Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are so many things that can be done in this Balkan Peninsula, it is difficult to know where to start! Of the many weird and wonderful places we have chosen for you the best attractions that are worth visiting during your trip to this country!

10. Sculpture of Bruce Lee in Mostar (Mostar)

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Let's start this list with a beautiful statue of Bruce Lee's unique, located in the heart of Mostar!

In the best of times, during the period of 1970-1980-ies, the young socialist Yugoslavia was a kind of obsession: the young men were literally obsessed with Hong Kong films to kung fu, and their love was fueled by the constant influx of pirated videotapes. Bruce Lee became a cult hero, and thousands of children repeating his movements from films with homemade nunchaku.

Years after the war remains Mustar-separated the city: the Bosnian Muslim population lives on the east side of the Neretva River (Neretva), while the West Bank is inhabited almost exclusively Croats. However, the love of Bruce Lee, and the memory of it - one of the few things that still unite people. To honor his memory, the residents built the world's first statue of martial arts legend Bruce Lee and philosopher.

The idea of ​​the monument came up with a group of young people from the "City of Mostar movement" (Mostar Urban Movement). A November 26, 2005 the statue of Bruce Lee's life-size, created by the Croatian sculptor Ivan Fiyolichem (Ivan Fijolić), was inaugurated in the city park Zrinjski (Zrinjski City Park) on the western side of the city of Mostar.

Unfortunately, even Bruce Lee could not withstand the forces of evil intent. A few days after the opening of the monument against him was committed an act of vandalism. Then the sculpture moved to a safer place. The next time she appeared in Zagreb (Zagreb) within the framework of the Festival of Arts, and has now returned to the park in its splendor and continues to delight a fan of the legendary Bruce Lee.

9. Monument canned beef ICAR, Sarajevo (Sarajevo)

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

No, it's not the world's largest beef canned it, in fact - the war memorial of low-quality humanitarian aid.

This ironic military monument evinces contempt inedible food, which was brought here in the framework of humanitarian assistance. "If there is another siege, I'd rather die than eat canned ICAR".

Traces and memories of the siege of Sarajevo 1992-1995, the city can still be seen throughout the city, but a monument to canned beef "IKAR" differs from them in its irony.

The siege of Sarajevo, led to what has become the longest-running humanitarian airlift in history. Will run from July 3, 1993 on January 9, 1996, he even surpassed the biennial Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949. It was carried out 12,000 flights, by which the inhabitants of Sarajevo were delivered 160,000 tons of food and medicine, but it has not always been welcome.

ICAR canned beef soon became a symbol of humanitarian aid shortcomings. According to eyewitness reports collected by writer David Charles (David Charles), sometimes the products were remnants from the time of the Vietnam War, the shelf life of which expired 20 years ago, and sometimes it was pork, which is a blatant oversight, considering that half of the population receiving humanitarian aid from the UN, were Muslims. Even dogs and cats, were told not refused to have the contents of canned food.

After the war, "confessed the residents of Sarajevo" thanked the international community through this meter golden tin can with beef "ICAR".

8. partisan memorial cemetery, Mostar

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This surreal memorial / cemetery is the burial place with crumbling stonework and tombstones in the form of puzzles.

Built in honor of the Yugoslav partisans who died during the Second World War, the partisan memorial cemetery in Mostar is like a monument in itself, and in this cemetery, where the dead have found their eternal rest. But since its inception, this strange cemetery has become a dilapidated, abandoned the fantasy realm. Crumbling stone memorial was designed by architect Bogdan Bogdanovic (Bogdan Bogdanović), known for his abstract, concrete sculptures inspired by politics. Completed in 1965, the cemetery holds the remains to their land of 560 members of the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia who were killed during the Second World War. Unusual Cemetery was designed in several layers, such as rice paddies, and tombstones are shaped resembling puzzles.

Funeral "steps" leading to a huge wall in the center of which is a fountain. Unfortunately, in the 1990s, the cemetery fell into disrepair, in addition, it has been damaged in the fighting during the war in Yugoslavia. In 2005, efforts to restore the memorial have been made as a result of which many monuments and structures have been renovated, but soon he again fell into decay.

Today the cemetery is a landmark, but filled with trash and crumbling cement fountain show disregard for them, however, this place is still quite popular.

7. AFB Zhelyava (Željava Airbase), Zhelyava

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This abandoned underground airbase worth a visit just for the sake to see a place that looks like a secret base aliens.

In the movie "Star Wars Episode V:. Empire Strikes Back," the rebels are hiding your spaceship in the underground base, planning to bring him only to strike at Empire. The airbase was Zhelyava Yugoslav version of the database.

Located in the western part of Bosnia, on the border with Croatia, "Object 505" as the official name of this place, was the largest in the Balkans underground airfield. The main purpose of "Object 505" was the deployment of a radar early warning system, as well as providing strategic command center for the defense of the country. Construction of the base took place in total secrecy during the period from 1957 to 1965, and its cost was $ 6 billion, which is 3 times the current annual defense budgets of Serbia and Croatia, together.

The airbase was built to withstand a direct hit by a nuclear bomb of 20 kilotons. Underground located generators, barracks, had access to drinking water supply as well as the fuel that is received after 20-kilometer network of underground pipelines. In the dining room the air base could be served by 1,000 people, and the stocks of food and ammunition enough for a month of independent functioning base.

During the Yugoslav wars underground air base was destroyed. During her visit should exercise extreme caution, as it is around a huge amount of unexploded mines. Today it is used by the local police for training demining in the conditions maximally approached to the fighting.

6. The "Pyramid of the Sun" (Pyramid of the Sun), Visoko (Visoko)

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is said that it is - the first pyramid in Europe, which is believed to have been built in between 12,000 and 500 BC. e.

Disputes about the "Bosnian Pyramid" began in 2005 with an article in a daily newspaper of the Bosnian "Dnevni Avaz", which stated that near the town of Visoko discovered pyramid, similar to the Egyptian, and many have called it "the first European pyramid".

In April 2006, on the site began excavations under the direction of Houston locksmith Semira Osmanagic (Semir Osmanagić), which states that facilities have been built, most likely, the Illyrians, and that the pyramid was built in the period 12.000-500 BC. e.

"Pyramid" at that time became famous, was called "Pyramid of the Sun", and began to multiply, and now it is referred to as the center of the whole "Valley of the Pyramids." According to Osmanagic, in the valley there are still four other structures: "The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon" (Bosanska Piramida Mjeseca), "The Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon" (Bosanska Piramida Zmaja), "The Bosnian Pyramid of Love" (Bosanska Piramida Ljubavi) and "Temple of Earth" ( hram Zemlje). While scientists are arguing about whether this is a result of the discovery of the century, or pseudoscientific ideas about archeology, you can go to the temple and see with your own eyes these unusual structures.

5. Bobsleigh track in Sarajevo

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

was built for the Winter Olympics in 1984, this bobsleigh track is now a favorite place skateboarders and graffiti artists.

1300 meter concrete road was completed in 1982 and included a total of 13 turns. Paid off the track during the Olympic Games, it has been re-used during the competition in bobsleigh at the World Cup, and seemed to be more to pay dividends for many years.

Unfortunately, when in 1991, the Yugoslav war began, the track as the rest of the country was drawn into the fighting. Its curved corners were used as defensive positions for the Bosnian forces, and the whole track spotted by bullet holes and other damage.

Today bobsleigh track is a favorite destination of local graffiti artists who painted the whole of the track bar. Now here it begins the reconstruction for the future bobsleigh competitions, but the official on her tour yet conducted, so hurry!

4. Ethnic Village Stanišić (Stanisic Etno Village), Bijeljina (Bijeljina)

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Built Stanisic family, this village in medieval style is now an excellent choice for the whole family, which is worth a visit!

Unique village appeared in 2003 thanks to Boris Stanisic, who a few years traveled the Yugoslav villages in search of old objects and buildings. The result of his work was authentic village consisting of forge, water mill, granaries and wooden buildings with furniture and people's suits, which is located in the central part of the plain Semberske.

3. The River House on the Drina, Vishesava

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This small hut on a small rocky island, built in 1969, still stands in its place (though in a dilapidated state).

For over 40 years, this is more and more known around the world house keeps his balance on top of a rock in the middle of the river. He miraculously avoids the annual rise and fall of water.

According to legend, the young artist was fascinated by this place, believing that sticking out of the Drina River Rock is an ideal place for sunbathing and swimming. The following year, the owner set to a time consuming task of building a house on a rock, which, of course, he could not achieve without the help of his friends. Since then, the hut was used for its creator a place of rest for the weekend.

After the National Geographic published a photograph of an unnamed secluded cabin in its category "Photo of the Day", began a pilgrimage of people present to the bank of the Drina River to see the place with my own eyes. However, this attraction is still privately owned, so when you visit this place it should be borne in mind.

2. Water mills Egg (Watermills of Jajce), Jezero (Jezero)

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

You see all these little huts? All they - tiny water mills, which in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, used to turn wheat into flour.

Egg, located in the central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a historic town through which the water flows. Known huge waterfall in the center of the city, two rivers meet - Pliva (Pliva) and Vrbas (Vrbas) - have made it a place in the XIV century, the then capital of the Kingdom of Bosnia. The city built a fortress, fortified walls and the bottom of the river, near Plivskih lakes were built nearly two dozen small huts that served local farmers as mills.

Currently, no longer used for its intended purpose, the mill Plivskih lakes attract tourists with its beauty and waterfalls. One impressive water falling down from a height of nearly 20 meters.

1. Waterfall Kravica (Kravice Waterfalls), Studenak (Studenci)

Strange unusual attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Among the most spectacular natural features of the region is the main sparkling waterfall Kravica, located about 40 km from the city of Mostar.

Located on the river Trebizhat (Trebižat), this waterfall, looking as if he is in the tropical jungle, it seems out of place here. That's why he is considered one of the biggest mysteries that you can offer Bosnia and Herzegovina. River water Trebizhat branch, dropping a tuff wall with a height of 30 meters, forming a natural amphitheater.

Popular with locals, tourists and lovers of white water rafting in the summer, this place is the perfect getaway for all those who want to relax and enjoy the fresh air and the soothing sounds of the waterfall drop-down. So, going here, keep in mind that in the summer this place gets very crowded.