Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Christmas - a holiday where children are waiting for gifts. Offspring of Russian emperors, too, were no exception. Before the holidays, all parents in confusion: what to give your favorite children of, to really please. And what gave their children the representatives of the royal Romanov dynasty?

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Nicholas I: grooms, and busts of angels

The celebration of Christmas has become a tradition under Nicholas I, whose wife has put his hand to it. On the eve of the celebration Christmas trees dressed up for each family member. Near the festively decorated tree was a table with gifts. The family of Nicholas I was made to surprise and delight loved ones, showing care and attention as a Christmas surprise. The Emperor had seven children, each child he loved, trying to give something extraordinary in this day.

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Nicholas I, portrait.

He visited the shops, choosing the presents. For example, his son Alexander, who was to become the heir to the throne, Nicholas I gave that boy admired the most. Like many children of his age, Alexander dreamed of wars and battles. So he was given his uniform Horse Guards, set with images of different types of troops and the king's bust of Peter I, who was the idol of the boy.

In addition, the future emperor was a gift that, for what today many would condemn his father. Thirteen teenager's father gave a real weapon - gun, pistol and saber. Of course, Nicholas I also took care of their children's intellectual development, so the number of those fairly extravagant gifts, and books were in French.

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna with children.

His other son, Emperor Nicholas gave a Christmas angel. In his letter he explained his choice: "... it is an angel who is praying for you as for his friend." Father thus showed that he is mindful of their children and love them. Emperor Nicholas I and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna were able to arrange a truly merry Christmas. It is not complete at the festival and no jokes. For example, one of Alexander the monarch's daughter, found tied to a tree of her fiance. Olga at the same time he presented a gift bracelet with a sapphire, a piano, paintings and clothes.

Grocery set a la Alexander II of

Maria Alexandrovna, wife of Alexander II of, led a modest lifestyle. She said that the war, which Russia leads with Turkey - is not a reason for joy. The situation in the family, too, leaves much to be desired. Windy monarch constantly "courting skirts", and the Empress's health left much to be desired, because she gave birth to one child after another. Therefore, it is easy to understand the reluctance of the emperor's wife organizing magnificent celebrations - in such a situation in any person may develop depression.

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Alexander II and his family.

However, Alexander II insisted that the tree has been installed, and the children received gifts. So as not to give rise to people's indignation luxury holidays, goodies decided to give everything, including the emperor himself. Festive basket for all the courtiers and royal children included sweets, tangerines, apples and "French surprises". Only two exceptions have been made for the royal family: the grand dukes received in this set prunes, and the emperor - apricots three rubles per box.

But it was not always so. At first, Christmas was celebrated in the royal family is quite magnificently. Living on the feast reminiscent of an exhibition of children's toys and a variety of gizmos cute children's hearts.

Alexander III: terrorism - not a reason to give up holidays

Alexander did not differ courage and recklessness, characteristic of his late father. So he took all possible measures to avoid the fate of its predecessor, who died at the hands of terrorists. The family lived in Gatchina, and security alert for the fact that no stranger or suspicious could not get close to the king and his family.

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Alexander III with the heirs.

For this reason, the selection of gifts for the children was entrusted to clerks and a person close to the emperor. Fearing to fall out of favor, they tried to make as few errors as possible, so went the beaten path - choosing of gifts for that has not been rejected in the past year. About any surprises and pleasant surprises speech could not be.

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Watercolor Olga - the daughter of Alexander III.

Christmas for the emperor and his family had virtually ceased to be a holiday at the very time the king's reign. Christmas celebration turned into a way to "improve the ranking" autocrat in the eyes of the people. Thousands of postcards signed by the empress, her children and maids of honor, tens of hundreds of gifts, hand by Alexander III and his children - this routine is almost completely cut off the Christmas spirit of joy and fun. Visiting hospitals and barracks - not the best pastime for children during the holidays, even if they are engaged in charity work and bring good to people.

In this troubled time the Empress, as a loving wife and mother, she could not let go of the thought of a possible attack on her Blessed or children. Perhaps that's why she gave once at Christmas to his sons knives, and her husband - a revolver with cartridges. But a holiday is a holiday, so in the royal palace every year costume balls were held, which were attended by all members of the royal family.

Last vests royal children

Visiting hospitals and schools on Christmas Eve and Christmas has become a custom for the royal family. It was as much a part of life of the emperor and his household, as well as distribution of gifts to officers and soldiers. From morning to evening the children went or mother, or father. Already from childhood nurtured in them a sense of duty and the responsibilities of the concept.

Christmas gifts to children in families of Russian emperors

Nicholas II and his family.

Of course, loving Dad and Mom (yes, with a capital children of Nicholas II wrote about his parents in the letters and memoirs) and gave children toys and books, and even jewelry for girls. But for the son and daughters of the last Russian emperor is far more important were personalized gift, which would be addressed to one person. That is, gifts that are chosen based on the individual characteristics of one or the one to whom they were intended.

As an example, a case where Alexandra Feodorovna presented her son diary with the inscription: "The first blog my little Alexis. Mama". In these simple words, I felt the depth of a mother's love. It Alexandra in exile in Tobolsk trying to brighten up your children imprisonment. She already foresaw the terrible end of their life, but as a sister in the tale about 12 swans, knitted vests daughters and son for Christmas. Last Christmas in their lives.