Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

Each girl takes care of herself, uses a variety of decorative tools to improve its appearance. Unfortunately, quite often come across products that cause allergic reactions, due to which the skin looks awful. It is for this reason that lately gaining increasing popularity hypo. It is produced by many brands and function is no different from the usual. As part of such funds contain only natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect only on the covers.

Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

Hypoallergenic cosmetics

Very often, people who have only the first signs of allergy, immediately abandon decorative means. In fact, this is not worth as popular brands of hypoallergenic cosmetics can be seen on the shelves of every specialized shop. Manufacturers have long been developed in their laboratories a unique formula, by which means there are now, quite suitable to each girl. They do not play the role of skin type, the presence of wounds or inflammation, susceptibility to allergies and other factors.

Line of adult and children's hypoallergenic cosmetics make up a variety of powder, lipstick, mascara, pencils and creams. All of them are of the highest quality and the ability to secure the application on sensitive skin.

As part of the product contains only ingredients of natural origin. They prevent the appearance of allergic reactions. Despite the fact that initially this cosmetics designed for fashionistas who because of the nature of the body are unable to use conventional decorative tools, now it is actively used all the ladies. The chance of developing an allergy after using hypoallergenic products is minimized. It provides complete care, including nutrition and hydration for the skin.

Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

Causes of allergy

Hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin, people rarely start looking until the problems with the covers. As a rule, it happens the other way around. Young girls who are just starting to use decorative means, experts advise immediately acquire it natural products since allergy is able to appear at any moment, because the causes may serve as:

  1. Preservatives. The creators of cosmetics are added in order to increase their shelf life. As used preservatives benzoic or salicylic acid. They are active, quickly causing allergic reactions not only from owners of sensitive skin, but also in healthy women of fashion.
  2. Flavors and fragrances. For a pleasant odor manufacturers use such dangerous substances. Of course, they may be natural, but such products for sale are very few. Therefore, before you buy a particular product, you need to check its contents.
  3. dyes. Means a saturated color creators provide special dyes. They are very dangerous for all skin types and are rigid active allergens.

The composition of the assets

Hypoallergenic cosmetics should not cause skin problems. No redness, inflammation and rashes in any case will not appear if the product is really good quality.

Often you can find items, called it hypoallergenic, but have as part of hazardous substances. This move is especially manufacturers, to attract the attention of buyers. So be sure to remember that should be included in such cosmetics before going to the store. Useful elements are:

  1. oils. For the production of harmless cosmetics natural oils used as close in composition to the dermal fat. They made by cold pressing. Their objectives are to hydration, nutrition, and maintaining elasticity and tone of the covers. Hypoallergenic can be considered such oils: peach, linseed, olive, almond, coconut, jojoba, sea buckthorn and amaranth.
  2. The extracts of medicinal plants. They are widely used for the prevention of allergies and create the most effective products. The most popular concentrates are: mint, rose, chamomile, as well as extracts of avocado, sage and calendula.
  3. Hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is considered very important, because it has anti-aging properties. Acid is also a natural moisturizer, firming facial contours and anti-aging.
  4. Glycerin. The second element is capable of hydrating pulling moisture from the air and saturate its hair and skin.
  5. Panthenol. All known vitamin B5 has a well pronounced moisturizing properties. Thanks to him, the moisture is retained in the epidermis and the outer integument become more velvety and soft.
  6. The thermal water. A liquid with special properties extracted from underground sources or geysers. It contains useful components such as iodine, magnesium, sodium, potassium. Such water of the Protection provides protection against dryness.
Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

Useful properties of

In addition to decorative purpose, hypoallergenic cosmetics for the face and other parts of the body has a lot of goals. The most important of them are:

  • power;
  • rejuvenation;
  • removal of peeling;
  • increase flexibility;
  • refreshment;
  • protection against cracks and scratches;
  • reduction of fat;
  • protection from microorganisms.


No serious contraindications to hypoallergenic decorative cosmetics and say no. The only thing to say - women who, after the application of funds itching, irritation or tearing, they must be used less frequently.

Products for children

As a rule, the most sold out hypo children. This is because babies delicate skin that parents do not want to spoil from an early age. For them, you can acquire the funds from these brands:

  1. AQA baby 0+. The kit includes a means for bathing: liquid soap, shampoo. With this set, you can ensure proper care of your baby's skin from birth. The composition of products includes the essential oils of anise and lavender, and peach.
  2. Biolane. Cosmetics, which guarantees complete safety and high quality, is made up of natural ingredients. There are no parabens and alcohol. Products even included in the rating of world manufacturers of children's products for body care.
  3. "Eared nannies." This line is perfect kids suffering from atopic dermatitis and urticaria. It includes a variety of shampoos, creams, soaps, napkins, as well as compositions for washing clothes. They consist of extracts of peach, melon, grapefruit and so on.
Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

What is suitable for men

Hypoallergenic cosmetics, oddly enough, is actively used by men, because they, too, take care of your skin and does not want her condition worsened. As a rule, the stronger sex and to use the means of aftershave and lotions. The most popular of them are:

  1. Peeling & Energy. Unique Energy lotion able to protect the uppermost layer of the epidermis and dermis moisturize and protect against adverse effects.
  2. Clean face. Male mousse cleanser composition contains the extract of tobacco leaves. Through this component means it copes with cleaning covers, as well as their hydration and nutrition.
  3. Collistar. Cream to remove the bristles intended to transform the boring daily shaving a wonderful pastime.
  4. Recharge Night Cream. Night regenerating the vehicle is intended for people who need to look fresh every morning. It contains fluids, providing rapid absorption and energy content of each cell.
Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

Manufacturers of women's cosmetics

Because hypoallergenic cosmetics for the face is produced by many manufacturers and choose a specific product can be difficult, it is necessary to rely not on hype and real consumer reviews. They will help to understand which product is better to take in order to achieve the desired result.

Below are the best brands of hypoallergenic makeup, having different responses of buyers. All of them are very popular, so comments about the quality of their addresses often do.


Founder of the brand by the name of Thomas Hase childhood suffered allergic reactions, because of which often embarrassed to go outside the house. They manifested in the form of neurodermatitis, which looks very unpleasant. It is for this reason that even at a young age, he began to understand the natural plant ingredients, non-allergenic. Years later, the man was able to create an entire line of hypoallergenic cosmetics, which is now a lot of people are happy to.


People's opinion about the product "Lavera" boils down to one thing - the funds are truly unique. They do not harm the skin, so they can be used by both adults and children. Consumers indicate that these agents are no contraindications, which allows you to apply them to all members of the family and restore the health of their own skin.

Living Nature

Known worldwide company received a success due to the fact that almost the very first refused to synthetic components, as well as petrochemicals. The manufacturer produces cosmetics from raw materials harvested in the territory of New Zealand - one of the cleanest areas of the planet.

Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

Opinion women

The range of products pleasantly pleased customers. They note that it is possible to find a remedy for the face and body in the catalog, which is definitely not cause any side effects. Creams, lotions, gels and other preparations not only make the user look more attractive, acting as decorative cosmetics, but also improve the health of the skin.

Ready means

The above brands are involved in the production of various compositions. All of them, of course, have a lot of positive reviews and attracting the attention of buyers, but few people want to buy back all of their products, because the cost is not very happy. Therefore, buyers are looking for some tools that would meet all their requirements.

Often girls are interested in hypoallergenic cosmetics for the eyes. In this category it should be said about these tools:

  1. Pep-Start from Clinique. The optimal eye cream that does not contain fragrances, preservatives, and aggressive elements. This tool has successfully passed several serious trials, which resulted in its use were allowed to consumers with skin problems.
  2. Hypnose Volume a Porter of Lancome. Interesting mascara, which included virtually no wax, making the cilia fluffy and moderately tightened up.
  3. Colour Sphere. Remarkable eyeshadow from domestic brand are high-quality, good-structure and the absence of harmful substances in the composition.
Hypo: types, structure, efficiency, manufacturers, buyers reviews

According to the lip care, there are also a very good tool. These include:

  • Bell HypoAllergenic Moisturizing Lipstick - lipstick Polish production;
  • Bell HYPOAllergenic pencil lipstick - a lip liner.

All of these products are designed to moisturize the skin and give lips a natural shine and freshness. In addition, a variety of colors allows you to choose the perfect tone, perfect for apparel.