a boat. Sea fishing in Anapa can give such prey as the Black Sea herring, Bubyr, sea bream, gobies, ruffs and many other representatives of the underwater world. The richest haul, judging by the reviews, usually occurs at the beginning of September.

We catch from the shore

Many fans of "quiet hunting" prefer to catch without leaving to the open sea. They are more attracted to the coastal fishing. In Anapa to the shore you can catch using spinning. Not far from the resort's many protected sites. Here, not only can catch a lot of fish, but also to bathe in the clear blue sea. Very many locals go for it in a small village called Maly Utrish. There are allowed to fish from the shore to spinning. In addition, there is an excellent recreation and camping. Small fish and splashing in the coastal zone. In the Small Utrish just twenty kilometers from the many cities boast that in September could catch a lot Bobyr and horse mackerel. For this purpose the most different bait, starting with bread, earthworms, canned corn and barley ending, snails, boiled potatoes or simply taken there as fry.

Fishing in Anapa: Tips anglers

experienced anglers Tips

The best time to freshwater fishing in Anapa on the river Kuban failed, considered autumn. However, to come to this period on its shores on private vehicles is not necessary. The fact is that at this time there are frequent heavy rains, so there is a high risk of getting stuck in the road. Therefore, many visitors use the services of a local guide who can bring tourists to the good fishing spots with no problems.

Lovers of the sea fishing are offered everything they need for a "quiet hunt". Rent locals can take a three-hour boat for five thousand rubles. This time is quite enough to return to the beach with a bucket full of stavridki.