Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

One of the most popular and enduring materials that for a long time do not lose their popularity is patent leather. This is a unique material that has excellent appearance and is ideally combined with other wardrobe items. For example, it can be lacquered shoes. However, in each case, you should know what to wear. In this article we have tried to provide the best combination of clothes and shoes.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

What kind of shoes this year, the most popular

If only considering to buy a patent-leather shoes, it is worth to know what models are most relevant in this year. So, all the rage this season considered a patent shoes with laces. In this case it can have a high heel, have rough "tractor sole" or even be on a flat track. By the way, no less interesting this year considered lacquered model heels.

Select the model and length of

As for the length, choose patent-leather shoes or boots to suit personal preferences. For example, it may be long boots, the model with a length to mid-calf, ankle or knee.

In addition, very popular exclusive models, decorated with fur, rhinestones, buckles, Velcro and other decor. These shoes can be both inexpensive and the cost is quite expensive. For example, such shoes often buy stars and other celebrities. However, the original patent-leather shoes with laces or without it may not always be appropriate. It all depends on the style of clothing, and a place where they want to wear.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

What colors and shades fit

If we talk about color variations, the lacquer black shoes looks stylish. Then there will be all depend on your image, character, mood and other aspects. As the classic versions are perfect monochrome models: white, brown, beige or black patent leather shoes.

More romantic women and those who love variety and bright accents, it is always difficult to choose. For them, the ideal option would be shoes with a floral print, pattern, bright laces or other decor. Currently, the leading position is occupied by red and black colors.

Considered fashionable bright shades of green, blue, purple and orange. In this fashion he can choose according to their preferences. For example, never go out of fashion patent leather shoes with laces. From what to wear them, and we'll discuss.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

Original shoes with lacing

Lacquered shoes with lacing - a kind of genre classic and at the same time retrostil. The main advantage of such models is the presence of adjustable leg. Consequently, they can be worn even the girls or women with non-standard width of the calf muscles.

Wear patent-leather shoes are advised not only with jeans, leggings or a pipe, but also with short dresses office. If you want to fully demonstrate all the charm of his new clothes, wear it with pants worth of medium length.

Although it is still possible to hide under the slacks of the shoe, if desired. But here it is better to choose a middle ground. Not too far from the combination of the length, color and the presence of additional accessories. Everything should be in moderation. And then the image would look harmonious.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

and a few more options for combinations with varnished shoes

Shoes with a cute platform or guideshoe best worn with jeans straight cut and slightly elongated jacket. They look great with fluffy skirts and colorful dresses A-line. Over trousers or skirts, you can always wear a cashmere coat or jacket of classic cut. They will approach the office version of the combination of pencil skirts and colorful blouses.

Blouse or shirt is a snap to replace the thin sweater or turtleneck. To the bottom is better to choose leggings, and lengthen or shorten the vest.

What to wear shoes with a heel

When you do not know what to wear patent-leather shoes, pay attention to your wardrobe and create a common image. With the right combination of all the components is the perfect way. So, lacquer boots on a massive square heel can flow smoothly in tight blue jeans. It can be skinny or pipes. Massive shoes boldly will look on skinny legs, giving them a greater fragility.

Top you can wear one-color or even striped blouse, top. Variations on this theme - a lot. Stylists are advised not to give up blouses with an open back, poluspuschennymi shoulders or sleeves in three quarters. Shortened coat or jacket on a figure with a suitable color hat perfectly complement the ideal image, in which the main role played by women's patent leather shoes. From what to wear them, decide for yourself. With the help of properly selected shoes easy to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide all the flaws.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

shoes in men's style: what to wear with

Some ladies prefer models resembling men's shoes. It can be gross and massive boots like soldiers. You can wear them in combination with skirts. For example, choose the model on the floor, cropped or curvy. These skirts easy to pick up the belt and clutches in the subject. But fashion experts advise not to overload their way of things of patent leather. Ideally boots must be ones made of such skin. In some cases, their complementary accessory, such as gloves.

Depending on what you plan to achieve, men's patent leather boots perfectly be combined with a short leather jacket or blazer. If we are talking about the man, the rough shoes, it can also be worn with dark or blue jeans and leather jacket, and dark, slightly elongated coats.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

From what to wear patent-leather shoes for children

Models of children's shoes are also diverse. It can be colored and bright colors or a more leisurely options with classic buckle, zipper, lace-up. They are perfectly combined with knitted things: extended dress, stylish skirt to the knees, a sweater with a large viscous and pants, shorts.

Shoes with rough soles perfect harmony with dark or light dress shirt, colored skirt and even a jacket-sweater.

The most versatile model

Buying classic shoes, remember that they are easy to create any image. For example, short boots go well with bright long stockings or leggings, leopard poncho, light boho dress, hat and bag.

The second version of the stylish street bow is a combination of black boots, "furry" cardigan and a slightly cropped jeans. This ideal image is suitable not only for spring, but also not very cool autumn weather. Massive black shoes go perfectly with a leather jacket, short, self-colored (or prints) bridge or short trousers. As a supplement, choose a denim or suede jacket, black clutch or bag.

Women's patent leather boots - the best combinations, models and recommendations

From what to wear brown shoes

It is not always necessary to combine the brown shoes with clothes or similar colors. For example, shoes with laces safely wear a tight-fitting black jeans and a leather jacket of the same color. As casual clothes fit gray, white or beige shirt, elongated top, tunic length to mid-thigh.

Brown shoes well with red, maroon or terra-cotta pants, orange, beige and even peach coat, cardigan. Complete the image can always be a bright light or handkerchief, or a clutch bag to match.

Footwear non-standard color: what to wear

If you prefer a non-standard colors, like the purchase model of creative shades, do not forget about the image of harmony. Finish it will help at least one article of clothing, combined with the color of the shoe. For example, for this purpose, suitable outerwear, a small scarf or a scarf, gloves, socks, belt, shirt or blouse. Stylists are advised not to overload the image prints, this also applies to footwear, and accessories.

Shoes with leopard or striped print will be a bright image element, complemented with a short-sleeved dress textured-flashlights. It is noteworthy that dark socks can protrude from the edge of the shoe. It looks very interesting.

Transparent lacquer boots is always combined with leather breeches, tights or tight-fitting silhouette pants. As outer clothing suited for them shorter coat, fur vest or "fluffy" cardigan. Women with curvaceous pay attention to the clothes, "oversayz", and boots with wide leg.

What shoes are perfect for an elegant way of

Besides black boots, to create a harmonious elegant image are perfect dark red or cherry shoe models. Pointy red shoes go well with jeans torn body hugging silhouette. As can select the top and massive sweater or a poncho bulk jacket.

Bright shoes ideal for long flowing cardigan classic pastel shades. If the shoe is light, stylists advise to complement the image of at least one bright detail. For example, a hat, a scarf, and even socks.

In a word, no matter what shoes you choose, do not be afraid to experiment. The main thing - do not overdo it with the details and accessories. Make your way harmonious.