Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

Perfumes Cacharel Promesse has won thousands of fans around the world. Unique flavor combining sweetness and freshness, a favorite of many women. Perfumes suitable for use in any season and at any time of the day. Characterized by long durability, as made from natural oils.

Perfumes Cacharel is

Perfumes Cacharel Promesse has a delicate, feminine extremely attractive aroma. Enveloping fragrance, which I want to be forever. Floral-fruity wave envelops and quietly takes pleasure in the valley. Young girl enjoying the perfume Cacharel Promesse, easily attract the attention of men.

Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

of boys especially like the unobtrusiveness and freshness of this perfume. This fragrance gives the woman enigmatic and mysterious. Perfume create a very stable and recognizable trail. Thanks to this stranger will clearly stand out among others.

perfume composition is characterized memorable versatility, it collected ideally suited to each other notes.

Offers stunning extravaganza fruity notes, that guessed bergamot, blackberry and mandarin.

After they join delicate scents of orchids, violets and jasmine.

Next, connect the white notes of cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk.

perfumery difference is that in the hot and the cold fragrance opens on the skin to the fullest.

perfume Characteristics

Cacharel Promesse description refers to a very gentle spirits. Sweet unobtrusive aroma leaves no one indifferent. This is a truly feminine fragrance, popular with many of the fair sex. Some find in it a reflection of their personalities and never to part with your favorite perfume.

The aroma has a magnetic effect and special appeal. Women and girls who want to find their own individual style, choose Cacharel Promesse. Flower arrangements will give an elegant mood for the whole day. The fragrance was created for a sensual, elegant ladies. Cacharel Promesse - an unusual perfume, which is able to carry you into the boundless space of love romance and lightness. When applying fragrance on the skin feels the mood of the first love, colorful butterflies flutter in my stomach.

Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

Description perfume

What can give a description of the flavor Promesse Cacharel? It combines the bright notes of iris, rose, tart grapefruit and heliotrope stunning. Luxury train of this perfume will give inner peace and harmony.

Perfume carries its possessor in the carefree world of love and sweet. With spirits associate the happiest day in the life of every girl - the wedding. Word in the title Promesse perfume means "promise" is translated from French.

Orchid and jasmine - the main perfume notes. These flowers traditionally part of the wedding the bride's bouquet. Spirits are packed in a box of pink color with the image of white flowers. Sweet floral fragrance perfume adds blueberries. Amber, sandalwood, and musk creates calm plume pacification and feeling of warmth.

perfume excites the imagination and carries into the unknown distance from the boring everyday life and bustle. Anticipation of this exciting future, enjoy the feeling of love. Silk perfume fragrance will allow to sink in the infinite tenderness, is the dream of any refined and romantic nature. Promesse Cacharel - a composition that gave the world the duo of French perfumers - Carlos Benaim and Sophie Labbe.

notes of bergamot possesses attractive freshness, blackberry, tangerine notes decorated with a bouquet of daring acidity. The sweetness of the composition to create a luxurious floral iridescence. Give warmth wood-musky tones, amber creates attractive plume. To fill your inner happiness and bliss, it is worth just to open an elegant bottle in the shape of a flower and put a few drops of perfume.

Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

each possessor spirits multifaceted and feminine scent is uplifting. Perfume is suitable for many women. Featuring a soft and deep, sensual fragrance and attractive. It is best suited for mature, independent women. Perfume wonderful shape that repeats lilac flower.

bottle designer for Cacharel perfume - Baschmakoff. He combined in his invention of classic and modern style. The fragrance was created for women of mature age, but not forgotten how to dream. Perfume characterizes the fair sex, which is looking for a life partner and is ready to start a family. Spirits create attractive, exciting, charming image of emotionally mature woman who remained childlike. Analogs Cacharel Promesse Russian production is also good, like "Flower disco".

Product Detail

  1. Brand - Cacharel.
  2. Fragrance - Cacharel Promesse.
  3. Type - eau de toilette.
  4. For whom it created - for women.
  5. Year - 2005.
  6. The country of origin - France.
  7. The family of flavors - floral, fruity.
  8. Top notes - bergamot, mandarin, juicy blackberries.
  9. Heart notes - jasmine and orchids.
  10. The base notes - sandalwood tree, cedar, amber and musk.
Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

To fit the spirits?

The perfume was created in 2005. Flavor inherent in the mood of love. The creators of the fragrance - Carlos Bineym, Sophie Labbe. Character composition differs romance and refinement. You make the right choice, if you get toilet water Cacharel Promesse. The aroma is perfect for all seasons, it sounds great in the morning and evening hours.

A woman who chooses a fragrance Cacharel Promess, wants to be an attractive and watching their style. Fragrance includes notes of fresh citrus, sweet blackberry, sweet-scented bergamot. Heart compositions disclosed tender notes violet, jasmine and exciting orchid. The base consists of musk, sandalwood, cedar and the wonderful smell of amber. Brand story begins back in 1985, its founder - the designer bar. Spirits rapidly gained popularity among connoisseurs of good perfume. The product is characterized by simplicity and directness of style. flavor of issuance:

  • deodorant;
  • toilet spirits;
  • for body lotion.

This allows virtually no part with a favorite scent.

Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

Also on sale there are different sets of perfumery. Cacharel chosen by many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and many others.

The aroma is great for creating a gentle, sensual image. Also for the ladies who want to share with others positive emotions, good mood, energize and give others a wonderful aroma. Notes of blackberry and fresh citrus complemented by aromas of flowers. The final chord - musk, sandalwood and white cedar wood.

The benefits of perfume oil

The effect of the perfume oil is incredible, incomparable with anything else. Perfume oils contain 100% have prolonged stability on the skin - of 12 to 48 hours. On clothing - from 120 to 480 hours. Perfume with oil-based have a big difference as compared with alcoholic flavors.

perfumes from natural oils cost quite high, as they are handmade and imported from distant countries. It is worth to be careful, because there are many fakes perfume.

How to distinguish the original from the fake? The first - the price of product. Low cost immediately shows that the product fake. Even the online store did not buy the original at a low price. The consistency of the original perfume homogeneous, with a strong odor. Watery spirits low odor - definitely fake.

Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

The correct application of spirits

It is important to know how to apply perfume oil. By spirits may remain oily stains, so they are applied solely on the skin:

  • neck;
  • reverse side of the elbow;
  • wrist.

It is desirable to avoid applying perfume on clothes, because they can leave traces of oil. The most suitable place for the application - pulsating area, neck, arms, wrists.

Promesse Cacharel: reviews shoppers

Perfumes and toilet waters Promesse Cacharel: flavor description, customer reviews

Many women say that Cacharel Promesse - wonderful aroma, suitable for all occasions. Spirits are very resistant, creating an elegant and unique trail. Girls enjoying spirits, say the men come to the delight of this perfume. They turn followed and showered with compliments Woman.

Many consumers believe that Cacharel Promesse - a wonderful flavor! Feminine, enveloping freshness and velvety warmth. Try it once fall in love with this scent for years to come. Spirits combines the charm and style. Persistence and unobtrusive, fun and romance, sweetness and freshness, style and ease.