Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

Dress with a neckline - a wonderful element of the female wardrobe. This outfit is capable of very profitable to emphasize the beautiful neck and chest. Even the simplest model will give its owner glamor, gloss, brightness.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

The dress with decollete - dress for courageous women

So more. Dress with a neckline is selected depending on the purpose and type of figure. Dresses for obese can have two versions of the cut. For daytime toilet - laconic square neckline. For evening - V-shaped.

Short dresses are perfect décolleté slender girls with small breasts. To stop the choice in this case stands on asymmetrical models with a high waist. fit long dresses for evening events. Moreover, the length should depend on the depth of the recess. The greater the cut - the longer the outfit.

correcting figure

Dress with a neckline makes it possible to highlight the many advantages of your appearance and, conversely, hide flaws. In order to soften the line of the shoulders and neck, it is necessary to dwell on feminine oval cutout. V-neck stretched neck. A square - emphasize the bust.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

Creating an image

Dress with a neckline looks very impressive when deposited on the skin bronzantore (or powder). An important factor in creating the image are also properly chosen decorations. Below hollows it is they should not. Otherwise, you will look too vulgar.

Bright decorative trim on the dress of jewelry does not need at all. For along with the V-neck is perfect chain with a pendant. Owners of small breasts should pay their attention to the little openwork necklace.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

Where to wear?

Dress with a plunging neckline - thing is pretty capricious. she does not forgive mistakes. Failure to comply with the rules of socks wardrobe element can bring you the glory of woman who can not dress stylishly, with the lack of flavor. We just need to deal with the fact where such a thing to wear is appropriate. For example, you should not choose this kind of clothes, going to church, hospital, office, school, a funeral, or for such events, which marked a strict dress code. In the morning with a neckline dress will also look vulgar. Except for walks along the waterfront resorts. The deeper neckline - the later it is better to wear. A shallow cutout say after five in the evening. But with open shoulders back - only after midnight.

From what to wear?

The next moment. Dress with open neckline requires adherence to some simple rules. Handled the details, it should not be. Outfit will look simply and cheaply. Avoid a large number of frills, beads and rhinestones. You will achieve greater effect, making a bet on the expensive high quality fabric, a cut or an unusual interesting texture.

Opening the chest, do not forget to cover other parts of the body. The length of the mini combined with open chest rare. Do not choose dresses shorter than two fingers above the knee. For special occasions are perfect dresses on the floor.

Neckline should look aesthetically pleasing. Chest, "falls out" of the dress, looks very ugly. Leaf should gently encircle the chest, emphasizing its shape. But in any case not to put it on public display. In addition, the ugly look flabby muscles and skin in the upper chest. If the condition of their breasts you are not sure, think about focusing on other surrounding parts of your body.

Very attractive with these dresses look pendants and necklaces. Bodice decorated with ornaments requires. The dress will be enough to supplement laconic earrings.

With sexy dress with a neckline things do not mix. Do not try to complement her outfit jackboots or stockings in a grid. Do not forget to conceal dark spots, freckles and pimples in the neck with the help of the corrector. Evens out skin color creams. It must match the color of your face.

Pick a good bra. A variety of current models lets you do this easily. Focusing on the dress with an open back, buy a silicone adhesive cups. For very low-cut, it is desirable to use special stickers on her nipples. To dress bustier strapless bra will approach that supports and lifts the breasts.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

for different breast sizes

Another important factor. Whether it's a cocktail or evening dress with a neckline, they must choose, based on the features of a figure. Form can cut and emphasize its advantages and minimize them. So what to do?

The girls from the first breast size suitable dress with a small neck, complemented by a spectacular decoration. Visually increase the bust will help American armhole. Not a bad option - a model with an open back on thin straps. From classic neckline and corset bodices, it is desirable to give up.

For women with breasts the size of the second and third are suitable for almost all forms of cleavage. The main thing is to choose the right bra. Dresses look great with tight chest corset. Or with V-shaped notches with odor. Give only from too deep neckline.

Chest fourth the size looks nice in corsets. Just do not choose a neckline with small notches or the decor, creating an additional amount.

For the fifth and larger breast size suitable outfit with a plunging neckline. Of course, only if its shape is beautiful. Or adjusted a good bra. Effectively looks big breasts in a rounded neckline. Small cut armhole and American - are excluded.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

The measure

Bright color, white or black dress with a neckline - one of the most attractive elements of women's wardrobe. This outfit perfectly combines graceful contours of the female breast with a minimum of accessories. Even despite the lack of decorations, you'll still feel like a queen on any festive event. Anniversary, family party, wedding ceremony - these festivals provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the message of your style, charm, charm and femininity. Only here the cut should be moderately deep.

Beauty and romance of these orders allows women to emphasize their shape well, slim figure, visually lengthen the neck. For owners of magnificent forms - it's just a magic assistant. Deep neckline and attractive bared shoulders not only distinguish features of the female body constitution. This gives the waist and hips lush welcome sight.

Girls petite short dress with a neckline perfectly suited. New items this season emphasize all the advantages of a circular cutout. Asymmetry - again in the trend. Cocktail dresses with original cutouts can not help but attract attention. A-shaped silhouette with such beautiful riding are attractive decoration for ladies absolutely any age.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists

Models contemporary designers

Dress with a beautiful neckline released today by many fashion houses. Ladies just have to pick up for them "irreplaceable companions." That is primarily high-heeled shoes. Adding to the image of chic earrings, you can not doubt its irresistible. Many pleasant compliments you provided.

Almost every designer collections present a black dress with long sleeves and neckline. Classic, emphasize your femininity and elegance. Neither social event not do without such an expensive luxury outfit. Do not forget just about choosing the cut. Girls with an oval type of person is suitable a half-circle. Ladies round schochkami - asymmetrical or shallow V-shaped notch. Many designers offer modern women of fashion dress with a high waist. For owners of broad hips - exactly what you need. Slender figures are emphasized great length of the model with a wide belt.

Summer black dress with a neckline is very well combined with small clutches, comfortable outdoor shoes and bright red lipstick. Stylish dress with a plunging neckline perfectly complement and female belt. This is - an innovation of modern stylists.

Free to the bottom of the low-cut dress look very grand. And lengthens the silhouette. Such daily models are perfectly combined with light and beach sandals, fashion sandals and wedges or platform.

Choose a dress with a neckline: tips and tricks stylists


In short, the long and short dresses with neckline - alluring, flashy and stylish details of every woman's wardrobe. Huge selection of current models - depending on the depth of cuts, colors, styles - is able to open all the appeal and all the beauty of your figure. Just pick yourself the most suitable dress and be irresistible!