Perfume "Guerlain Insolens": Description of flavor, reviews

Guerlain - the oldest perfume house, where for two centuries create the alchemy of flavors, personifying luxury, refined taste and authentic French charm.

When, in 1828, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain opened a small shop, where he sold soaps own production and bath salts, no one could not assume that soon the young chemist interested in spirits and learns about it in Paris, and then the whole world.

"Guerlain" Perfumes

Competence brand in the art of fragrances can be no doubt. The desire to create the world's best spirits led to the fact that from generation to generation perfumers House produces unique creations, dozens of whom were awarded the honorary epithet "legendary."

Aromas "Guerlain" are simple and concise. The secret is to use a small number of components, do not drown each other's properties. Guerlain perfume is easily recognizable because it is always present "gerlinad" - floral-vanilla chord, a unique formula which is a closely guarded secret. Furthermore, the composition based on the use of natural ingredients, and the amount of synthetics is not more than 20%.

For example, debuted in 2006 spirits "Guerlain Insolens" instantly gained phenomenal success as the best representative of powdery scents. Songwriter Maurice channels managed to interest buyers the game of contrasts, where the sweet berry notes quickly replaced by floral nuances, turning into a sensual base of sandalwood and musk.

Making of "Guerlain Insolens": description of the composition

Release of the flavor was entrusted to Maurice beds - a man who worked at Gucci Envy, Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mis and Donna Karan Be Delicious. According to the perfumer, Insolence, in spite of the standard set of components is not traditional; in its creation have classical pyramid structure, wherein the composition is derived from the disclosure of the top sheet to the base. "Guerlain Insolens" can be described as a "spiral" flavor, which key chords do not change. However, the channels used approach is not revolutionary - the same principle Allure was created by "Chanel".

A few words on the perfume pyramid

Traditionally, perfumes, built on the notes of violets, are categorized as "Adult", but Insolence was initially positioned as a "young". Therefore, for an advertising campaign fashion house chose a successful debut in the film "Million Dollar Baby," Hilary Swank. With the brand of the actress tried to attract the attention of girls and young women.

In fact, the apparent youth deceptive flavor: composition recalls the creation in 1906 Apres L`Ondee. According beds, perfume "Guerlain Insolens" - a response vintage masterpiece, which still remains one of his favorites.

The pyramid is an interesting combination of contrasts top notes more sweet than surprise fans previously issued "adult" Guerlen compositions. However, sugary raspberry smell quickly replaced by the fragrance of iris and violet. Completion of a bouquet made creamy sandalwood and musk base.

The idea of ​​creating a large bottle with a decorative rose belongs to the famous designer Serge Manso, who has worked with such brands as "Escada", "Faberlic", "Kenzo".

"Guerlain Insolens": a description of the flavor

Guerlen Insolence unlike previous creations fashion house, in which virtually no fruit notes - except peach chords Mitsuoko composition and cream in toilet water Parure.


As mentioned previously, the aroma of "Guerlain Insolens" is built on the notes of violet, rose, iris, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk. The sharpness of the upper chord Insolence instantly exhausts the scent of flowers and fruit shades gradually soften, but remain until the end of the sound. According to buyers, fashion house with a long history once again managed to create a truly high-quality perfume - it lacks sugary sweetness inherent in almost all so-called youth aromas, but have the refinement, he appreciates every woman, regardless of age. Vanilla and sandalwood base through mitigation top notes of particular tenderness. The channels created compositions, much depends on the concentration: if Insolence perfume reveals all the sensuality of sandalwood and musk, the toilet water "Guerlain May Insolens" dominated by sweet chords, and the aroma itself is different ease, always inherent in a carefree youth. Price: from 1100 to 4300 rubles.

Insolence Blooming

"Sparkling Flower Arrangement" is considered the most sensual and daring among the entire line "Insolens". Notes of red berries, iris and violet make romantic flavor and give a mysterious tenderness. But the warm evening composition differs elegant rigor and great charm.


Insolence Blooming Bouquet reveal fresh notes of orange blossoms and tender roses. For added depth and natural sound used musk, sandalwood, jasmine and bergamot. As acknowledged by the founders, the fragrance is a synthesis of the two previous versions of Insolence and the My Insolence, which raised the Japanese theme, which can be traced not only in composition but also in the design of the bottle.

Country of the Rising Sun has always attracted its mystery. It's amazing how in one culture could unite the conservative views of society and seductive geisha. "Guerlain Insolens Blooming" - a fragrance-feeling leaves you feeling that spring will soon turn into summer. Each composition has been awarded the fashion house has given the opportunity to feel seductive geisha in a world where a modest notes, interwoven with bold, will carry out in the whirlpool of passion, desire and love.

flavor Price: from 1000 to 2100 rubles.

Insolence Crazy Touch

Another flanker "Guerlain Insolens" with the addition of colorful notes and slightly simplified song was released in the winter of 2013. The first thing that catches the eye "Mad touch" - a bottle in the form of an asymmetrical flower with Crazy Touch repeating the words and neon polka dots. Look at the picture, then do not plunge into the "madness"?


After examining the bottle begins familiarity with the scent - in comparison to the classic version, the differences between "Crazy Touch" minimal: the typical notes of violets and sound here, and very bright. Flanker not passed his impudence and intolerance - either you love him or hate.

Initially, the owner of "Guerlain Insolens Crazy Touch" feel a bunch of berries of raspberry and bergamot, which is in the composition in excess, but after all the attention chained heart notes of rose, violet and orange blossom. The completion of the composition becomes a constant for Insolence trail of musk, sandalwood, iris and tonka bean.

Get along with fireworks components is not easy, so it is important dosage. Even one puff is able to carry you into the world of madness. In the aroma there is a certain evening context, which is why many women customers called him temperamental and characteristic.

Special attention should be paid and loop resistance - they are stunning, however, as the song itself. According to reviews, the clothes after one puff retains the flavor for the whole day, and the smell of the skin is kept up to 48 hours.

Average cost: 3800 rubles.

Insolence Eau Glacee

Many consider it the perfume for women aged 40+, while others tend to believe that the composition perfectly completes the image of vamp. So, who is she, the mistress aroma Guerlain Insolence Eau Glacee with icy character?


Summer flanker was released in early spring 2009. On the creation of floral-fruity composition worked perfumer Randa Hammami. The essence of the fragrance reveals the sound of buds of black currant, red berries, bergamot, mandarin, apple and green chords. Heart notes of Insolence eau Glacée filled with ylang-ylang, orange flower, jasmine, violet, rose, iris. The basis of the plume, as always, includes musk and sandalwood, next to which "danced" vetiver and light wood. According to the creators, the perfume is the epitome of charm and originality. Its owner - a graceful and mysterious lady. Composition also represents the youth and insouciance, so the designer gave the bottle a hemispherical shape, which in tandem with a light and soft style reminiscent of a full-blown bud roses.

flavor Price: from 2600 to 2900 rubles.

Insolence Eau de Parfum

Another flanker "Guerlain Insolens", reviews of which literally blew thematic forums, refers to a group of fruit flavors and was released a year earlier than the previous one. Some women customers say: Insolence Eau de Parfum was created for women who seduce, dissemble and confuse others, others believe that the toilet water is intended for the modern Snow Queen, whose secrets are stored under the weight of ice floes and white icebergs.


The main difference from previous flankers is the perfume pyramid, which "destroyed" in this version. Toilet water, passing the upper chords immediately demonstrates cardiac notes (mint, pink pepper and lotus) and smoothly passes into powdery trail of violet, musk, and tonka bean gum.

Price: from 2 960 to 5 290 rubles.

Insolence Shimmering Edition

Another fragrance, released in 2008, belongs to a group of flowers and fruit. The design of the bottle and updated all your favorite variations Insolence has remained the same, the only thing that has been transformed - a bouquet composition, which became brighter and more airy.


Reviews spirits "Guerlain Shimmering Insolens Edishen" extremely enthusiastic. All this thanks to the presence in the vial mikroblostok creating their owner beautiful skin glow. Insolence Shimmering Edition is not for nothing called the fragrance of the future. With this difficult not to agree - a kind of perfume tech galactic scale. Perhaps that is why it is popular among Arab women, because the only association that cause the spirits - the smell of the skyscrapers of Dubai.

Deliberate artificiality composition fascinating and simultaneously creates futuristic views of metal and glass. A customer named fragrance difficult to grasp and comprehension. Anyone who "will live" to the finals, which due to its resistance lasts up to several days, will be rewarded. In another case, you did not understand the beauty of a unique masterpiece.

Average cost: 3000 rubles.

My Insolence

Completion of "daring" subjects Fashion House "Guerlain" will be the song, released in 2007, which expanded the group by their appearance a floral-fruity aromas.


My Insolence by of Guerlain, as described by perfumers - free and young. He is like a spark in the eyes, disarming smile that hides the silence that is known to be expressed more than words. The fragrance is based on citrus, notes of raspberry, vanilla, almond flowers, patchouli and tonka bean.

flavor Price: from 1000 to 2100 rubles.


Trading house Guerlain for all time of existence has produced more than 300 perfumes. It is safe to state the fact that the brand is based on tradition, admired and transmitted so far, starting with the bottles (all are created in the same style) and ending gerlinadom - brand chord is used in almost every bouquet.