Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

At all times, the girls wanted to look attractive to the opposite sex. Now, like many years ago, the eyes of men attract a variety of braids. Fashion for a hairstyle appeared several years ago, weaving elements. During this time, the stylists have developed many options pilings for different occasions.

Hairstyles for Special Occasions

Create a romantic image of the girl will always help with evening hair braided. A skilled hairdresser can create a true masterpiece, regardless of hair length. Let's take a little bit and we stopping here stylists and masters of hairdressing.

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

Ceremonies hairstyles for short hair

Some girls use different means to accelerate the growth of hair, believing that weave hairstyles with elements accessible only owner of long curls. This is not true!

For short hair can also be something to build. The easiest option, suitable for a hairstyle bob, looks like a waterfall braids. Its creation is necessary to separate the strand parted from the forehead center to the left ear, divide it into three parts. Then start to weave a normal French braid. After a couple of turns should release a strand that runs from the top down, and hair for her to take the compensation due under the "design".

The resulting braid actually resembles a waterfall due to passing through locks. It is possible to braid from the left ear to the right or to take curls on both sides and symmetrically connecting two of weaving behind.

Spit waterfall is suitable not only for the performance of weaving on a short haircut, it can afford as holders of medium and long hair. Only in this case, the dissolved part of the hair curl better.

Another embodiment evening hairstyles with weaving operations on short hair is to perform rim of French braid. Hairstyle is better to start from the ear, or even slightly lower. As with any French braids, separated three equal parts. weaving rim feature is that the locks are taken only by the person. Hair braided on the other hand, in the free Spit. If the girl has thick hair, it is possible to perform evening hair braided with two rims, taking its origin from the right and left ear. Variations of this placement, there are many. Beautiful women with oval face suit two rim soediennnye then one way. In general, we note that evening hair braided with just such elements are suitable for many members of the fairer half of humanity.

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

Evening hairstyles for medium length hair

hair of medium length feature is the ease to give them volume. To achieve such an effect on the long locks difficult, as they themselves are heavy. Short hair longer pushatsya during fleece. This suggests that the bulk evening hairstyles with weave elements are a win-win option for owners of medium length hair. Consider the process in more detail.

Creating hairstyles with braided hair on the average (with the French oblique) begins with giving curls volume. Bouffant runs fine comb or a special brush, starting from the front of the head. The more you want to lift the hair, the finer should be strands. Fleece is always performed from the roots.

After creating a sufficient volume can start weaving French braid. It should consist of small pryadok, braided loosely (especially in the neck). Dopletayutsya hair to the tips. Then spit neatly twisted into a spiral, and hides under the "dragon." The hair does not split up, they need to secure the pins and invisible. Clips can be at the end of the color beads in an evening dress or accessories.

Hairstyles long hair braided with

Long hair provides a lot of room for creativity and fantasy hair stylist. He can take them all or just part of it. Diversify everyday beam and create on its basis the wonderful evening hair braided to help one or more of the braid. The most modest evening variant is done quickly enough.

In the first stage of creating hairstyles need to separate the three small locks at the ear or a little closer to the middle of the front of the head. Of them start to spin French braid or twist in the usual form. When you want to give the hair more volume, the suit turned inside braid, which strands are extended in different directions. It is woven in the form of the rim, which ends behind the ear. It must be doplesti to tip and fix a thin rubber band.

The second stage is to create the beam. It can be done in several ways:

1. Twist the remaining hair into a rope and put it in the form of a snail. After this fix on all sides by pins in the hair color.

2. Attach a special hair rubber band to create bundles. Then comb the tail and to wind it on Babin. To better secure the wear on the beam by a thin rubber band.

3. Gather hair in a ponytail with a thin but robust gum. Or twist into a bundle and fix a special clasp of two metal plates, a snap ring.

4. weak plait braid down to the tips of the hair. Hide it in the snail and attach pins.

After you create the beam need to wrap hair oblique. Fix it with pins and invisible.

Stacking will have a more festive look, if the pre-comb the hair on the top of a makeshift rim.

With a little imagination, you can change the appearance almost beyond recognition, pitching like evening hairstyles with weave. Photo movie stars once again confirms this. In the picture shown below, the makeshift ring consists of two thin braids and decorated with a bunch of flowers. Very cute, is not it?

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

Evening hairstyle with two braids for long hair

Evening hair braided hair with suitable romantic natures who want to make your festive image more feminine.

Laying begins with parted hair. It can be formed on one side or even go through the middle through the top of the neck. Two French braids braided on either side of the head to the very tips of the hair. On request they can be woven into the tape, suitable color to the dress.

After the braided tresses, they need to be mounted on the back of his head. To do this, they crossed and podgibayutsya, lying to each other. Hairstyle fixed studs.

The Making of a hair flower

Flower of hair may be an independent hairstyle or used as its member.

If the girl wears bangs, it will not prevent the technician to complete the weaving. Hairstyles with bangs are suitable for special occasions and for a romantic rendezvous.

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

The process from A to Z

1. Comb your hair and make the parting from the ear to the top.

2. Start braiding French braid inside of the right ear, take the hair just above the parting.

3. After reaching the left ear, braid weave continue back to the right ear, taking parting hair below. Better to take a thin strands, then the flower will be more voluminous. At regular intervals to take a break and gently stretch the coils to the sides.

4. After the end of the hair sticking, you need to braid French braid the entire length of hair. Spit from the free strands are drawn only from the left side.

5. Then braid is wrapped in a spiral, the center of which is the end of the hair. The elongated strands are laid in the form of petals.

To decorate this hairstyle produced a special clip with a spring-base. They are screwed into the center of the flower to further secure it.

with braided hairstyles for a wedding

White dress and veil the bride has always been a symbol of purity. For more modesty give her the image of today braided hair. More recently, to make such a wedding hairstyles favored few girls. But when the stylists have learned to combine weaving with locks and other elements of this kind have become incredibly popular styling.

Now wedding hairstyle with braiding choose almost all brides.

Original spit inside

Fully assembled hair is a sign of the bride's modesty. Kos inside add a bit of romanticism. Hairstyle will look spectacular, if it is performed on thick long hair. Laying begins with the separation of three equal strands left at the ear. Kos is woven diagonally. Its free edge can bring forward on the shoulder or leave behind.

Particular attention should be paid to design the hair ends. As a rule, the tail turned in by her hair, and hides there using stealth or studs. You can fluff it up and fix the paint.

Even the most modest bride is not always fully resolved to take the hair for a wedding in a bun or braid into a braid. Especially for them, the stylists have tried and developed a wedding hairstyle with braids braided winding through the hair.

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

Step by Step

1. Comb hair and perform parting from the right ear to the left, separating the strands with a strip width of 5 cm in the form of the rim.

2. Start braiding French braid inside. After reaching the left ear, must immediately pull the thin strands of turns pigtails, making it more bulky.

3. Further design hairstyles depends on the wishes of the girl. If you want the hair was longer than it is necessary to make only two braids bending. If there will be more, it will make the hair a little shorter. You can adjust the length by changing the angle at which is weaving. Almost horizontal clearance will make the hair look like a single wide braid.

When the hairstyles for the wedding has always paid great attention to decorations, additions and accessories. The hair is often woven flowers and ribbons to choose that you want after purchasing the dress. All accessories must be exactly the color, texture and so on. D. Below we consider several options for hairstyles with braided hair on the average (for a wedding).

Braids, cornrows ...

The wedding hairstyle with hair braided in the middle included the familiar rims of braids. Of course, they are slightly modified and supplemented.

When used in a hair bundle, then it is most often used for fastening the veils. Braided headbands can harmoniously complement the hair collected, if the bride's image is provided, said attribute dress, and act as a single item when such is not expected.

It is worth noting that the weaving of collars at a wedding is a very practical option of laying as a celebration usually lasts all day, and the hair should be preserved in the best possible way. Braids do not break and do not turn into direct "icicles", as it happens in rainy weather with curled locks.

So, the wedding ring is intended to remove hair from the face. It can be extended and braided in a spiral braid across your head.

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

Bridal hairstyles with long hair. Weave in conjunction with the curly locks of

Weaving a light beam from a laying curled tresses may be present as a small additions. The main emphasis in this case is on the curls and flowers.

The methods of making braids

1. Typically, the free Spit. Three strands of her taken from the top.

2. "Dragon." The peculiarity lies in the fact that the grabs for him will be taken under the scythe. Barber task in this case - not thick braid braid, but merely secure it in place with one grabs.

3. Contact a French braid.

4. "KOLOSOK". in the free and pinned embodiments - are used two variations in wedding hairstyles.

Beautiful hairstyle with braiding. Hairstyles with braided hair in the middle

A bundle of curls can also contain elements of tangles. Most often it will reverse thin braids with elongated strands. Hairdressers use them for additional fastening of the beams.

In principle, a beautiful hairstyle with braiding can be done both on the occasion of a celebration, and in everyday life. Of course, the holidays are always a bulk stacking, as well as the presence of add-ons in the form of flowers and ornamental hairpins. Weave especially well looks for long hair.