In Saudi Arabia, was arrested lovers who kissed on camera

• In Saudi Arabia, was arrested lovers who kissed on camera

In Saudi Arabia, was arrested lovers who kissed on camera

In Saudi Arabia, you can rewind the period for the video. It is no secret that the country has strict rules of conduct. For failure to punish perpetrators, sometimes even too cruel. For example, the reason for the arrest of a young couple was the video where the guy kisses the girl on the cheek. It would seem nothing special, but the couple is waiting for severe punishment.

The video was filmed on one of the highways Saudi Jazan province. On the record shows how in the front seat of the car a young man flirting with a girl and then kissed her on the cheek. Videotape guy laid out in Snapchat and escorted the caption: "I teach her to drive."

Video quickly became viral and caused indignation of users of social networks in Saudi Arabia. People were shocked by the frank behavior of couples.

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أمير # جازان بالنيابة الأمير محمد بن عبد العزيز يوجه بالقبض على شاب وفتاة مقطع "تعليم القيادة" لظهورهما بوضع مخل - فهد كاملي (@fahadkamly) July 26, 2018

"Not a bit of modesty, I hope that they will be caught soon and thrown into prison for a few years, so they know what respect and good manners."

There were, however, and a pair of defenders.

واحد وحبيبته وين المشكله يمكن مملك عليها, والمقطع كان مرسل ل اهله او اهلها وراح لشخص بالغلط,

- جني مجهول الهويه (@ kiroke99) July 29, 2018

"The guy with the girl, well, what's the problem? Maybe they have recently got married and this video would like to send to relatives, but accidentally posted ".

When the video made it to the authorities, the Governor of Jazan province insisted that the couple was arrested. This video may seem quite innocent, but in Saudi Arabia, which lives under Sharia law, it is a serious violation of the principles. And if it turns out that the couple is not married, man and woman will be punished, because before marriage are considered a sin in the country.