"Pure Line", creams: species composition, application reviews

"Clean Line" - the Russian manufacturer of cosmetics based on plant extracts and herbs. When you create products for face, hair, skin specialists of the company guided by the principles of phytotherapy. They are constantly in search of medicinal plant components to create a safe and effective cosmetics "Clean Line". Cream of any brand series contains a complex of extracts that complement and reinforce each other's action. Due to this there is an effective toning, nutrition and hydration of the skin, wrinkles, improves complexion.

Types cream "Clean Line" Face

For face TM "Clean Line" offers creams of the following specially designed series:

  • "Perfect skin" - to care for problem skin.
  • "Force 5 herbs" - for effective care and rejuvenation of mature skin.
  • "The impulse of youth" - for mature skin care and anti-aging complex.
  • "cream for all ages" - to protect and nourish the skin deep.
  • "Basic care" - for a complete daily facial care.
  • "The basic anti-aging care" - for the daily care of mature skin and combat early signs of aging.

Useful plant extracts are included in all cosmetics, "Clean Line". Cream of each series is developed to suit the individual and age characteristics. This approach allows us to achieve significant efficiencies from the use of products of domestic caregivers of the brand.

"Pure Line", a cream to deal with acne, "Perfect skin": composition, reviews

To combat the rash on the face of the laboratory specialists "Clean Line" created a special series looking after cosmetics for problem skin. It includes: a gel cleanser, mask and scrub, lotion against blackheads and acne cream.

The action of the cream is aimed at:

  • cleansing of blackheads and greasy luster;
  • deep cleansing and a marked narrowing of the enlarged pores;
  • fighting inflammation.

Due to the antiseptic action of the number of active components of acne is reduced, the skin becomes smooth, leveled complexion. Face Cream "Clean Line" Acne contains only natural ingredients including:

  • zinc - dries inflammation, regulates the production of sebum;
  • Herbal Tea - cleanses and calms;
  • Aloe Vera - moisturizes.

The effectiveness of the cream is confirmed by numerous customer reviews:

  • cream is instantly absorbed, it has a pronounced matte effect;
  • makes inflammation less obvious;
  • improves skin condition;
  • helps to cope with acne.

Age Program

Experts of the company "Clean Line" believe that the efficiency of caregivers funds largely depends on how well they are matched according to age and skin type. For this special series "cream of different ages" was created, which includes five lines means "Phyto-line" - from 25, 35, 45, 55, 60 years.

Moisturizing cream "Pure Line" from each age range contains extracts of certain plants, the different effects on the skin. Thus, the effect of the cream from a series of more than 25 years aimed at saturation of the moisture of the skin, and the funds from the 60 years, not only refreshes, but also contribute to a noticeable tightening effect.

Anti-aging care: the cream "Clean Line" "Pulse of Youth"

The initial signs of skin aging are:

  • reducing its elasticity;
  • moisture loss;
  • the deterioration of color face.

It is to deal with these problems and a series of "Pulse of Youth" was developed. The mechanism of action of funds from this line is based on the capsular rejuvenation technology. This means that extracts useful plants enclosed in microcapsules. They penetrate deep into the cell through the lipid layer of the epidermis, moisturizes the skin, restoring her youth and beauty.

The Series consists of two age-set of cosmetics from 35 years and 45 years.

It is important to take into account his age when choosing a cream, as a means of each subseries "Youth Pulse" have varying vegetation composition and have different effects on the skin.

A series of "Pulse of Youth" from 35 years includes a day and night cream. One drop of each such cream contains 10 to tysyach microcapsules extract akebia inside - a rare plant, which has a pronounced effect of slowing aging.

A bit of different composition have the means of a series of 45 "Pulse of Youth" from the "Clean Line". Day Cream contains iris extract and ginseng, edelweiss, grape seed oil. Extracts and rare plant oil iris are unique for its ability to retain moisture and nutrients inside the skin. Night Cream "Clean Line" in this series has no less pronounced effect.

Despite the fact that the results of research the number of wrinkles in 50 women who regularly use the cream, decreased by 54% in 3 weeks, customer reviews are contradictory. Only half of them were satisfied with the facilities of the series. The others called them ineffective.

The products of the series "The Power 5 herbs"

Creams of a series of "Force 5 herbs" - it's anti-aging agent with action aimed at nutrition and hydration face. They allow you to neutralize the negative effects of stress, malnutrition and the environment on the skin.

Due to the effect of extracts of five plants, such as ginseng, golden root, parsley, oats and clover, it is possible not only to protect the skin from adverse factors, but also to rejuvenate it. Each face cream "Pure Line" from the series in just 7 days makes the skin deeply moisturized, smooth and radiant. At the same time significantly improving the complexion.

Reviews of the cream "Clean Line"

In general, customer product reviews are positive Russian brand. Thus, anti-acne enjoyed 99% of girls aged 16 years and older. Moisturizing cream "Pure Line" from the series "Basic care" also gathered very positive reviews. But the anti-aging effect of creams aktivozrastnyh series noticed not all women even when their regular use.