The first international wedding met at the 2018 World Cup

• The first international wedding met at the 2018

28-year-old Mexican Miguel Minoru went to Russia, to cheer for the national team of his country at the World Cup, and met his future wife. On the first day of the visit of Miguel in Russia, he came out of the hotel and could not figure out where the stadium and transfers to it. Passed by a girl - 23-year-old Christina from Yekaterinburg. She said that will Mexican and accompany. Later, when Christina became the bride of Miguel, the groom joked, "I did not know then that she decided to accompany me all my life."

The first international wedding met at the 2018 World Cup

On the history of Christina Alexandrova of Russia and Miguel Minoru Fukuhara (Miguel Minoru Fukuhara) became aware of the social networks. A young man posted a video on Facebook, where they are with the bride walk around Moscow, fooling around, kissing. At the end of the video guy does Christine Offer - in the same place where they met at the Manege Square.

"I met her in Russia on the first day before the Mexico game. I asked her to show me where to go, and she said that she holds me. But I could not have imagined that she would accompany me through life "- wrote Miguel published under the video.

Miguel later posted another video and a detailed account of his acquaintance with his future wife. Now, according to a young man, he received thousands of comments from around the world - it is not only congratulate the people of Mexico and Russia, but also in other countries. Many of those who wrote to Miguel, and themselves came at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. As for Christine, and now she teaches Spanish to get a visa to Mexico. Miguel, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", is currently in Russia. Here he returned to see his beloved and meet her parents. Speaking of parents. According to "Reedus," Miguel's parents did not want the son went to Russia. They were afraid that Miguel would be killed and sold for organs. Well, one body (of course, we are about the heart), and Miguel had to leave the truth in this country.

"As Christine said: I want to be with you, but with you, I do not care what I have to do to be together. You - my life, the person with whom we crossed at once, on the first day. Magically, when you and your love such things happen. Especially if you are less likely to believe it. Look for your love "- says Miguel.

Recall that on the eve of the World Cup 2018 State Duma deputy recommended that the Russian girls do not enter into a romantic relationship with foreigners during the World Cup. The wording was roughly as follows: "They will leave - you'll be." However, this has caused sharp criticism from the public and several media scandals.