5 little-known version of the famous fairy tales

Many of the tales that we know almost by heart, has undergone many changes before they became world famous. Today we tell their children, but they are not always meant for children's ears.

Quite often, these centuries-old history of different cultures passed from mouth to mouth, or in the taverns around the campfire, where almost no children were present, diverting tired farmers from hard work.

Many of them were far from innocuous stories with a happy ending, and more like stories to horror movies. Here are 5 versions of well-known fairy tales, about which you did not know:

"Red Riding Hood"

5 little-known version of the famous fairy tales

In the history on which Perrault has created a fairy-tale version of "Little Red Riding Hood" in 1697, the wolf disguised as her grandmother, whom he recently swallowed, was a werewolf. It offers a Little Red Riding Hood to undress and join him in bed, throwing clothes in the fire. According to some versions of the wolf eats the girl when she turns in his bed and the tale ends. Another Red Riding Hood said to the wolf, that she needed to use the toilet and she does not want to do "it" in bed, after which the girl manages to escape.

Perhaps this is a more positive end of a fairy tale than the version Perrault, when the girl eats the wolf, or the first version of the Brothers Grimm in 1812, according to which the wood-cutter frees her and her grandmother, cutting the belly of the wolf.

"Snow White"

5 little-known version of the famous fairy tales

In the story narrated by the brothers Grimm in 1812, jealous mother (rather than a stepmother!) Snow White sends a huntsman in order to bring the lung and liver of a girl who's mother was going to salt, cook and eat.

As in the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm included a punishment cruel mother. In the story it appears on Snow White's wedding in hot iron shoes and dance in them until he falls dead.


5 little-known version of the famous fairy tales

In the seventh edition collection Grimm brothers in 1857, the plot was much darker than the one that we have learned in the retelling of Charles Perrault for 200 years before. In this version, Cinderella's stepsisters beautiful and evil as their stepmother in despair that can not get into the golden slipper, cut off his own finger (first sister) and heel (second sister).

Pigeons notice that the shoes are filled with blood. Prince understands that Cinderella is that unique, while the pigeons peck the eyes of sisters and stepmother for their crimes.


5 little-known version of the famous fairy tales

In the original story written by Carlo Collodi, and published in 1883, Pinocchio falls asleep before the fire and his legs burned, before it killed the Talking Cricket, who teaches him, a wooden hammer. After that Pinocchio turn into a donkey, tied to a rock and thrown off a cliff. Prior to that, the buyer buys Pinocchio in the form of a donkey to make his drum skins. Throughout history, he is being persecuted, bullied over him and put in jail.

"Sleeping Beauty"

5 little-known version of the famous fairy tales

The collection of fairy tales in 1634 the Italian storyteller Giambattista Basile, one of the first recorded stories, subsequently retold by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, the girl gets under the nail fiber flax, which stung her, and from which she falls asleep.

Prince, who found the sleeping beauty, considers it so irresistible that rapes her, in spite of a dead sleep. Nine months later, she gives birth to twins, too, in a dream. It awakens the beauty only after one of the children in search of the breast sticks to her fingers and pulls the fiber.