Oil "Johnson & Johnson" - the universal cosmetic product for the whole family

Oil "Johnson & Johnson" - a high-quality natural oils designed to nourish and moisturize baby's skin.

A bit of history

Brand appeared in 1893, and the first product of the company was a powder for children.

Since that time, the company still holds a leading position in the market of children's cosmetics and baby products, and the range has expanded and updated. The company is also the first who invented and implemented the baby wipes - then they were positioned as a cloth for wiping.

The company is also the creator of baby shampoo without tears. After testing a number of options, experts have come to the conclusion that children's scalp is not subject to such severe pollution, the skin adult head. Because baby shampoos, it was decided to create on the basis of non-corrosive components that can clean the baby's skin of the head and not cause irritation in contact with the foam in the eyes.

Oil "Johnson & Johnson" company began producing in 1938. Then it was designed for massage. Famous lotion butter "Johnson's Baby" appeared in 1942. This product was named the pink brand because of the popular pink colored bottle.


Product Features

To date, the oil "Johnson & Johnson" shows different compositions and volumes. There is oil with chamomile, aloe, lavender. Oil "Johnson & Johnson" is ideal for children and is particularly indispensable for a young mother in the first months of baby's life. After all, the skin of newborn is very delicate and in need of protection and care. Oil created especially taking into account features of child epidermis, the product undergoes several degrees of purification and has an anti-allergenic properties.


The use of oil "Johnson's Baby"

Young mothers use baby oil after a bath, a massage and just as necessary. Surely we all remember popular advertising that oil "Johnson's Baby" can be used for adults. The company used the popular slogan "The best for the child - the best for you." Indeed, the production of market statistics provide evidence that the production of "Johnson & Johnson" is not only adults but also children. Women use it and when removing makeup, Care for problem skin site for a massage.

Oil "Johnson": reviews

Reviews of young mothers on baby oil companies are mixed. Many mothers write that during a massage in children began rash and allergic reaction. Also, many consumers are dissatisfied with the fact that the composition of the oil are only two natural component of the above. Many mothers say a strong flavoring oil with lavender and a lack of desired sedative effect and facilitate sleep baby.


At the same time, the powder has the most positive reviews, has a neutral odor and prevents irritation. Every parent chooses makeup and care products for your baby. Prior to use, it is important to familiarize yourself with the composition, expiry date and instructions for use.

The main and perhaps the only drawback of this product, many users recognize the packaging. Plastic bottle of oil quickly, stickers begin to curl at the edges, which is not always convenient for the customer to use. Because many people prefer other oils, with the dispenser. On the benefits package marked convenient protective cap from children, easy oil pouring.


positive feedback celebrated the basic properties of the oil. Women recommend this product for dry skin type, during the cold season, as well as to soften the skin after shaving. This oil is not recommended for the face, since there is the possibility of clogging of the pores. Also, this oil is popular among massage therapists, as during a massage is important that the oil is absorbed into the skin gradually, and the "Johnson's Baby" has a desired feature. Also, women recommend this oil for anti-cellulite massage canned at home. Upon mixing it with essential oils (e.g., citrus), the procedure becomes pleasant and painless from silicone cans are not bruised.

Thus, for "Johnson" body butter is a versatile and convenient way to care for the whole family's skin. This series has an acceptable price category and economical consumption. Products can be purchased in pharmacies and specialized stores.