Givenchy Blue Label: flavor description and ratings

The world-famous fashion house Givenchy produces a large number of products for both men and women. This is a huge selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products and perfumes.

Cosmetics and perfumes Givenchy earned the love and recognition of customers due to the quality and wide range. The huge popularity won men's fragrance Givenchy Blue Label.

Brand Story

The founder of the fashion house Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy was born in a provincial French town, and from an early age was fond of art and beauty. The exhibition in Paris he became interested in a booth with fashionable clothes and decided that in the future will certainly create a dress that will exceed the presented models.

Givenchy Blue Label: flavor description and ratings

For a long time he studied at the School of Art, he took master classes with leading designers in the world's fashion houses. Soon Givenchy opened his first fashion house in Paris and made a show that was a runaway success. The designer decided that we should not dwell only on garments and made for his beloved woman first perfume L'interdit.

Hubert thought that perfume - an essential and integral part of the image of any woman who is able to open it in a new way and to complement any outfit. the true fans of the brand perfume appreciated the novelty that in a short period of time has gained immense popularity. Givenchy is constantly engaged in the development of new fragrances in its collection a huge selection of male and female spirits.

Perfume Blue Label

Fragrance Givenchy Blue Label was released in 2004 and is by far the most popular men's fragrance in the world. This perfume, which to this day is the most popular among men from the collection Pour Homme. It is incredibly multi-faceted fragrance that underlines the status of the man, his self-confidence, says good taste.

Givenchy Blue Label: flavor description and ratings

Givenchy Blue Label Pour Homme belongs to the spicy woody fragrance with citrus notes, which add perfume versatility. It can be used at any time of the year, it opens a lot of shades. Spirits are suitable for men of all ages, which is why they are so popular among the stronger sex.

Perfume does not leave indifferent any girl and a woman, attracts their attention the fact that the scent that chooses a man can say a lot.

Pyramid composition

Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label consists of a careful selection of music of different colors that create an incredibly fresh, pleasant scent and expensive. The composition matched the best perfumers in France, it has been highly appreciated by customers since the release of Pour Homme published until today.

The top notes

Citrus, bergamot, grapefruit - a sophisticated combination makes the fragrance of fresh, light, unobtrusive, but once stored and deposited in the memory. These top notes are heard immediately after use perfume.

They will breathe for 40 minutes, and then began to play with different shades. Top notes create the first impression of the smell, they play an important role in the selection of perfume. It is important to note that many manufacturers are advised to wait a while to hear the other notes that are part of the flavor composition.

Givenchy Blue Label: flavor description and ratings

Middle notes

Heart of flavors: cardamom, pepper, lavender. It notes confident and purposeful man. They add brightness and juiciness of aroma, make it an unusual and memorable. Pepper in perfumes - a wonderful component, because it adds a touch of spice to tart flavor. Medium notes are clearly audible hour after application of the perfume. Pepper is part of Givenchy Blue Label fragrance trail that always attracts the attention of the people around them. Middle notes of perfumers picked up the soft and tender, because too rich smells mix, will interrupt each other, the fragrance will turn sharp and unpleasant.

The base notes

It is amber, cedar and vetiver. Cedar - the same woody fragrance note, which is impossible to forget, once heard. Cedar goes well with spicy, floral and other components of the composition. Vetiver lends flavor faint grassy shade that helps woody and spicy notes play a more saturated and bright.

Base notes of expensive French perfume sound on the body during the day. They are the key to stability and open the top and middle notes in a unique combination.

The composition of Givenchy Blue Label fragrance throughout the day poured in different shades that blend with each other. A few hours later you can feel the base notes and middle notes. Plume flavor - fresh, light, elusive, with a distinctly perceptible notes of pepper and grapefruit.

Reviews of perfume

The first thing that attracts the attention of buyers - the packaging. The bottle of perfume made of high quality glass, which is not broken even at high incidence. The cover is blue, which knocked out the name of the perfume, creates a sense of impressiveness, solidity, even in the smallest versions of the perfume.

Givenchy Blue Label: flavor description and ratings

Reviews of girls say that the fragrance Givenchy Blue Label Pour not left indifferent any representative of the fair sex. It is light, fresh and quite bright. Great combination of music attracted the attention of girls and many of them are choosing perfume as a gift to her man. Resistance perfume at a fairly high level. Fragrance felt body about 7-9 hours after application. On the hair and clothing of the flavor can be preserved up to several days. Many French perfume brands, including Givenchy Homme Blue Label are characterized by high quality, and that causes them so much high popularity.

Perfume can be used at any time of the year, but more men prefer to wear it in the summer. Due to the citrus notes of bergamot and it is refreshing in the summer heat, and does not create discomfort rich aroma. Perfume Givenchy Blue Label 100m incredibly economical in consumption. Even with daily use bottle is enough for one year. Buy the fragrance can be in almost any chain store of cosmetics.

This fragrance will suit a confident man who intends to demonstrate not only good taste, but also to prove their status or worth. No young man, who would not come fragrance Givenchy Blue Label. On every man he plays unique shades, revealing a bright and attractive fragrance.