April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

April 27 marks the 90th anniversary of the Soviet and Russian actor Yevgeny Morgunov Alexandrovich.

During the war years, which accounted for childhood Morgunov, he worked at the plant "Frazier" grind billets for shells. But in 1943, Eugene wrote a letter to Stalin with a request for admission to theater school - and, to everyone's surprise, actually enrolled in school at the Tairov Theater, later going to VGIK.

Morgunov fame after starring in Stakhovich traitor "Young Guard" by Sergei Gerasimov, but the true love of the people, of course, linked to a film by Leonid Gaidai way the experienced, which became the main work in Morgunov career. That this is the love of the people and did not allow the gulf actor in the nineties, when he, unlike many of his colleagues continued to actively removed - except for regular recitals and tours.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

From left to right: actors George Vitsin as a coward, Yuri Nikulin as The Goonies and Yevgeny Morgunov as the experienced in the film "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style" directed by Leonid Gaidai

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Actors (left to right) Natalya Varley as Nina, George Vitsin as a coward, Yevgeny Morgunov as the experienced and Yury Nikulin as dunce in the feature film "Prisoner of the Caucasus" (directed by Leonid Gaidai)

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

From left to right: actors Frunze Mkrtchyan as uncle, Vladimir Etush as Saahova, Yuri Nikulin as The Goonies and Yevgeny Morgunov as the experienced in the film "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style" (directed by Leonid Gaidai)

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Oleg Popov, Evgeny Morgunov, 1968

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Film actors and fans of "Spartacus" Yevgeny Morgunov in the stadium in Moscow, 1963

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Yevgeny Morgunov (USSR) and Pierre Burvil (France) Film Festival in Moscow, 1967

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Yevgeny Morgunov, George Vitsin and Yuri Nikulin during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of clown Oleg Popov in the circus in the Lenin Hills, 1990

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Actors George Vitsin (right) as a coward, Yuri Nikulin (second from right) as a dunce and Yevgeny Morgunov (third from right) as the experienced in the feature film "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Yuri Nikulin as dunce, Yevgeny Morgunov as the experienced and George Vitsin as Coward's in the movie "Bootleggers" (directed by Leonid Gaidai), 1970


Yevgeny Morgunov was born in Moscow on April 27, 1927. Morgunov father could not remember: he is gone, when the son barely a year old. His mother worked as a midwife at the hospital. During the war, a boy of fourteen to grind blocks for artillery shells at the plant "," received an honorary award for "for their selfless work" at the factory. It was a big kid, but it is a merit mother. We were poor, like most Muscovites in those years. He is playing football in the yard, where the ball served as a tin can.

Eugene loved by Soviet composers and wanted to sing like Leonid Cliffs. "I would have been Utyosov if born before him", - he joked actor. Playing on the club scene, she was fond of amateur and even wanted to dedicate his life to art. In the movie, I go often, but only for morning sessions, it was easier to buy a ticket for twenty cents. To do this, I skipped school. "I became an artist because of the fact that the matter studied. And yet, perhaps because he lived without a father. There was a man who could well flogged and put me on the right path. "

The big joke with a great future

V1943-M Eugene wrote a letter to Stalin, he wanted to be an actor: "Dear Iosif Vissarionovich, accept me in art. I'm working Sokolniki wagon factory SVARZ, bolvanochnik, want to be in the arts, I participated in the initiative, working as extras on "Mosfilm". But the director of our factory prevents this aspiration. I want to be like Stanislavsky Nemirovich-Danchenko. " And the incredible happened. Director General of the plant has received from the Kremlin in fifteen days, an official paper: "To send a friend Morgunov EA for entering the name of the theater Tairov as Supporting Actor. Stalin. " So Eugene Morgunov hit the students of the famous film director Alexander Tairov in the Chamber Theater.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

However, in the theater of the young talent has been operating for a long time. In late 1944, Jack moved to the acting department VGIK in the studio of Sergei Gerasimov. Gene classmates were Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Sergey Bondarchuk, Nonna Mordjukova Sergei Gurzo ... And Eugene Morgunov still joking. By public transport, he managed to ride for free: pretended controller. He was on the bus and said loudly: "Citizens of the passengers, prepare tickets" - and gradually went through the cabin. Then he went out and got into another bus. So we reach the institute.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

After VGIK Eugene considered average actor and played in the studio theater actor from 1948 until 1953. At the same time in the period from 1951 to 1953 Morgunov was an actor Academic Maly Theater. . On stage he did not shine, but one day in the life ... the studio theater actor visited omnipotent Molotov and Kaganovich. Behind the scenes, they were met by a tall, thin blond hair and had the artistic director of the theater. He was so witty and affable, that the leaders were fascinated. And even when he is strongly asked to raise the salary actors midlevel not suspect a trick. Fortunately Morgunov colleagues, all of them have increased the rate acting.

Cinema. On the sidelines

Another student, Eugene made his debut in the film Alexander Stolper "Days and Nights". But this role was informal. His first big and official role - the role of traitor Stakhovich in the film "Young Guard", who shot his teacher Sergei Gerasimov in 1948.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

It was in those 40s it is possible to see a slender, lean and rather handsome young man. But somehow already in the institute's wall newspaper under the heading "Pictures of the Future" Morgunov portrayed very thick. Then there were all clear, a good actor should be a lot thinner and it will be long ... He starred in the movie. However, episodes of falling out and communicating in the "second-class" tapes. Some critics believe that the reason for that was Stakhovich role in "Young Guards". Successful in all respects except for the career of the actor. Morgunov role played Stakhovich cut as amended in 1964, "When the film was made, it became clear that Stakhovich underground betrayed. Accounted for almost all the shots Morgunov cut, - says the director of the Museum of the three actors Vladimir Zuckerman. - He is not really cut out a lot of movies. The seditious plots of directors, for the hairy character actor. "

In addition, while many had doubts that Morgunov good actor. It and from the theater actor repeatedly tried to expel over mediocrity. After one such attempt Morgunov addressed to the director Alexander Dovzhenko, which he once appeared in the crowd, asking them to give him a response.

Dovzhenko wrote: "Do Morgunov Talented? I do not know, but if you get stuck in the machine, Morgunov immediately pull it. Do Morgunov talented? I do not know, but Morgunov well tolerate heat and cold, and if necessary - unpretentious in food. Do Morgunov talented? I do not know, but he is perfectly able to milk a cow and carries on his feet flu. Such as Morgunov, indispensable in the expedition. Do Morgunov talented? I do not know, but you know something, whether Morgunov "talented.

The management of the theater did not really understand what hints venerable director, but left alone joker, who almost brought the leadership to a heart attack.

Turn in the fate of

Turn in the fate Yevgeny Morgunov is inextricably linked with the name of Leonid Gaidai.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

In 1960, the film novice director "Three times the resurrected" failed miserably. Gaidai in despair, not knowing what to shoot, and went to Irkutsk to parents. There, in the attic of the wooden house he found a number of "Truth" with a feuilleton in verse "Dog Mongrel" Stepan Oleynik. Feuilleton unusually fascinated him. He immediately told the story to his wife (actress Nina Grebeshkova): "Ninka, you listen, how funny! Runs Dog - 2 meters of film, followed Experienced - 3 meters, looks - 1, 5 meters. The general plan - all run ... "Mother shrugged:" Three fool running around the dog with explosives, which themselves have abandoned. What's so funny, "But Grebeshkova wise, knowing the nature of her husband, softly sigh, he said:" Terrific! ". Two "friends of alcoholics" picked up quickly - a favorite actor George Gaidai Vitsin agreed to play Coward, Bobby also found no problems - someone advised the director to go to the circus to see the ridiculous clown Yuri Nikulin. But with experienced no luck. Famous comedian Ivan Lyubeznov refused, the famous Mikhail Zharov in a minor role 9-minute short film shooting did not want to

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

And then there was a call from the secretary of the all-powerful director of "Mosfilm" Ivan Pyreva: "You asked me to tell you to not waste time and money, and no one else looking. Pyrev personally approves the role of the experienced Yevgeny Morgunov. " It turned out, the director ran into the actor in the film studios and immediately "laid eyes on him."

"Experienced ..."

Transform into the experienced Morgunov did not need to - in fact, he played himself. "Jack Experienced" in life like a movie, and the movie as in real life: "The subway car, intending to go to his stop, Morgunov could come to any man, to get little red book (a la KGB) and say," Let's go. " Then he was the "victim" in the direction of his house. When the actor's companion was ready to pass out from lack of understanding of what is happening, Morgunov broke the silence: "How are you? How mood "Man, lost and stuttering, he asked:" Why did you have me arrested? ". "I held you? - wondered Morgunov. - You just seemed to me a pretty person. I would be with you in the exploration go. Here and I wanted to talk, learn, how are you ... please, you are free. You can go! "

And on the set of the film "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross" the dog who played Barbosa, all the while biting it Morgunov.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

In the "Bootleggers", which was filmed is another dog, he is also the first thing pounced on "experienced". They say that a dog bite bad people. Sometimes they bite the negative characters, played by very plausible. No wonder it is known parodist Alexander Ivanov wrote this epigram on him: Although the label stuck "Experienced". The label just does not stick. Turn in the fate Yevgeny Morgunov and the director himself was a fantastic success. After the first of a series of comedies Gaidai 9-minute film "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross", he was immediately sent to the embassies. Gaidai in the orientation of the satirical comedy-art of the 1920s as the Soviet and American (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd), found a real "gold mine." And even eccentric American comedy techniques acquired in his purely Russian and Soviet quite sound. Break through the criticism of skeptics and bryuzzhateley those days it was not easy. The film created a sensation by Muscovites accomplishes a pilgrimage to the cinema and the director immediately became a laureate of various Stalin Prizes.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

In this venerable director Gaidai has not stopped. Even then, the popular heroes of the Soviet cinema masks were used in the following short film "Bootleggers". And in 1964, increasingly popular trio invited in the comedy "Give plaintive book" Eldar Ryazanov.

The real triumph gaydaevskoy trio became a comedy "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik." Light, hilariously funny, they immediately won the hearts of the audience, and very few people know that behind this move was hard, hard work. For example, in the "Caucasian captive" difficult to give chase scene. Gaidai nervous: "Do not be ridiculous!", The atmosphere was tense. And when in the morning view was filmed the day material Morgunov in this nervous situation said: "Gaidai, you do not catch mice!" Gaidai offended. Many later tried to reconcile them, but Gaidai was adamant. They reconciled only after 27 years at the opening of the Museum of the three actors.

"The Trinity in the life of ..."

After gaydaevskih comedies at the trio of actors "Nikulin-Morgunov Vitsin," struck an incredible avalanche of Fame. Morgunov was not just a recognizable person, he has become almost a national hero. The match was held without a ticket. Seeing him, the controllers smiling, forgetting their duties. A Morgunov also nod to his comrade, throwing carelessly: "This to me." Friendly to the cinema, in the life of the famous trio it was not. Initially themselves "accomplices" have become friends in earnest and even went for a vacation together. Morgunov genuinely liked George Vitsin, admired his talent, which, in his opinion, is not valued at its true worth. But Yuri Nikulin was unhappy when he after the "Caucasian captive", forgetting about it and Vitsin, engaged in their own careers. After that, they did not even seriously quarreled.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

It is this: before the start of one of the regular representations of the circus on the colored Boulevard, the main entrance approached Yevgeny Morgunov with the deputy badge on the lapel of his jacket, and all passing viewers said that to solve all their housing problems, they can contact the director of the circus . After the number of applicants has exceeded half a dozen, Yuri Nikulin sent his assistant to find out what's the matter. After clarifying all the details Nikulin ordered not to let Yevgeny Morgunov in a circus, "We have enough, and his clowns!"

So the famous trio disbanded. They never starred in the movie, did not communicate in real life ...

"I am a modest man, despite his decency"

After the experienced Morgunov starred in the movie is not very much. Among the best works: "Three Fat Men" (1966), "rode the tram Ilf and Petrov" (1971). There were other minor works. I Tried Morgounov themselves and as a director. As early as 1962 under the patronage of Mikhail Sholokhov he set comedy "When Cossacks Cry". But this work, and so remained the only one.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90 April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

In 1982, Mikhail Kazakov entrusted Yevgeny Morgunov in his film "The Pokrovsky Gates" the role of pop kupletistov Soin. The actor played it very clearly, putting in his character and comedy, and satirical and dramatic colors.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

But the other directors are still not in a hurry to use his great comedic talent. Apparently, someone interfered with his success and popularity. But the actor has been able not only to comic roles. If directors Morgunov used in a variety of roles, he could reach the heights and dramatic roles. Morgunov but no one did not ask. He often repeated the joke: "I am a person humble, despite their decency." Mikhail Kazakov at a meeting with Yuri Nikulin admitted that at the time of departure from the country, he was very upset about the fact that Russia remains Yevgeny Morgunov, whose huge potential has not been disclosed. He promised to help him, but left. A back - he found the actor sick.


Morgunov earned his living by traveling the country with concerts. It was very painful to see a middle-aged famous actor travels around the country to earn a penny for their daily bread. For him it was a real challenge. After all, an artist from an early age diagnosed with diabetes that has progressed with each passing year. He appeared on stage in boots that were cut on the sides and of the incisions bulged otokshie feet. It is because of illness, he and stout. However, the actor no one admitted that it would be hard: even came out on stage, limping from the pain, Yevgeny Morgunov joked that fell from his horse. The audience believed. In diabetes nothing can be neither sweet nor drink nor smoke. Morgunov playing with all the warnings of doctors and did everything as if out of spite. Perhaps, on the contrary, the final feeling, like to enjoy life.


In 1965, he married - his wife Natalya had no relation to the actor's environment, it was his junior by 15 years, in marriage were born two sons - Anton (1966 p.) And Nicholas (1972 p.). Morgunov We had a good family - wife, with whom they lived for 36 years, two sons, grandsons and granddaughters. Caring father and grandfather could not "bill and coo", wanted all they have achieved themselves. Until the last days of this remarkable actor traveled with concerts around the country, speaking to the audience, showing excerpts from his comedies, telling stories. He did much for others, taking advantage of its popularity. "But for myself to get" dividends "could not."

"... I - not-you-but-si-my!"

In 1998, the family Morgunov happened grief - the youngest son was killed in a car crash. Despite the fact that Evgeny is very grieved at the loss of his son, worked until his last days, he never refused to people who have asked to be photographed with them in memory, and for this purpose during the intermission went into the lobby.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

A happy time, because while the whole family to gather. With his sons Anton and Nikolai. File photo Natalya Morgunova.

After this loss Yevgeny Morgunov is not long enough. Two heart attacks, a stroke. They put him in the hospital for examination, after which the doctors said that there is no hope of recovery. But he continued to joke. What Evgeny said: "You can not stand me out of here, because I - not-you-but-si-my!" He was survived by his son for a year.

Honored Artist of Russia Yevgeny Morgunov died on the 73-year life in Moscow in the Central Clinical Hospital from a stroke June 25, 1999. She buried at Kuntsevo Cemetery. None of the official and public organizations took part in the funeral. The funds widow Natalya Nikolaevna a monument to him and his son Nicholas, who died in a car crash a year before the artist's death.

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Goonies, Coward and Experienced in Khabarovsk

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Goonies, Coward and Experienced in Perm

April 27 Yevgeny Morgunov would have turned 90

Tomb Morgunov at Kuntsevo Cemetery in Moscow


acting work

1943 - Day and night - a soldier (uncredited)

1944 - At 6:00 pm after the war - a gunner (uncredited)

1944 - Native field - recruit (uncredited)

1944 - Man number 217 - the prisoner number 204 (uncredited)

1945 - It was in the Donbas - underground worker (uncredited)

1948 - The Young Guard - Eugene Stakhovich (in version 1960 -. Gennady Pocheptsov)

1949 - They have a homeland - Commandant (uncredited)

1950 - Donetsk miners - miner son Gorovykh (uncredited)

1950 - Conspiracy of the doomed - military (uncredited)

1950 - Secret Mission - an American soldier (uncredited)

1950 - Brave people - Hoffman (uncredited)

1952 - The Unforgettable Year 1919 - sailor-anarchist (uncredited)

1953 - Hostile Whirlwinds - anarchist

1954 - "Hercules" comes in March - Humphrey

1954 - The commander - Makhotin 1955 - Mother - gendarme (uncredited)

1955 - Mexican - Michael

1955 - Othello - episode (uncredited)

1956 - Pavel Korchagin - Urca in the entrance (uncredited)

1956 - The first joy - medic (uncredited)

1956 - Poet - the audience on the evening of poetry (uncredited)

1957 - Gori, my dawn - Krutikov

1957 - Detachment Trubachev fights - a German orderly (uncredited)

1957 - born-storm - Kobylsky

1957 - Pages of the past - a policeman (uncredited)

1958 - There were soldiers - Adjutant General (uncredited)

1959 - White Nights - guard

1959 - Vasily Surikov - the commandant of the snow town

1959 - The destiny of man - a thick German (uncredited)

1959 - Chernomorochka - trombone, entertainers

1960 - Eugene Grande - cooper (uncredited)

1960 - Sunday - Private (uncredited)

1961 - Scarlet Sails - Police Corporal

1961 - Two lives - Krasavin (uncredited)

1961 - Nahalonok - episode

1961 - Dog Mongrel and unusual cross - Experienced

1961 - Bootleggers - Experienced

1961 - Nowhere Man - the cook of the tribe of the TAPI (uncredited)

1963 - Stozhki-track - the patrol police officer

1964 - Goodbye, boys! - beachgoers with baby

1964 --- --- Star Ballet Shilobrey

1964 - The Tale of Lost Time - the owner of the "Moskvich"

1964 - Do you want to - believe it or - no ... - the interlocutor in the restaurant

1965 - Give the book of complaints - the director of a clothing store

1965 - Operation "Y" and other adventures Shurik - Experienced

1966 - Three Fat - fat

1967 - Kidnapping, Caucasian Style - Experienced

1967 - Sea stories - canary in the illusion of "Nymph"

1968 - Seven elderly people and one girl - Experienced

1969 - Abduction - Artist Morgunov

1969 - Old friend - actor-entertainer

1971 - Went in the tram Ilf and Petrov - raider

1975 - The big attraction

1976 - Merry dreams or Laughter and tears - Ace Of Spades

1976 - Magic Lantern - sheriff, policeman, a neighbor, the border guard 1976 - Circus in the Circus - Kohl

1977 - Risk - a noble cause - cameo

1977 - These incredible musicians, and new dreams Shurika - cameo

1979 - Grandmothers twain said ... - the chef at the restaurant,

1980 - Comedy of bygone days - Experienced

1982 - Unexpected, not guess! - neighbour

1982 - Pokrovsky Gates - Soy

1982 - Just awful! - the owner of the goat

1984 - Jumble (episode "Forty devils and one green fly") - headmaster

1986 - Premiere in Sosnovka - viewer

1986 - Good sit! - drunken football referee in the train

1987 - Stronger than all other decrees - landlord

1990 - Superment

1991 - Marsh street, or a tool against sex - landlord

1991 - Act, Manya! - filmmaker

1992 - Womanizer 2 - psychic

1992 - A shot in the coffin - Colbasiuc

1992 - Lord artists - architect

1992 - New Odeon - Blokhin

1993 - Brave guys - Ivan Karas, Major

1993 - Treasure of my family

1994 - Waltzing sure

1994 - Jumble (episode "Bomb") - headmaster

1995 - shocker - Governor

1998 - Paradise apples - Vsevolod Ivanovich tubes, the head of security

directorial work

1963 - When Cossacks Cry

Newsreel wick

1962 - The wick number 1 (the plot of "The Living Corpse")

1977 - Wick 186 number (plot "Lovers")

Musical Tales

1981 - "The incident in the country's multi-console" - Experienced


1989 - Give people a beer (a group of "Architects") - a patient on a gurney