What to wear with jeans this season

What to wear with jeans? It would seem that could be easier than to choose the most suitable for them the upper hand? It's versatile clothing that looks good with almost all wardrobe items. But subtlety is that with proper combination of a conventional pair of jeans, you can achieve incredible, creating a certain style. For example, if you are tired of the usual classic look, it is possible for a second to give a new, just tucked them into several flaps. Therefore it is necessary to think. Trendy tunic, contrasting striped turtleneck or cardigan will help to create a mischievous and modern look. the combination of a uni-fabrics of different textures looks very interesting. For example, maroon trousers can be supplemented with a velvet coat of the same color, diluting the ensemble beige sweater.

What to wear with jeans this season

What to wear with jeans neutral colors?

Calm tones let you experiment with additional stamp flowers and shoes. Knitted sweater - for every day, top with sequins - for a party at the club. Complementing white pants lace blouse, you get a very feminine. A separate theme - bright jeans. From what to wear them? Yes, with all that, what I want to. There will be appropriate and uniform top, and contrast. Plain fashionable to wear jeans with striped things (shirt, blazer), complementing the taste accessories. It turns out that simple, and stylish at the same time. Popular options are now "boyfriend" are perfectly combined with a free plaid shirt. By the way, the men simply hate the model, so it is preferred by those who want to stay "dandy" and pointedly does not care about the opinion of a strong half of mankind.

What to wear with jeans this season

What to wear with jeans, bright colors?

Uniquely-colored shirt, a coat of neutral shades to mid-thigh. An interesting detail will lace stockings in tone to trousers or top. Superb stylish solution - bright cap in the same color scheme.

Non-classical solutions

What to wear with jeans this season

What to wear with jeans, to attract attention and be like everyone else? If they are with holes that are perfectly combined with short jacquard jacket in fashionable cell. Kit effectively complement a scarf or a silk scarf, belt performs the role. Cowboy style will create a plaid shirt and a white shirt. Now the trend eclectic - a combination of style, which at first sight seem incompatible. This allows the most daring to go out to the public as dictated by self-taste. Boots with cropped jeans in combination with a classic long coat - it is no longer news in the fashion world. This type of clothing, in general, easy character, and he is ready to adjust to your mood.

From what to wear flared jeans

This model looks good with a form-fitting top, specifying the proper proportions of the figure. When hips non-ideal shape is best to choose elongated jackets or coats. Bell-bottoms with a wide belt, plaid shirt, cowboy boots or clogs - predefined style "western". Skinny jeans-skinny

These can afford slender girl with long legs and perfect thighs. They fit a wide blouse, tunic or long shirt. Shoes - shoes only and no shoes. This style can be worn even with skirts and dresses complete with pins. Original and catchy!