Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

Alina Kabaeva - professional gymnast, the only gymnast of the world, who was in the Guinness Book of Records. According to the unofficial version was the cause of the divorce of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. The pair is still conceal his two children, a boy and a girl. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva, the biography of her relatives are popular topics for discussion evil tongues. Let us also look at her life in detail.

Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

Alina Kabaeva. Biography

She was born on May 12 in 1983 in Uzbekistan, in Tashkent, where he grew up. Alina's father, Marat Vazyhovich, now lives at home - in Uzbekistan. 6 years of playing for the national football team "Pakhtakor". Mom gymnast Lyubov, was also an athlete. All youth, she played basketball for Uzbekistan. Now she lives in Moscow with her younger sister Alina Lisani.

The parents did not force the girl to follow their footsteps and did not want her daughter to repeating their hard fate. When the adults saw Aline athletic potential, and gave her to figure skating. At 3, 5 years old girl already engaged in gymnastics. At age 12, my mother carried the girl in Moscow. When gymnast coach looked at the girl, she was horrified. Alina had to work hard. First of all she needed to lose weight. Irina Weiner has developed a special diet for Alina. Kabaeva is almost nothing to eat, you can only drink mineral water. Quick result was obvious.

Losing weight, she fell in love with the gym more. The coach could see her talent, which was confirmed in 1996. Alina Kabaeva is part of the Russian team and win prestigious titles. Alina nationality was Muslim, and only in 2004, before the Olympic Games in Greece, she decided to be baptized and orthodox.

The absolute champion of

In 1999 Alina became a two-time world champion and the absolute world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. It happened in Japan, which was a happy country for her. Spain has also become an important place for Alina. There, in 2000, Kabaeva won the title of absolute champion of Europe, in a year in Madrid, she won another world title.

Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

Irina Chashchin and Alina Kabaeva in 2001 caught on the use of furosemide. Around girls scandal and suspended for 2 years.

This incident has not prevented the athlete be the only gymnast in the world, which brought in the Guinness Book of Records. Absolute champion of the world, even among adults 15 years became Alina Kabaeva. Biography personal life girls do not go out of the mouth of the envious. After all, it is not only a gymnast, but also a politician and was featured in the film and advertising.

Politics in the life of a gymnast

She became interested in politics during his suspension. In 2005 she became a member of the party "United Russia". Later, she became involved in charity work. In 2007, it was elected to Parliament from the party. Now she works as the deputy chairman of the Youth Affairs.

Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

It is interesting that in 2010, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation would like to publish the names of the deputies who regularly skip session of the Duma. It said that Alina had to get into this list. Fortunately, it is not printed because it is considered useless. Alina soon pulled away from business and became chairman of the board of directors of the holding company under the name of "National Media Group". This holding consists of the first channel, the fifth channel, the newspaper "Izvestia" and radio "Russian news service".


In 2008 came the resonant article that Alina Kabaeva, biography and Putin were the main topics. The publication claimed the wedding gymnasts and president. The news spread like lightning all over the world. gymnasts representatives strongly denied this fact.

Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

Alina Kabaeva, biography. Children

After that press information appeared that Alina has given birth to a son. It is said that the baby's father - Vladimir Putin and his Dima Medvedev was named after. The very same gymnast said that it was her nephew. In 2012, the media reported that Kabaeva gave birth again, this time a daughter.

Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

Alina Kabaeva, biography, personal life gymnast, her relationship with the young men are veiled, so she knows the truth only. Relations with the Russian president confirmed late Boris Nemtsov. He said that Alina Kabaeva and Putin really are friends. He gave reporters itinerary of one of Putin's colleagues Gennady Timchenko. It specifies the names of the people who brought the plane to Sochi to the president. Among them was and Alina.

At a press conference Vladimir Putin commented on this story: "There is not one word of truth in the story of the novel with Kabaeva." French publications have repeatedly mentioned the topic "Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva." Biography woman is haunted and there. Journalists called it the second lady of Russia.

Income gymnast

Gymnast Alina Kabaeva, biography girl paled into insignificance when it became known how much she earns. Everyone was wondering where the girl such amounts. During 2011, its revenue amounted to 11, 5 million. P. In her possession of the land plot, three apartments in Moscow, and a few cars.

In 2009, Alina was the owner of the highest income among the so-called "Star of Deputies." On the basis of its statement of earnings, the amount of money earned was 12, 9 million. P.

In the ranking of the "100 Most Powerful Women" in Russian Alina took 8th place.

Alina Kabaeva: biography, personal life. Gymnast Alina Kabaeva (photo)

Projects Kabaeva

Gymnast participated in the TV show "Ford Boyard". She participated in the swim and crawled under several rotating cylinders in a very short time, which was a record. She also participated in the Kenya show "Harem".

Hidden love

Two years Alina hid his love, she told one of the Russian journals. Chosen gymnasts turned police captain David Museliani. Press them long ago christened the bride and groom. They met in 2002 and 2005., And by early 2006 the couple parted. As specified Alina, it was a mutual decision, and they remained friends.

In the ranking of the most beautiful Tatar in this year's 21-place is Alina Kabaeva Maratovna. Biography athletes took first place in the requests of the athletes. It should be noted the beauty of the girl. Her charming smile charms many men in the world. Purposeful, active and kind girl could alone succeed in life. Perhaps Vladimir Putin and helps the beauty of life, but it can hardly be called his kept woman. She is able to achieve very tops and earn a lot of money. Alina denies her children, although in March 2015 it was reported again that Alina Kabaeva has given birth. True or not, in any case we know. It is difficult to leave personal questions in the shade, if you are a public person. And as if she wanted to live simply and enjoy your loved one, and a child. It remains only to wish the Olympic champion's health, a happy family life and success in all her endeavors and grow in the future, the new Olympic champions.