Shaving foam. How to choose a good product

Shaving - this is one of the most important and regular male procedures. It is very important to choose the right tool that will not allow the skin irritation and make the shaving process as quickly as possible and comfortable.

Shaving foam. How to choose a good product

Shaving foam: a variety of means

To choose the right product for shaving, you need to focus in all kinds of tradable assets, know their main advantages and disadvantages. Most often you can find three types of products that will help to quickly shave.

  1. gel - the most economical means of shaving. Prices for helium are generally low. The product has a transparent gel structure, which strongly foams on contact with water. For a single shave gel lacking small peas. Before you apply the gel directly on the skin, it should be rubbed into the hands until foaming. The gel is perfect for men who have coarse hair and sensitive skin. This tool is distributed on the skin a little longer than, for example, shaving foam.
  2. cream. He is considered one of the cheapest means of shaving. The cream is easy enough to put on your skin, but you need to have a special brush. Using the cream is often caused by cuts, because the razor glides poorly due to a specific consistency of the product. Today, shaving creams inferior to more modern and practical means.
  3. shaving foam - the most common product shaving procedure to date. This tool is applied to the skin as quickly as possible, and it is not necessary to pre-foamed. The foam has a soft texture that allows the blade to glide over the skin smoothly and without obstacles. Thus, it is possible to avoid cuts and remove even the shortest hairs. Foams are sold in bottles with a convenient dispenser. This allows a slight pressure to obtain a single serving of ready-to-use foam.

The choice of foam for sensitive skin

Men's funds, unlike women, are not divided by types of skin. The stores can be found only options funds for sensitive skin, which is very carefully treated with the skin and help prevent peeling and redness after shaving procedure.

Shaving foam. How to choose a good product

Remove any existing sensitive skin issues to help intelligently matched shaving foam. The price of the product does not differ from the cost of funds for normal skin types.

Average costs of shaving foam Gillette Company is 350 rubles. Funds from the popular company Nivea will cost a little cheaper - around 250 rubles per 200 ml of product. These companies have established themselves as a really good manufacturers of quality products for shaving. If you have sensitive, delicate or easily irritated skin, choose a foam, which is composed of aloe vera. This tool effectively soothes irritable skin and quickly heals small cuts.

The components of the foam components. How to choose a quality product?

Before choosing any product for skin care, you should pay attention to its composition. At the beginning of the list of components specified components, which means the most.

Rhodiola extract and glycerin - two components that must have a good shaving foam. Reviews of such means talking about high quality, because these two components eliminate dryness and prevent the appearance of redness. Welcomes the presence of aloe vera.

It is important to note that shaving foam, which is composed of a component such as propylene glycol, could harm your skin. It can cause severe redness, itching and watery eyes.

Shaving foam. How to choose a good product

packaging foams

Foam is packaged in bottles. Such packages are always made of metal, made of special stainless steel components. Top bottle dispenser is provided. Choose a bottle size that fits comfortably in your hand. Never buy a product in damaged packaging.