How to find your style of dress?

Find your style of dress often as difficult as to choose a profession. After all, it will be a reflection of your inner world, will present your strengths, weaknesses and correct harmony with the image. Style imposes on human imprint individuality, making it visible in a crowd of people dressed as standard. Moreover, the image can not only submit one direction (country, military, casual, retro), but also combines elements of two or three streams.

Consider the basic rules of how to find your style.

Why man needs some style?

Availability of style says about the ability to harmoniously mix and match things, giving the appearance of perfection and attraction. Properly selected image promotes self-confidence, success in personal life and the discovery of new aspects of the personality. While his unfortunate choice of form about you opinion as a person who has no idea about the taste and fashion.

How to find your style of dress?

The question of how to choose your style, is currently one of the most pressing. Sea collections, thousands of new products podium, millions of things furiously "attack" of women and men, drawing attention for its beauty and abundance of choice. It is not surprising that we get lost trying to understand this BEM and finally understand how to find your style of clothing in the infinite chaos. Of course, the study of magazines, seasonal trends, designer tips will give your results. But when choosing a style do not forget about himself, his character and outlook. In pursuit of fickle fashion and trivial copying other people's images, you run the risk of becoming commonplace, devoid of individual personality.

The main style directions in clothes

To learn how to find their own style and make a good choice, it is necessary to have an idea about the kinds of fashion trends in clothing. The last great variety, but the most notable - it's a classic, sporty, romantic, ethnic style, as well as retro and casual.

  • Classic. One of the main stylistic trends that are relevant in our day. Main symptoms: rigor, elegance and practicality. Harmonious classic image suggests tarnish shades, shapes chastity, moderation silhouettes. Brightest representatives: white blouse, court shoes, a pencil skirt, coat.
  • Sports. The course is designed for people who value comfort and freedom of movement. There may be any color palette, a variety of textures and shapes. By sporting things are shorts, T-shirts, overalls, breeches, skirts pleated breeches hoodies.
  • Romantic. How to make your romantic style? It is enough to replenish the wardrobe of things that can give you a femininity and fragility. Direction is characterized by smooth, soft lines in clothes, skinny forms, elements of mystery. Details of the romantic style: lightweight scarves, silk scarves, elegant gloves, boas, capes. How to find your style of dress?
  • Ethnic style reflects the desire of its adherents to freedom, independence and unity of their nature. During involves the use of natural materials, free flowing silhouettes and national motives. Ethno clothes - it's tunics, saris, kimonos, untucked shirts, long skirts to the gypsy style, colorful sundresses.
  • The retro style - these are things from "my grandmother's trunk", stylized antique, fashion collections, based on the design ideas of the last century. Flared dress with a high waist skirt with a lush bow blouse with American armhole, the little black dress - bright representatives retro flow.
  • casual. Girls, concerned the question of how to find your style and tossing between different areas, designers recommend to stop the choice on the casual. In English the word means "casual, city." Its advantage is that it is not necessary to adhere to certain standards and frameworks. Style casual - for those who love the looseness and carelessness in the way. Main features: leggings with tunics and sweaters, jeans, overalls, dresses, which are high heels. How to find your style of dress?

In addition to basic styles, there are varieties: country, military, vintage, unisex.

How to choose your style? A set of basic rules of

Find your style - so find a balance between appearance and inner world, be yourself. Ability to dress to emphasize their aesthetic taste, to feel harmony - also an art, which is subject to everyone. 5 Let us examine the laws 'right style', studying which you will be able to accurately navigate the sea of ​​things, enthusiastically developed every day by hundreds of brands.

Revision wardrobe

Carefully reconsider her wardrobe and shelves free from the things of the category "suddenly lose weight," "it is a pity to throw away," "put on again, and then get rid". The clothes you do not wear for 2-3 years, is unlikely to decorate you. Getting rid of unnecessary things, seed what is in your specific location. Clothing worn by at least once a week and giving comfort, certainly the most suited to your lifestyle. "Favorite" things and tell you, a supporter of any stylistic direction you are.

How to find your style of dress?

What the soul is

Before you choose your style, think carefully about what can emphasize your individuality and make a really unique way. Thus not force itself forced to adjust to the one or another direction. After all, when choosing important is not the fashion trends and lifestyle, demeanor, character and mentality. Incorporating all these features and will help to create something unusual and ideological. No specific advice in a fashion magazine or a certain way is not universal style formula. Individuality - that's what is the meaning of his search.

Features Body

Figure - an important point, which is necessary to pay priority attention to the search of style. Because you need a clear idea of ​​what you can wear thin, to be feared plump, what things help to visually "pull" low growth, and what clothes emphasizes all the advantages of tall girls. Look carefully at himself in the mirror, noting committed parties that may be advantageously present, and disadvantages that should be concealed. Determine also the other features of the figure, which will be the starting point for selecting the image.

How to find your style of dress?

The color types of exterior

Find your style of dress will help you knowing your tsvetotipa. They are four: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Each of them is prescribed a certain look.


Women tsvetotipa "Spring" - a blonde and brown-haired with light pink or peach skin and bright eye color. Featured styles - a sporty and romantic. Optimal color shades: green, blue, brown, yellow, coral, pearl. Spring type is not suitable wear dark colors, multiple layers in an image, and an abundance of accessories.


Women autumn types have red hair and yellow, apricot color, often dotted with freckles. Eyes - brown, turquoise, blue-gray. Optimal clothing styles - a sporty and ethnic. Desirable colors: brick red, orange, mustard, apricot, khaki. Avoid the following classic colors - white, blue, black, gray.

How to find your style of dress?


Summer style - a woman with a light, olive skin and Light Brown, gray hair color. The eyes are usually dark blue, hazel, gray-blue, gray-green. Tsvetotipu "summer" will fit any style of dress, but especially - classical and romantic. Recommended colors: purple, pink, blue, crimson, purple, gray.


Bright type of appearance "winter" is peculiar to Oriental women. They have black hair, dark or white skin and dark eyes. Women winter type is desirable to adhere to dress cool colors: turquoise, lemon, blue, coffee, purple and all shades of pink. It is strongly recommended to them the classic and retro style of the fabrics - satin, leather, knitwear, silk.

Follow the fashion trends of

How to find your style? This question stirs the hearts of millions, but only a few manage to find its own special way. To replenish their ranks, not just rely on your own taste, but also in fashion trends. But do not copy them, and skillfully turn in wardrobe favorite styles and colors. Most importantly, they have decorated!

How to find your style of dress?

In order to create a unique image, not necessarily involved in television projects, hire and image makers to chase fashion. It is possible to create images, styles with their own hands, relying on intuition, reading magazines, special articles and developing taste. Experiment, but do not go to extremes, follow trends, but do not blindly worship fashion. Take a look at the other, but do not merge with the crowd. Be yourself, and emphasize their individuality!