Hairstyles of the 19th century: a review of pilings and photos

Nowadays, thanks to the new styling products can do a variety of hairstyles to suit all tastes. Modern masters are trying to come up with new and interesting haircuts. But feminine and romantic hairstyle last century once again attract the attention of the beautiful half of society.

A bit of history hairstyles

Referring to the history of hairstyles, it should be noted that in the early 19th century, worn smooth styling with clean lines. clothing style that was fashionable at the time, meant that choice. But fashion does not stand still. By mid-century, it became popular voluminous skirts with hoops, and sleek hairstyles would have contributed to the image of disharmony. Therefore there fat romantic stacking carelessly vybivshimisya gentle locks that are highly liked excellent ladies. Fine monosyllabic and hairstyles of the 19th century is now found its popularity again. Light curls of different sizes looked beautiful in a romantic hairstyle. Girls with such packings were similar to ancient Greek goddesses. Hair look natural and easy, and his shoulders were decorated with individual strands, as it drops out of the hair, in some cases, a lively beads, flowers and ribbons. Feminine and mysterious hairstyles of the 19th century (the photo in the article), and their owner are charming and romantic.

Hairstyles of the 19th century: a review of pilings and photos

pilings creating technology

Make hairstyles of the 19th century with his own hands. To create the images era Lermontov and Tolstoy need regular curlers or thermo of different sizes. With their help, you can make beautiful curls. This is the easiest and most convenient way of curling hair. But there is a little secret: be sure to wind the strand in the right direction, because then they will be difficult to put in a neat hairstyle. Wrong stranded strand neorganichno will look in the hair, and it will be hard to correct. A big plus of this method - long hair will keep the desired shape. You can curl them in another way - by using curling irons. Undertake individual strands of hair, are wound alternately in the right direction. It is possible to adjust the size of the curls using different nozzle diameters. Various devices are used to secure the hairstyle of the 19th century: the clips, invisible, pins, pins, rubber bands. As well as decorations: flowers, beads, ribbons. In general, all that is needed to implement the conceived image. When you wrap the hair need to use special tools for better fixation. It can be foams, mousses, depending on the hair type. And for the careful treatment prior to the application of these funds need to use thermal protection. The final version of the hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Hairstyles of the 19th century: a review of pilings and photos

Classical styling

The classic hairstyles of the 19th century. How to make a home out of the hair of medium length? They consist of bundles of braids (they can be something to decorate), enshrined in the bun at the nape, and beautifully laid curls at the temples. Need or curlers for curling curling relevant strands, and means for thermal fixation, pins, gum comb with long thin handle. We proceed to the formation of one of these hairstyles.

Hairstyles of the 19th century: a review of pilings and photos
  1. Divide hair parted in the middle, and then after about five centimeters make parting transverse - perpendicular to the previous.
  2. Carefully separate the strands of curling and styling at the temples.
  3. Take the back of the hair, bunched, fasten a rubber band at the top and braid tail fluffy razdergannuyu braid, wrap the braid around the base and secure this structure pins.
  4. Then process the remaining hair thermal protection, but at the end, where there will be hair, it is not necessary.
  5. Apply a fixing agent. Gently curl the hair strands and beautifully put on the temples. Hairstyle with lacquer.

The classic styling with a low bun.

  1. It will take all of that was used in the first example.
  2. Good hair comb.
  3. Carefully make a parting in the middle.
  4. Department of the transverse line of the occipital part and screw the volume low bun, a bit sloppy.
  5. Lock pins.
  6. The hair on the temporal part of the curl curling irons or hair curlers.
  7. Beautifully put.
  8. Secure varnish.

Low cushion with loose waves on the top of

For work required: curling or curlers, invisible, studs (can be decorated with the tips in the form of beads or colors) a comb with long slender handle, mousse hair styling lacquer.

  1. In order to give the image a romantic need to wind the hair all over the head over the entire length in the direction of the person. This will give the hair volume. Divide the hair gently with your fingers and put all the locks in the direction of the face, back of the head. If fine hair, you need a little comb from the roots to give volume.
  2. Then the fingers gently, not much pulling strands, leaving the beautiful waves, assemble them loosely at the back, fix invisible on the line at the middle of the ear. If you do not stay invisible, you still podchesat in this place.
  3. Then gently take the hair from the bottom, tighten them in a cross roller relaxed and secure with beautiful studs.
  4. A few locks be released at the temples and on the neck. Hairstyle consolidate varnish.

This is a very romantic image, it is often used for the hairstyle to the ball of the 19th century. Therefore, it is also possible to do a celebration.

Hairstyles of the 19th century: a review of pilings and photos

Asymmetric beam or bun

This hairstyle is a 19th-century looks elegant and luxurious, it can be worn when visiting social events. For work you need the same as in the previous hairstyle.

  1. Screw the hair along the entire length, using the fixation and thermal protection means. It is advisable to protect your hair from the effects of high temperatures, the hair look healthy and shiny. With well-groomed hair, any woman looks great even without the bulk packings.
  2. stranded hair gently with your fingers split, not combing. Carefully separate the back of the head, as in the classic styling, link this part of the hair in voluminous bundle or bun (it must be properly tightened, as if carelessly caught) secure the studs.
  3. to release a few curls to give romance. You can do so designed asymmetrically on either side.
  4. Strands front of a little beat up, if a little volume at the root podchesat. Gently, without stretching, leaving the beautiful waves, lay back and fix invisible. Leave a light hair on the temples.
Hairstyles of the 19th century: a review of pilings and photos


Hairstyles 19th century amazingly elegant and able to surprise and enchant your view of many fans. Woman with a styling looks like a goddess and therefore feels a lady of men's hearts. Beauty - a great power, all the more so to achieve such success can be quite easily at home, alone.