Black cocktail dress: how to choose what to wear

Dress is always better, and looks spectacular on the girl than pants or jeans. Any dress skillfully emphasizes all the dignity of the figure. It makes a girl more attractive. Particularly elegant look on the women in black cocktail dress.

This outfit really versatile. He's great for parties and business meetings. Black cocktail dress is appropriate to look and with a jacket, and with a light cardigan.

Black cocktail dress: how to choose what to wear

Even the dresses are always very interesting stylized. Might look nice dresses with lace, ruffles, flared and form-fitting.

Select the outfit for the holiday

How to choose a black cocktail dress? To start with the event. If you go to dinner with the young man or meet a colleague at work, you must purchase a modest dress. Agree, would be quite absurd to look outfit for such an event, if it barely covers your pleasant roundness.

Another equally important factor is the season in which you put on a dress. Of course, it should fit together. It is appropriate to talk about the accessories. It is foolish to appear in a black cocktail dress in sandals on Christmas Eve.

Black cocktail dress: how to choose what to wear

How to choose a black dress, if you do not know what kind of meeting you will, if you are not familiar with the owners and march to visit for you the most is the surprise? In this case, the best option would be to put something neutral. But do not overdo it with the dress and decor accessories, otherwise it will look ridiculous.

Too frank cocktail dress to wear ladies, preferably with a perfect figure. Of course, if you do not want to become the most discussed person coming in the evening and do not want to catch yourself condemning the views.

to accessorize your favorite black dress. Tips for choosing the

So, how to combine black cocktail dress with accessories? In the arsenal of every girl there is always a couple of bags, scarves, clutches and jewelry. How did all this competently combine with a black cocktail dress and did not seem bluestocking? With such an outfit should carry a small handbag or clutch. It is not necessary to hang the lot of jewelry and to tie around the neck tippet. Enough small handbag and a pair of exquisite jewelry.

Black cocktail dress: how to choose what to wear

By the way, since I broached the subject about the accessories, I would like to say that this looks cool dress with pearl jewelry. It may be a bead earrings, and beads can be or necklace.

Also, this dress fits well with the jacket. A prerequisite should be a combination of tones shoe and jacket.

It is best suited to this dress tights dark colors, particularly well if they are as thin as possible.

Models dresses

Naturally, in addition to black dresses, there are plenty of other options. There are traditional beautiful cocktail dresses. They are usually pale colors and are made of silk or satin fabric.

There are cocktail dresses in retro style. They tend to have a catchy designs and outfits reminiscent of the nineties.

Black cocktail dress: how to choose what to wear

There are also asymmetrical silhouettes. By the way, these dresses should look to the ladies with a curvy shape. They help hide the bulging tummy and hide too full hips.

The dress on a figure

How to choose a beautiful cocktail dress? Let's look at all the options of such orders for different types of figures. For example, if you are overweight, you better choose a dress with a high waist and loose-fitting. The fabric of this should be thick, and the pattern - not too flashy. Girls with hips a bit fat suit dress with a straight cut, reaching from the hip. Great if the sleeve at the same time are quite lush. They counterbalance the upper and lower body.

Well, a girl with a figure of "hourglass" suitable for almost all styles. So it can afford to short cocktail dresses.

If you have not pronounced waistline, something suitable outfit, surrounded by spectacular stylish strap. When the men's figure type (excessively broad shoulders) wear a dress with a flared skirt multilayer. So you will look amazing.

Tips girls

So let's focus on a few simple rules. To pick up a dress, you need to take into account the following nuances. Firstly, the darker the outfit, the slim and fit you look. Second, choose a model in line with the growth. Tiny ladies can afford to short cocktail dresses. When this girl close constitution is better to buy something more modest. And one more important caveat - choose the size of the dress. Do not wait until you lose weight.

Trendy outfits. What are they?

Let's talk about the fancy cocktail dresses. To date, the trend color white. These dresses is truly universal. You can combine them with a completely any hairstyle, make-up and completely with any accessories.

It is also quite common pink color. The colors of the shade will look great. But there is one small detail. If you are a lady aged, do not wear a dress similar colors. It only emphasize and give your age.

Black cocktail dress: how to choose what to wear

At the prom, or if you go as a witness to the wedding dress purchase gold or silver shades. It will look quite festive and decent for this kind of celebration. But it is necessary to bear in mind that these color full of girls. Therefore afford such a dress can only be a girl with a good figure. And if you chose a gold or a silver dress, do not hang the ornaments and shiny earrings.

A small conclusion,

So, in this article we looked at how and what to wear cocktail dresses for the girls. This outfit is really versatile, as it is suitable for almost any occasion. Be extremely careful when choosing her dress. Factors such as the color, length, and age-appropriate activities for which you are going to have a pretty big difference. Therefore, the choice should be approached carefully and with great attention. If you consider all of the above recommendations, you will be a runaway success in men and ladies will envy and admiration to look after you. Good luck!