Creams Maybelline Affinitone: description, reviews

Beautiful skin without imperfections - a great base for any image. Not every girl and woman can boast of perfect skin. Remedy the situation will help concealer or powder. Well-chosen make-up make it possible to work wonders by hiding shortcomings matiruya or giving a delicate glow.

This article will examine the means of Maybelline Affinitone to improve skin tone.

Ruler Affinitone

Brand "Maybelline" in "Affiniton" series produces several kinds of powder and foundation.

Creams Affinitone:

  • "Perfect tone".
  • "Resistance 24 hours."
  • "Affinimat".
  • "Affiniton Minerals".

Affinitone "Perfect tone" - the skin perfectly aligned

Creams Maybelline Affinitone: description, reviews

One of the most popular products of the company - foundation Maybelline Affinitone "Perfect tone". Means comprises moisturizing agents, vitamin E and argan oil, providing weightless coating evens skin tone and hiding imperfections. The pigments included in the cream, are arranged under the skin tone without creating mask effect - natural makeup effortlessly.

The manufacturer promises perfect skin moisturized throughout the day.

Maybelline Affinitone palette of shades on the Russian market in 10 colors. And fair-skinned and dark-skinned women can choose the right foundation regardless of the midtone (pink or yellow).

The cream is available in tubes without a dispenser of liquid consistency, so easy to come out of the package, although many women customers consider it a disadvantage. Light texture is not immediately freezes on his face, allowing the shade means.

Feedback from buyers, cream copes well with minor flaws and evens tone mattes.

Part of shoppers say that the cream emphasizes peeling, and according to some, means and does dry the skin.

Many women in their reviews of the Maybelline Affinitone talk about its high durability and good covering ability. But holders of greasy skin types may face shine in 3-4 hours after applying the cream.

Cream "perfect tone" gained both positive and negative feedback from which we can conclude that it is not very good for combination and oily skin. Girls with normal skin were satisfied Maybelline Affinitone.

The Steadfast tone Affinitone cream "24 hours"

Creams Maybelline Affinitone: description, reviews

The manufacturer declares resistance cream during the day, promising flawless makeup, which is not afraid neither heat nor humidity. Thanks to a special set of "Microflex" cream provides perfect coverage and durability. The composition of Maybelline Affinitone 24H gently cares for the skin, does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe. The product is suitable as a base under the shadow or lipstick. Another advantage of the funds - it contains SPF-filter.

The cream was dermatological control, the manufacturer guarantees the absence of problems with the skin after use.

Basis is available in 6 shades that are easy to adapt to the natural skin tone, invisible cream on her face.

The cream produced in the bottle with the dispenser which allows expending means economically. The consistency of it is not too runny but not tight. Easy to apply, well-shaded, it is quickly absorbed. In the opinion of Maybelline Affinitone 24H, it is really stable and keeps the skin over 10 hours. Good overcomes the disadvantages and does not sink into the pores.

Some girls say that the cream in the first few minutes after application emphasizes peeling, but it can be avoided, causing pre-moisturizer.

Most of the reviews are positive about this tool.

"Affinimat" - flawless matte skin

Creams Maybelline Affinitone: description, reviews

The company Maybelline Affinimat developed as a means for combination and oily skin. It is composed of microparticles absorbers, absorbing excess sebum. Due to this, the cream is well mattes and kept on the skin for 8 hours. Composition means adapts to the natural skin tone and does not create a mask effect.

The cream produced in the plastic tube, the consistency - the liquid.

Reviews of Maybelline Affinimat means contradictory. Part shoppers tell the high opacity, resistance during the working day without the skin matt gloss.

Opinions about clogs pores "Affinimat" or not, vary. Many of the women customers have not noticed any peeling or comedones in the use of tonal resources. Some of the girls talk about skin problems arising from the use of cream - it's subcutaneous pimples and peeling.

Women customers of the shortcomings pointed out that "Affinemat" emphasizes peeling and apply it on your face is not necessary without pre-wetting.

AffinitoneMineral - gentle care for the skin

Creams Maybelline Affinitone: description, reviews

The cream combines skin care and protection against the negative influence of the environment and toning effect - Maybelline Affinitone Mineral. Special mineral complex composed of funds nourishes the skin, improving circulation and metabolism. As a result - radiant and more youthful face. "Affineton Mineral" suitable for sensitive skin, as it contains no talc, perfumes. The lack of oil in the composition does not cause shine a problem or combination skin.

The cream texture air and liquid consistency, lies flat veil without creating a mask effect. Good hides minor imperfections.

Reviews of Maybelline Affinitone Mineral both positive and negative.

Girls complain that the cream does not mask the significant drawbacks - strong redness, pimples. Part of the buyers said that the cream is bad mattes and provokes shine.

Those who have written positive reviews about means, talk about the tone lined face, which remains the whole day.

Among the tonal creams Affinitone Maybelline New York is easy to pick up the money for all skin types. The composition of assets is enriched substances, caring for the skin condition.

The main advantage of the brand means "Maybelline" - their low cost with quite good quality products. The combination of "price-quality" makes the company one of the leaders of the Russian market of cosmetics.