Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

Fishing on the White Sea - it sounds like a call to action. Indeed, thousands of people come to the sea to enjoy the charm of northern nature, comfortable weather and a good catch.

Features fishing on the White Sea

Tide twice a day gives way to the tide. Tide levels generally do not exceed two or three meters, only the areas to be released in the Barents Sea can reach the height of seven meters. The best time for catching - span from the middle to the end of the first half of the low tide. During this period the most intensive fish swim to the shore.

Fish White Sea distributed unevenly. The value of marine life, as well as the plants rapidly decreases greatly freshened gulfs such as Onega, Mezen and the Dvina. There is no fish, typical of the seas. Nevertheless, the northern coast of the White Sea, and in the Kandalaksha Bay, where the water tends to be more salty, home to a large number of marine fish species.

The advantages of the White Sea, recreation and fishing

North has always attracted fishermen. There are many different travel agencies that offer fishing trips on the islands of the White Sea. It is considered the most convenient for your stay, thanks to development of transport and the relatively small distance. This sea is quite severe and almost a year is under the ice cover. However, despite the low temperatures, it inhabits a large number of fish. In deep water in summer and winter, the temperature is practically the same, but this is not essential for representatives of the deep sea. On the coast there are high cliffs, deciduous and coniferous forests, and the sea air makes this place very tempting.

Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

Fishing at sea, usually occurs in large bays, located in estuaries that flow into the sea. Directly to these places, which are rich in food, numerous sail White Sea fish. Some species come to spawn in the river. Good catch in the sea is possible only with boats and yachts. Flora and fauna of the sea is very diverse. They are represented by numerous species of plants, invertebrates and fish that live near the shore at a depth of about thirty meters, which promotes such activities as sport fishing.

What's in the White Sea fishing appeal of

Very entertaining and interesting hunting for valuable species of fish, such as trout and salmon. These marine fish are near the bottom of the roughness at shallow depth near the White Sea. Brown trout and salmon - is communicating marine fish that are a major part of its existence, live in the ocean, and only during spawning are in the river. During high tides and strong winds they are more suited to the coastal zone. High level of water promotes their numerous movements in the river or of them, so there is a most comfortable for fishing.

Good bite brown trout and salmon near most of the rivers, but the best thing on the Terek, Kandalaksha and the Karelian shore. For them, the perfect sturdy spinning. The bait can be a spinner with enhanced acoustics, as well as live baits, such as small fish, worms or shrimp. These fish developed sense of smell, so use a variety of scented bait, such as vegetable oils or liquid animal fats.

The hunt for white salmon and flounder

Fishing on the White Sea is sometimes possible to meet white salmon - fish of the salmon family. Most of his life nelma lives in brackish water near the shore, where they feed small fry.

Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

Nelma - very cautious fish feeds mainly at night. Body length sometimes reaches 140 cm and weight 40 kg, however, as a rule, some specimens up to one meter long and weighing up to 12 kg. Fish do not swim beyond the bays located at the mouths of rivers. Fish can be spinning. Spoons and small fish used as bait. In the White Sea, there are 5 types of flounder. Polar plaice, dab and river belong to the local fish and caught almost all of the sea. Plaice and plaice swim from the Barents Sea in summer to fatten. flounder fishing is carried out by conventional rods into small hooks. As the nozzle is used Nereis - marine worm, which can be found on the sandbanks.

on catfish Hunting

The best place to hunt catfish - fishing on the White Sea, Kandalaksha, or rather, in the Kandalaksha Gulf. Catfish are also of interest to fishermen. She lives in areas with less of desalinated water. Leads a solitary existence. In some cases, caught fish reaches a length of 80 cm. They have a very developed chewing and conical teeth that razdalblivayut and grind the shells of crustaceans and mollusks. Catfish eats shrimp, clams, crabs, and in rare cases, and small fish. Caught bottom fishing rods. When angling you should use a steel leash to catfish did not eat. The meat has a very tasty. In early May, catfish swim in coastal waters at a shallow depth (up to about twelve meters). In the rest of the period dwell much deeper.

A few words about the sharks, rays and Shiga

In rare cases, in the White Sea can meet sharks and rays. In stingrays flat body, resembling a disk, with gill openings on their bellies. Sharks generally live in Mezen Bay. For sports fishing tackle using solid and used as bait fish meat, seal or other animal.

Around the coast of the sea can be found whitefish, albeit in small amounts, but in Kandalaksha Bay, at the Karelian coast it is quite common. The average length is 30 cm, and weight - 0, 5 kg. Occasionally there are individuals up to three kilograms. Catch it can bottom gear. As a bait use worms, shrimp and shellfish.

Haddock: the description of

What haddock for the fish? It is absolutely saltwater fish, which does not make a strong desalination. It belongs to the cod family rocks. The average of its length is 60 cm, occasionally there are individuals more than one meter. Weight ranges from two to three kg. Sometimes fishermen caught large specimens reaching 19 kg. Life expectancy can reach 14 years.

Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

The body is slightly flattened at the sides. The back is dark in color with a purple tinge, sides and belly are silvery. Although haddock - the medium-sized fish, it is popular with fishermen.

So, what kind of fish is haddock? This is representative of the White Sea, which has unlimited fertility, which begins upon reaching 8 years. Its huge number of lives in the Russian territorial waters, and in the White Sea, it is much smaller than in the south of the Barents Sea. Haddock prefers to gregarious way of life, live on sixty to two hundred meters depth. It feeds on benthic invertebrates, such as worms, crustaceans, mollusks.

Cod: description and hunting

One of the most popular fish in the White Sea is cod. Cod lives and spawns mainly in the Kandalaksha Bay - where salt water. In contrast to the Atlantic, this species is more shallow. Its length is about 60 cm, but primarily across the individual smaller size. During the summer and early autumn cod lives near the shore. Larger specimens need to look at the cliffs that drop off into the sea. Small fish can be caught around the rocky shore in shallow water.

Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

Locals catch boats to track the usual gear, which consists of a strong fishing line diameter of about 0, 7 mm. Cod - a schooling fish, and if you find a fishing spot, the catch will be very significant. Fish prefers abrupt changes in topography. Moreover, fishing for cod and possible from the rocks. This will require float tackle. catching principle is the same as on the donk.

Fishing in the Arkhangelsk region

It is believed that in this region are not only lazy fishes. Hunting in the area - a favorite hobby not only men. The process of fishing, more and more attracted by the female half of the population. Fishing is popular in Arkhangelsk and in the summer, and in winter. You can choose from several options:

  1. On the waterfront of the Northern Dvina in the city. Lovers can hunt for perch, ruff and pike and whitefish manage to catch only experienced connoisseurs of fishing.
  2. Izhmozero and stinks - a forest lake, which is the catch of bream, perch, roach, white bream. The advantage is the absence of a cold wind on a cold winter day.
  3. White Lake will meet you sharp cold winds, strong currents and indescribable beauty of the harsh nature. Fishing in these conditions bring a lot of unforgettable experiences, supported by a good catch smelt and saffron cod.
Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

Fishing in Arkhangelsk early spring delight kilogram pike into three or more, which are caught on spinning. By mid-April start hunting for large bream. As a bait worms are used. Udyat known for a long time way - wiring. In the spring the fish do not lure. In early May shoals are carp, which catch the feeder. By mid-month in the catch is bream and crucian carp.

Fishing base

Lounges with a different range of services for a comfortable hunting are located near the White Sea. According to user feedback, the prices are quite affordable, with the exception of the rent of water transport. However, the vessel may not be required if the stay in the White Sea in Gridino. Fishing on the lakes and rivers flowing into the sea, it takes no less pleasure than an open pond. Catch permitted only after obtaining a license, the price for which you can specify when booking recreation. Depending on the season and preferences of fish, pick up fishing gear. When angling from a boat or from the shore, choose the right place:

  • under the cliffs inhabited by a fairly large number of different animals;
  • when fishing from a boat on the reservoir depth of about 8 meters hunt will be successful and will appreciate the excellent production;
  • in the coastal zones at a maximum depth of 30 meters can also be obtained notable catch.

Choosing a water transport, should pay attention to its reliability, the quality of the motor, the presence of echo sounder, anchor flat type.

Boat selected gear prepared that catch? The White Sea, the catch is amazing not only your weight, but also the diversity of species of marine life.

  • Do fish lumpfish caviar is very tasty. The body of fishes round shape with bumps and growths on the scales.
  • Pink salmon - it is a strong and beautiful inhabitant of the sea. The river comes exclusively for spawning. In the food consumed young fish and crustaceans.
  • Flounder fed capelin, invertebrates. It lives on the seabed, is a gregarious lifestyle.
  • cod meat tasty and tender. Mainly in the catch specimens weighing less than 900 g, the larger specimens hardly come across. He prefers to eat small fry, clams and worms.
  • Catfish - terrible to form big fish having an acute massive jaw and teeth. Remove the hook should be careful, otherwise it may grasp the finger. Powered starfish, mollusks. This fish is a single. Meat fat and tasty.

Wild holidays

When planning a fishing on the White Sea savage should be carefully prepared. Indicative list of equipment:

  • Navigator;
  • tent;
  • sleeping bag;
  • mosquito funds;
  • a knife;
  • Fishing Tackle: bits of different kinds of fishing line, baits;
  • variety of baits;
  • a compass;
  • matches;
  • a first aid kit with medicines and medical products;
  • warm, waterproof clothing;
  • foodstuffs;
  • pot, thermos.

Winter fishing

A trip on a fishing trip to the White Sea in the freezing winter cold - is not a severe romantic, alluring real men? The most famous sites are located in the north. It should be noted that the winter fishing has its own peculiarities:

  • It is necessary to take into account the period of low tide and high tide. Fishing takes place in the coastal zone, and at low tide the fish away.
  • The fish often concentrated in the mouths of large rivers. These places are rich in food, so it is in these places makes fish migration.
  • The entrance to the seashore is often complicated because of snow drifts.
Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

Winter fishing is carried out, as a rule, predatory fish, and therefore need appropriate gear. Local residents who live in coastal areas, almost always know where would be a good bite, and where the fish will move in during the day. These experiences are passed on from generation to generation. Therefore it is best to ask the local people where it is desirable to go fishing.


Solovetsky Islands - an archipelago located in the White Sea, and is located at the entrance to Onega Bay. In terms of area it is the largest in the White Sea, consisting of six major islands and hundreds of smaller ones.

Fishing on the White Sea: that fish, fishing spots

These islands, as well as the five-kilometer water area is considered to be a protected area. Fishing here sea and lake. Each island are pointers description fish, which is found in the reservoir. The catch will almost always. At any hotel you can rent a boat. Solovetsky Islands - a unique example of the nature of the North, is considered a historical monument. The rivers flowing on the Kola Peninsula, attract hunters like a magnet. River on the banks of the Terek flow into the sea and so they can catch salmon in the winter. As soon as the ice is opened, the fish migrate to the sea to weight gain. Its diversity fishing on the White Sea is recognized as one of the best in Russia.

For breeding salmon returns to the river. And the most amazing thing is that the salmon spawning always returns it to the river, where she had gone, as fry. River White Lake is divided into small and large, have many rapids and waterfalls occur. On the shore of the Pomeranian reservoirs can find a comfortable place for fishing. Come on a fishing trip to the White Sea at any time of the year!