Dresses of lace: the variety and selection rules

It's no secret that in the creation of compelling female character is a great place belongs to the clothes. Of course, important is the use of cosmetics, jewelry and shoes, but still the main attention should be paid to the choice of clothes, especially when it comes to dress for special occasions. Very impressive and feminine look of lace dresses, regardless of color, style and purpose.

Wedding dresses with lace

It is difficult to come up with a suitable material for the manufacture of a wedding

Dresses of lace: the variety and selection rules

dress than lace. Dresses of lace for brides today presented the most diverse styles. The most popular model, characterized

Dresses of lace: the variety and selection rules

layered ruffles, long train and open back. Of course, such a wedding dress the bride will cost quite expensive, however, and the effect is stunning.

Lace evening dress

If a few years ago for making evening dresses are usually used velvet, brocade and satin, but today it took place the lace. After all, this stuff looks so great, that because it is possible to sew the most stunning evening outfit. Completely lace dress is quite expensive, so most women prefer the combined model. Often produced lace evening dress hook. Modern designers have learned to manufacture lace evening dresses to combine with a variety of fabrics. Especially effectively looks satin dress with lace insert on the back. In addition, such

Dresses of lace: the variety and selection rules

the model is an excellent option for those who do not like to wear dresses with open back, but at the same time I would like to look tempting. As for colors, the evening dresses of lace presented in a bright blue, solid, pink, blue, silver and gold shades.

Lace cocktail dresses

Stunning looks and cocktail dresses lace. Special attention should lace dress-case which has a festive and elegant look. Cocktail dresses of lace is also presented short models. Often insert of lace inserted across the bottom of the product. However, this outfit is different alluring and provocative, but if you want something more discreet, it is best to choose a model with inserts at the waist or neck.

Rules for the choice of lace dresses

In order not to look vulgar, do not buy a dress of lace with deep

Dresses of lace: the variety and selection rules

neckline, high slits or short model. If you plan to wear the thing every day, you should choose the minimally decorated versions. For example, to lace highlighted only the collar or cuffs. But for special occasions it is better to pay attention to more luxurious dresses of lace. When choosing jewelry for this addition, it is important not to overdo it. Do not choose too flashy or massive decorations. As for the style, then you can buy any dress, as long as it was for you to face, and hides the flaws of your figure, if any.