From what to wear ripped jeans

For someone ripped jeans - it is a way of self-expression and freedom of spirit, and for someone - a cry to end opoloumevshey fashion. But as they say, tastes differ, and they do exist. Torn jeans - it's stylish.

From what to wear ripped jeans

The specifics of wearing

Jeans as a article of clothing has long won the hearts of many people on the planet. They are worn for a walk, a date, a job, and even in the theater. What if they torn? You should not get rid of them or sew! Hole now - it is very fashionable.

Before you put on such a dress, you should follow some rules:

  1. The age of the fair sex, the less holes and abrasions should be on the pants.
  2. Do not wear jeans with a low-slung, if you are over 40.
  3. The youth can not afford more. Holes and scuffs, your heart's content. And landing also do not need to bother. But pay attention to the features of the figure still stands.

Even the same style of jeans can look stylish or sloppy. Everything depends on the quantity, quality and distribution of cuts.

From what to wear ripped jeans

Location of the holes

Holes on the knees - this is the most popular option. Their sizes range from small to modest scale. And the girls "without fear and without reproach," Feel free to wear jeans, torn on the buttocks.

From what to wear ripped jeans

The number of holes and their size dictates how the top will have to choose. The nalyapistee bottom, the easier it is over. Suitable solid color T-shirt or shirt, and out of the shoe is better to choose sneakers or shoes.

Fine will help correct shape shape and arrangement of holes in the pants. Lengthen the legs and make them more slender vertical cuts and roughness. To enhance the effect the elongated suit blouse or T-shirt. Wedge-heeled shoes or heels will be very helpful. Skinny girls can wear jeans torn below the knee, which is not true of those who have a little full of caviar. In this case, fit the top free and open shoes - sandals, sneakers.

Very torn jeans with impressive cuts attract the eyes of others. If there is no confidence in the way, from such a bold should be abandoned wardrobe item. But if everything is fine, then such jeans is best to wear a colorful sweater free cut. On his feet are advantageous to look at the boat heels or sandals.

From what to wear ripped jeans

What is best to wear

How and what to wear torn pants? Flight of imagination is not limited to, the main thing that it was really stylish. Play the role of color combinations, but the texture and shape can be varied. Blouse, sweater, shirt, top, cardigan and more.

Images and the

At the dinner party or reception secular stamp, dressed in jeans, ripped up and down, not prudent. In the stands comply with the measure.

Now many people, regardless of gender and age, wearing jeans. Ragged female models may look different:

  • holey knees. For everyday life is just a godsend. These are for a walk or to work.
  • holes with lace. Ostensibly modest and tasteful. Looking coquettishly. They will not be ashamed in the park, at the exhibition and party.
  • Leaky buttocks. That's where the pure provocation to the opposite sex. This outfit looks better while relaxing on the shore of the lake or outdoors with a barbecue.
  • Jeans with high waist can be worn only by those who have it. Such torn jeans can be combined with a short T-shirt or top.
  • holes and beads. Fashion designers have tried and decorated with holes. On blue jeans and white or fluorescent beads in a nightclub with neon lights will be pleasing to the eye.
  • Jeans with holes and rhinestones. In a club or at a holiday party will be very helpful. It looks very stylish. The top may be any, it all depends on the style and type of figure.

To date, important to have in the wardrobe of torn jeans. They give the image of a particular charm.

From what to wear ripped jeans

Common mistakes

In stores and on the market can be easily obtained ripped jeans. According to the photo, you can select them online. But often the people themselves break off his pants and vest in such a dud. If turned out well, the thing will look stylish. And if not, have a chance to look badly and even funny.

  • On the tight leg pants can not do a lot of cross-cuts. While the girl is worth, it looks impressive. And if you sit down or make a move, through the holes, even in fragile girls will "fall out" of the body. The leg will be like a garland of sausages. Therefore it is better to choose a more extensive model or make incisions vertical.
  • Symmetrical cuts - is mauvais ton. At home, with all the zeal to make a hole symmetrical does not work, or will look clumsy. But the asymmetry will give the clothes a certain charm.
  • Creating conventional holes and slits without their "aging". Jeans should look like this, supposedly they are worn out, so there were holes and abrasions.

These tips are best to adopt in order not to look ridiculous or absurd.

Women's ripped jeans

In the spring I want to look especially attractive. For this is not only lose weight but also to dress properly.

  • Hello from the past. They look great with jeans of different styles jeans shirt. Frayed trousers best worn with a wide casually dressed with a t-shirt. Plaid shirt or colors, tied to a node, will make you look like a hippie.
  • Classic out of fashion. Always look elegant straight jeans and a shirt solid color. If your feet are sneakers, then the image of the boy-tomboy provided. If high heels and a small clutch in hand, this is an elegant lady.
  • At work in the office. State institutions, banks and jeans with holes - concepts incompatible. And if the work is creative, then the image should be fine strict blouse and classic jackets. On his feet boat shoes on a low heel, the perfect complement will be the big bag.

The representatives of the strong half of humanity, too willingly wear ripped jeans.

Men's Pants

"Aging" jeans can be a different style wide and narrow, with a low waist or overpriced, full length or truncated.

From what to wear ripped jeans
  • Men's jeans torn at the knees, and higher, on the thighs, make clothes more interesting. Under them fit T-shirt, sweatshirt, thin sweater.
  • For the daily output is better that the shirt was the tone of dark jeans.
  • Being stylish is better in an informal setting. In the office and in business meetings jeans, also with holes, would be inappropriate.
  • In the cold season, and in the rain ventilation will only aggravate the situation.
  • holey trousers best worn with colored sneakers on light soles. There is an option - to put on shoes Loafer, leather sandals and oxfords.
From what to wear ripped jeans

Black jeans

Almost always advantageous to look black trousers. It is visually makes the figure more slender and higher.

Now black ripped jeans are considered particularly fashionable. The contrast between the fabric and the body is evident. These pants is quite versatile and pick the top will not be difficult. And with shoes will be no problems.

From what to wear ripped jeans

What are the black pants:

  • White top. Perfect for a white shirt and a jacket. Pleasure option - blouse or T-shirt. On his feet black or light shoes.
  • The black or gray top. Silhouette becomes slimmer and more elegant appearance. Shoes can be dark. Dilute this range is best handbag bright color. Scarf around the neck will refresh the image.
  • Black and white top. The contrasting combination of colors pleasing to the eye. This may be a black blouse and a white jacket or vice versa. Create hooligan image will help any leather jacket cut.
  • Strips. Shirt, vest, blouse in black and white stripes are very suitable for such jeans.
  • Jeans top. With black jeans wear regular classic blue shirt. Under her wear a T-shirt, T-shirt or top, and left his shirt unbuttoned. On foot, depending on the image can be worn sneakers, shoes, boots and ballet flats.
  • Variegated colors. With these jeans, bright colors look perfect. invisible woman of fashion will not go into the crowd. It can be a sweater with a large viscous juicy pink shirt screaming orange, turquoise top. From what to wear ripped jeans

Torn jeans - this is not a riot, and not the spirit of freedom, it's just a comfortable pants with a peculiar twist.

holes with their hands

Bald, worn jeans can be done at home. To do this, you need to take:

  • Pants, which are subject to "aging", it is desirable that they were of average density.
  • A very sharp knife stationery.
  • A piece of plywood.
  • A piece of chalk.
  • Vacuums.

Be sure to define where the holes are located.

Future cuts represent chalk on the fabric after it is necessary to make sure that everything is as planned.

Before you make a holey jeans and cut, you need to invest in a trouser leg plywood on it and cut it more convenient and rear remain intact. Now make the cut, removing a part of the light strings, they are stronger. This decor seems to be more effective.

From what to wear ripped jeans

The longitudinal threads should be cleaned from the remnants of the pile with a knife. Unnecessary thread to remove a vacuum cleaner.

To form a more stylish torn edges treated with bleach. If desired, decorate the pants with lace, beads, sequins.

Rubbing make the selected location using a pumice stone or emery paper, you can create an additional razor scratch. Handle masterpiece bleach and wash.

Bald, holey jeans look stylish, the main thing - to choose the right style and location of ventilation. Should not be neglected and accessories that complement the unique image.