Digest Mojo Media # 8

For the eighth time in a row you are greeted by Mojo Media Digest - publishing, for which is to get acquainted with the VPN. As before, we talk about our editorial materials and still we can not understand, we do not have pleased the Kazakhs. Guys, wait, we're trying to understand.

Otgremeli holidays, students are trying to cope with a hangover, the opposition - to get out of the clutches of justice, but we have something that - we simply choose the best of the created by us.

This week, more than ever, it was difficult to choose the articles for our digest. On the one hand, this means that all items are equally good, and on the other, will be completely honest - none of them blockbusters.

Digest Mojo Media # 8

What is surprising was the most read article "9 myths about beer, in that it's time to stop believing." 40,000 for three days. This once again proves that no matter how much ZOZha in the atmosphere has not been a passion for Brewfest is exhausted. So talented article with the intriguing title has always attracted a lot of attention.

Leonid Novak wrote about how I, you and all of us in general, manipulated, but not society as a whole and the individual. With this encounter where as often. Of all the vile methods - detail in the article "10 ways to manipulate you right now."

As the saying goes, you get married or to be married - still not happy you will be. Only here do not need to claim that you can not be ringed. Most often it is in such the first thing a marriage collar and throws. And the attitude towards marriage changed from "yes that I was dead" to "wedding - is the choice of an adult male." For those who have already reached the second stage, our pragmatic minstrel material world Yevgeny entropy wrote the text "8 tips when preparing for the wedding," taking into account all the nuances and "cracks" Wedding Planner. And finish the digest of the most honest answer to the most common question: how to stop running after skirts. Comment reader attached to the article, once again confirmed the rightness of the author, and proved that women do not understand men at all. In general, read, male, and penetrates the Bitch nature of the world in the article "What to do if you can not stand in front of the girls."

Digest Mojo Media # 8

On Heroine all is quiet: Darya Kharchenko rivet one masterpiece after another, pleasing hits like:

"5 ways to develop your creativity." One of the articles, which is perfect, and boys and girls. Not superficial nonsense, but a deep, thoughtful research paper on the topic of what lies at the basis of creativity, not only talent, but also a passion, which allows you to overcome difficulties and do not lose inspiration.

Most viewed and attention aroused article "9 decisions that you will soon regret it." Maybe you'll be sorry they are not today and not tomorrow, but in 5 years, but sooner or later they will haunt alarming sadness in your destiny.

Digest Mojo Media # 8

And where do without the article, which will be interesting to read of men and women is useful to read. "13 things that affect the size of your chest" - is not tired to be relevant.

Read our digests must be at least in order to accustom themselves to the culture of a telegram. We hope that you have long been following our Telegram-channels. And if not, then ... what the hell? See how many of the beautiful. The channel "will lie with me" - a report from the factory erotic accessories and useful articles on the subject of female sex and female sex.

The channel "Know!" - food for the brain as an extremely useful reading material and video lectures on the subject of society, space and unsurpassed (as evidenced by material) artificial intelligence.

In "Mystic show" just collected all the fun that our marketers considered worthy of your attention: from the illustrations Nakid famous magazine to interview with the rapper, whose image and the face became common.

"They are moving" - is SIFCO. Just a good, interesting and sometimes funny SIFCO. And I must say, the channel micro-revolutions occurred: first animation with vsratymi people become more than vsratymi with animals. If this happens, it means that soon something will happen.

And not necessarily something shocking. To do this, we have a "Mole", which is a week-by-week trash collects refined just like the Grimm brothers collected their damned fairy tale.

We will by all means try to do something that does not happen Vasya Strelnikov - to instill a culture podcast in Russia. We believe that we have it on the shoulder. Progress, common sense and attention of advertisers close. It is enough to listen to our brilliant show.

For example, the show "Employee of the Month". Somewhere else come girl bartenders and tell who rolled up to them, what are the tips and what categories they divide people? No, come to us. Our most popular program, "Guys, we have sex" refers to the relationship at a distance, whether they start and how to maintain this strange phenomenon.

And in the mass by number of the leading show, "We live in this" discussing suicide cows pizza with drugs, the world's best diet and competition, where they make crafts from trash. That is all that Dmitry Kiselev would like to highlight in his show, but, alas, can not.

Do not forget about our people's general chat in the Telegram, which does not stop just for a second. Therefore, if you are bored in your time zone, or on their work - write, and then you will answer.