Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair

Beautiful hair - is not just a neatly arranged hair, but also a great finishing touch for the selected image. That is why many women are willing to give a lot of money masters of hairdressing for their implementation. But some high hair is quite possible to do it yourself at home.

Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair

How to choose?

Apart from the fact that the installation should be stylish and fashionable, it also should be suitable. For example, some high hairstyles that women do to themselves on their own, they did not go. Therefore, we must consider the following: growth, shape of the face, figure.

For example, low girls with regular features high hair fit any type. Mandatory requirement - Compliance proportions. That is, hair can not be greater than the face from forehead to chin. Otherwise the head will seem disproportionately long in comparison with the body.

But full of girls with a round face should be smooth from high pilings. They only visually accentuate its shape, making it more volume. An alternative in this case is of medium height with the hairstyles face framing strands.


High evening hair have a number of advantages. First, the correct choice of beautifully emphasize the advantages they shape and facial features. Secondly, many hairstyles require no additional accessories, you can make them as simple as the usual daily styling. Third, give the image of romance, femininity and sometimes rigor.

Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair

Short hair

Of course, the head of hair length plays a huge role. Therefore, high hairstyles for short hair is not usually done. But sometimes the master of hairdressing disregard the rules, stocking a variety of gels, mousses and foams, fixing locks and get to work. Main work carried out to establish high volume fleece. First strand carefully tease comb, then fixed them with gel or mousse, lift the roots, fix hairspray. Fringe, if any, or left neatly laid or raised in a similar manner to that described above.

Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair

The average length of

This is the most preferred for the length of the masters. With this type of hair you can create any type of hair style: simple, complex, high, low, smooth, careless. The main thing - to choose the appropriate option. Thus, high hairstyles for medium hair can be harvested both fringe and with a free.

For example, the Greek styling perfectly girls with regular features and a normal physique, regardless of growth. To create a need: headbands, elastics, comb and varnish strong fixation. First hair carefully combed back, not smoothing them, lifting the roots. The first fixed rim-elastic fringe, the second - the hair at the base of the tail, the third - directly from the tip. The tail is hiding under it. Too much is not necessary to make bouffant, or to keep hair will not. Varnish fixed position of all pryadok. Such high hairstyles for medium hair suitable for the festive evening, as well as for everyday wear.

Free beam also looks interesting and attractive if it is to collect the top. This will require to make a high, but not tight tail ends are securely hidden under the gum above. Bundle of fluff lightly, and then fixed with varnish. This updo with bangs give the image of romance. It is very convenient, because hair does not climb into his face. Assembled free sheaf opens eyes neck, cheeks, ears.

Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair

Long hair

Here too there is a large field for activities. High hairstyles for long hair can be both pretentious complicated and as simple and convenient. For example, all the same free beam. However, they should not be limited! There are plenty of other options. For example, a high volume and a ponytail. To create only need to comb and two rubber bands. First hair carefully combed, divided into two tails: one high back, the other - under him at the back just below. To hairstyle look really bulky, pre-curl curling locks or use curlers. When the varnish can be used to secure the hair.

Lush shell in long strands looks really lush and volume. To create the hairstyles require only pins or invisible, loosely gum and a comb. First the bouffant. Making it needs from the root to the head, gradually climbing up. Comb the hair collected in a conventional low ponytail, fixed at the ends of a rubber band. tail end twisted upwards firmly secured by pins or invisible to the nape. It is the result of a free, magnificent shell-laying. Such high hairstyles for long hair is suitable for everyday wear. Or for a romantic evening with a loved one.

Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair

Smooth hairstyle

Make them always more complicated than careless and free. Firstly, because you need to comb your hair, so that nothing is sticking out of nowhere. Secondly, they are categorically not suitable for those who have curly locks. Comb their perfectly smooth still will not work. Sleek updo without a bang - a classic beam volumetric beam, fleece, and many others. Such styling give the image of self-discipline, rigor and added a couple of years owner.

gum-sponge need to create surround beam. First, the hair combed back, doing a fairly high, but not the tail, which is fixed by means of porous wide gum. Under her something and hide the ends of the tail so that they can be fixed pins. Hang around when it should not have no hairs. Such high hairstyles can be done on the long and medium hair yourself, securely fixing them and then varnish.

Updo. Simple updo long, medium and short hair


It is always an important event where all the girls want to look perfect. And here can help updo on prom. High hairstyles for prom are selected primarily under the dress. All the above options can be used for such an important event and are identical. At the same time you can decorate your holiday hairstyles using stylish hairpins with stones or sequins, pins with bulk heads overlaid colors, pins or fashionable hoops decorative nature. To entrust the creation of complex high hairstyle for prom should really master of his craft, so as not to be disappointed in the result of such an important day.