The classic style of clothing that is all

basic concepts

Each person defines himself, what style of clothes to choose from. It can be as addiction of childhood, and seen models in stores to replace the taste can affect virtually everything. And yet the majority of people for the classic style of clothing. It is convenient, simple and elegant, suitable for everyday life and for special occasions.

The classic style of clothing that is all

The concept of classical style was formed spontaneously and gradually. can be attributed to the classics not only suits and strict skirts, they are likely to refer to the office style. The classic style of clothing includes more concepts and elements of the wardrobe.

The breadth of choice

Clothing styles can count for about two dozen. Each of them can match the musical preferences, nationality, culture or simply tastes. It happens that the work requires a certain style. Undoubtedly, the base is a classic of it originated almost all styles.

Wardrobe stronger sex

Men's Classic includes a certain number of things. The classic style of clothing - it pants with arrows and jeans with no scuffs, bends and creases. The main colors of the classics - it is black, white, blue, green, shades of beige and virtually all muted colors. Ladies' wardrobe

The classic style of clothing for women is not very different from the male. The main colors are the same. The only thing that is added - it cuts. To include the classic pencil skirt, close-fitting dresses and jackets. Classic style inherent minimalism. He does not include crystals, prints and bright colored lining. Simplicity, modesty and brevity - is the basis of the classical style. Compliance with these rules will automatically switch to the classics. The only valid decoration - embroidery. But it should be inconspicuous and do not stand out, but rather complement the outfit.

The classic style of clothing that is all

What is the "classic"

About half the world's population prefers the classic style of clothing. The main figure of this style - a strip and a cell of all sizes. The only "but" is that they do not have the color dazzle and stand out. Classic includes not only the styles and colors, but also the materials. All materials used natural. Cotton and silk - a basis for tailoring, well, leather and suede - the essential materials for footwear. Quality products must also meet high standards. Everything that is connected with naturalness and elegance, is the main feature of the classical style.

The classic style of clothing that is all

The eternal value

Designers repeatedly attempts were made to bring in classic shoes for something new and fresh. But we are not accustomed either sneakers or high heels. The main classical style shoes were court shoes. They may be on a flat sole and a small heel. The classic style of clothing for women includes a huge number of subtleties and nuances, most importantly, feel comfortable and convenient. It will be visible to others. Classic - something simple and affordable. It is only important to know what its mix and match, and the attention you will be securely.