When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

Cancers - a delicacy that is found only in clean waters. When catching crabs? It is believed that you can catch them at any time of the year, but the most productive time - summer and early autumn. And the fishing process itself has some features that are worth a newcomer know rakolovam.

Choosing approach

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

For example, few people know that the best way to catch crayfish in cloudy weather before a rain or storm, and in the late afternoon. By its nature, the cancer - a night predator, and therefore most suitable for hunting period - in the evening, from 10 pm to three in the morning. This is the most popular answer to the question of specialists when to catch crayfish. By the way, to make the catch more can be made on the shores of the fire, as if you are floating on a boat, bring a flashlight - it will attract the attention of individuals who are well will be used for bait.

Rakolovka for successful fishing

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

In the simplest embodiment it is fastened together at a distance of two metal rings, which are fitted around the outside perimeter of the fine-mesh netting. Most often, round design, but found the frame and a square shape. With the simplicity of rakolovki important to know not only the time to catch crayfish on rakolovku, but also how to do it:

  1. Inside the device is placed bait.
  2. The design of sinks to the bottom of the pond.
  3. to catch on rakolovku at any time of the year, but the best time - from June to November, as you are guaranteed to get a good catch.

How do I put a

Most often come to the rivers and lakes is not easy - the algae, reeds interfere with this. Therefore, many believe that the most successful way of placement rakolovok - on the boat, however, in this case, they should be supplemented with floats, then to find their traps. When you can catch crayfish? At any time while on the river, lake or other body of water there is no ice. Rakolovka neatly mounted on the stick, which exposed from the shore, it is pulled together with the signal line, and gradually goes to the bottom, where the rests in the proper position. End of the rope tightly tied behind every tree on the beach or to the reeds.

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

If you set some traps, it is best to comply with the distance between them is at least 10 meters. If rakolovki put in the pond for the first time, it places them at different depths - so you are sure something will catch since cancers can be both at depth and at the edge.

The best bait

When catching crabs and how to catch was good? Experienced hunters are advised to pay close attention to the bait. It is remarkable, but our ancestors were catching crayfish, even in the dead dogs and cats, but modern bait more pleasant. Good bait considered rye bread, which is pressed garlic: it is placed at a certain time in the water, e.g., in the gauze bag to dripping. Garlic can be added to many as cancers that smell very much.

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

As for the spoiled meat, it is not as effective, and what is it, when it is better to catch crayfish on fresh produce. If you take a fresh fish, then let it be bream or roach, but crayfish and pike perch is not for everyone. Before putting the fish in rakolovku, make cuts on it along the spine and remove the meat out - so the smell of the fish will be more attractive. It is possible to conduct experiments and learn about the preferences of cancers in a particular body of water. For example, some cancers like frogs, however, is an exotic method that does not always live up to expectations.

When fishing these arthropods can use different lures, but it all depends on when the catch crayfish - spring or fall. Suppose, in the spring and summer, experts advise to catch them on the garlic bread, and in the autumn - for meat and fish.


As we have said, better to start hunting at night as during the day crayfish sleep in their burrows, and in the dark crawl on the coastal shelf and even on dry land. The easiest and most traditional way to catch them - make it your hands, however, it is better to arm gloves to avoid hitting claws. Where and when to catch crayfish hands? Firstly, in the shallow waters - under driftwood or stones. Just keep in mind that the crayfish swim fast enough. Second, the night, armed with a torch, whose light will attract the attention of arthropods. In the process of fishing plays a major role your reaction speed as crabs quickly orient themselves in space, if you feel threatened. Gloves can help you protect your hands, as these animals can always grab claws and cause injury.

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

So, the process of catching crayfish next. Groped mink at the bottom, there is thrust gently hand - the need to determine whether the owner of the house. Feeling should grab the Cancer of the shell with two fingers and pull it out of mink.

Or rakolovkoy?

Most often a way of catching crayfish hands - not the most efficient and safe, so it is best to catch them rakolovkoy. Use it just as important to know when it is better to catch crabs and how to set design. Most often, many people use several types rakolovok to catch was just great. The design of this product has been planned to cancer got there and could not get out. And so he wanted to get into rakolovku used bait - that it attracts cancers.

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

Arthropods live in burrows they dig in steep steep banks, and off the coast of them is always a lot. Therefore, the design should establish here. Night crabs come close to the shore, so throw rakolovku is not worth it.

Or for the bait?

The answer to the question of when it is best to catch crayfish - day or night - is relevant for those who plan to hunt the bait. Let's say right away - it's not the easiest way, since the crabs do not peck like a fish on a bait. And at night to fix the bait is not the easiest thing, therefore, is another option - in the daytime, but in the late afternoon. The bait can be selected muckworm, Nightcrawlers, corn, and if not disdain - rotten fish or meat.

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

The most effective way to catch cancer in the float rod - this during Jora. And to catch was significant and large, it is better to adhere to the fishing rod several hooks - so the probability that the trailers longer arthropods to be higher. Cancer bite very slowly, but the bite is felt immediately: the cancer enough bait and pulls it, and the float when it first goes smoothly to the side, then completely recessed and hidden in the water. Since cancer clings to the bait is not very tight, pull the bait very carefully. And you need to know that the best time when you can catch crayfish for bait in Russia - is the period from September to October.

On the screen

Catching crayfish screen - also a popular way. It is a square or circular design with borders - they prevent the loss of cancers when removing the gear. Two - five screens enough to make your catch was good. By design, the screen resembles a regular rakolovku only rectangular shape. Take the steel wire from which is square. We need two squares: they then fixed at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other, and then hooped with mesh bottom and side walls of the screen. Through the open top of the crabs will creep into the lure. The screen is attached to a thick pole, which will play the role of a fishing rod in the center snaps the bait, and the screen is gently placed in the water.

With the help of jails

Manually cancers can catch and via ostrogs to create requiring tough and springy wire with a diameter of 2-4 mm. Pieces of wire length 45 cm flattened so that in one end formed like the tip of the hook. The more hooks, the more convenient to capture cancer, even if the tips do not fall into the shell and not prokolyut him, he did not fall from the forts. Catch crayfish in this way is best from a boat.

Types rakolovok

All rakolovki divided into two types - open and closed. The open outwardly like a plate, is a wire ring with a diameter up to 70 cm, to which is attached a network with small holes. The network should hang freely under the bait in the middle rakolovki. Closed type - more user-friendly and easy to operate. Such rakolovki executed as a cone with a wooden or metal frame and supplemented fine mesh. An inlet into the net wide, but the back did not get cancers.

Folding rakolovka

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

When to catch crayfish on rakolovki? The answer is simple: in the spring, summer or fall. The most popular among fishermen rakolovkami are foldable, which are carried out in a cone shape, complemented by hoops of galvanized wire and a nylon mesh. Such models are attractive because of compact to carry and transport, ease of installation, ease of placing the bait and affordability. To examine such a grid can be infrequent. It is believed that the collapsible cone rakolovki - the most effective.

We catch crabs in October,

Many novice anglers often ask the question, when it is better to catch crayfish. The time of year is really plays an important role, since it determines the catchability arthropods. It is believed that the most productive process will be in October: it is the time cancers begin to multiply, and to do that come ashore. It is best to hunt in the evening, moving along the coast, preferably three to one translucent water and detect cancers, the second collecting a net production, while the third - was putting the catch.

To the net was stronger, it is possible to add a pole powerful: it can survive any load and will not break when you throw crabs on the beach. You can lightly press arthropod butterfly net in the mud and scrape it ashore with silt. In this approach, the net needs to be at least 2, 5 m, and fishing is carried out at a distance of a couple of meters from the shore.

Reeds, quiet backwaters, stones

If you have already decided when and where to catch crayfish, consider some nuances crustacean life. Thus, in many bodies of water, they are hiding in the reeds - is an ideal place, but will have to carefully inspect the bottom, because the crabs are easily masked. Quiet backwaters, which are the roots of the trees are also popular in arthropods. Catching them should be carefully, without raising turbidity, because any sudden movement is able to flush out the prey.

When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

Rocky bottom - another place where you can catch crayfish. It is their natural shelter where they are hiding at the slightest danger. To get them out from under the stones is not difficult: you have to grab them by the claws are always visible under the stones, or whiskers that stick out of the burrows.

Where and when to catch crayfish, if they live in your pond? In this case, you need to pay attention to the state of the floor. For example, if the bottom of the formed shell rock, we can say with certainty that the animals hiding there. In this case, the bottom is covered with small pieces of cane, shellfish, microorganisms that are ideal habitat for crabs. This is where they prefer to be masked. The easiest way to catch them if the bottom is sandy: it cancers seen very well. And a popular place crayfish hiding - it abandoned on the bottom of bottles and cans.

How do rakolovku?

Rakolovki are cheap, but because of the simplicity of design, many prefer to do their own. To create the simplest rakolovki need to find:

  • fine mesh;
  • wire thickness of not less than 5 mm;
  • nylon thread.

Made of steel wire create two rings of different diameters:. One not less than 50 cm in diameter, and the second - about 20 cm large ring structures serve as bottom, and a small - entrance into it. Cushioning large ring grid - tie it with thread kapron. To fix the small ring should be large, steel wire spacers are - they should be at least three pieces. The rings are mounted at a distance of about 18 cm apart, clearly symmetrical and evenly to rakolovka secured, and stood at the bottom. The free ends of the net are mounted on the small ring also by means of a thread. That's the easiest rakolovka ready, it remains to decide when you can catch crayfish on rakolovki, and learn how to cook them.

Cooking bait

We already wrote about a little bait for crayfish, but now dwell in this important stage of their catching. Most often arthropods carried out on fresh fish, local clams, cake, garlic, but do not disdain them and slice of watermelon or a frog. Hunters professionals prefer to lure fish crayfish - arthropods prefer bream, perch, roach and bream. The bait should be fresh, firm, and to enhance the smell, it is necessary to make incisions on the back of the fish. One rakolovku enough to put one fish, which will last all night. Live bait - mussels, clams, mussels - also very attracted to cancers, because they are part of their natural diet.

When you can catch crayfish on a particular bait? Opinion of professionals is this: the summer and partly during the spring months is better to catch in the garlic and cake, and in the fall - on the shellfish and fish. The bait is attached to the bottom rakolovki so that it does not fall out. For example, you can attach the bait elastic, pins, to come up with a special design in the pocket. The main thing is that it does not fly off and rakolovka not empty.

How do I install rakolovku

This is done from the shore in the following way:

  1. Take a long sturdy stick, one end of which there is a slingshot.
  2. Cord rakolovki picks up a slingshot to construction rose.
  3. Rakolovka slowly lowered into the water until it reaches the bottom.
  4. The cord is tied to the reeds, any strong tree or a stick stuck in the bank.

So, when you can catch crayfish? Time of year, during which there is this interesting process, plays an important role:

  • in January and February cancers are not caught because of primary ice period; at this time of arthropods holed up in burrows;
  • in March and April for the first time cancers emerge from their burrows, waking up from hibernation, so weak are caught;
  • in May they begin molting, separated eggs, so catch them does not make sense;
  • June accounts active molt, and we can put rakolovki as crabs begin to actively search for food;
  • July-August - the best time for fishing as cancers exhibit activity after molting;
  • September-October time comes to nagulivaniya crawfish fat, eggs begin to appear, so cancers are caught perfectly;
  • November-December cancer grows fat, females formed caviar deposits, and at this time is still good crabs caught.
When catching crayfish on rakolovku? When it is better to catch crayfish hands? When you can catch crayfish in Russia?

Catch cancers easily, the main thing - to prepare for the process. How are you going to catch - hands rakolovkoy or a net - your cause. Remember that when the arms should be careful, because the claw crayfish dangerous. And the use of rakolovki more easily and conveniently, it lure you want to bind tightly as possible to the cancer could not untie it and escape.

And do not be afraid to catch crayfish - a very interesting and memorable process!