Simple hairstyles with a rubber band

All the ways girls, girls and women are trying to make their way unique and original. Why are only their clothes and accessories, not to mention the hairstyles! What they may only come in! High, low, very complex and as simple as possible. But the most popular, regardless of age, - hairstyles with a rubber band, one or more.

Simple hairstyles with a rubber band

What are the gum

There are a lot of varieties. Some are purely decorative in nature - with bright and large ornaments. Other easy to hide under the hair. For example, such as a sponge for the beam. To hairstyles with gum is prepared exactly as you intended them to be, you need to choose the right this very elastic. And here everything depends on the length of hair, and their thickness. Not to mention the age of the owner's hair. With a rubber band, which is a bright color, it is unlikely to be in harmony image of a serious and successful woman. But for a girl or a student such an accessory will be most welcome.

Simple hairstyles with a rubber band


Every day, mothers face a problem: how do you make your hair a little princess in the school or kindergarten, that it lasted all day, but still was as simple as possible? These hairstyles for girls with rubber bands as "little flowers-vosmitsvetik", do not take up much time, but it looked very impressive. It will take only eight soft and not too large rezinochek and thin-row comb. If the child is very thick hair, the teeth should be rarely, or creating hairstyles using gums turn into torture.

How to

First the simple parting. The hair should be divided into two equal parts. For convenience, one can assemble loosely in a ponytail. The second part should be divided into two parted more equal parts. They, in turn, also combed into equal beams. They are tied with rubber bands. So is done with each part separated by a hair. The result is the same eight tails, tapered soft colored rubber bands. Tails twisted by turns, and then passed under the tips of the adjacent gum. It turns a neat hairstyle hoop out of the hair. If you do it right, it will last the whole day, no matter how much the princess anyway head.

A neat surround children's tail

Many hairstyles for girls with rubber bands meant namely the creation of tailings. Not least because it is perhaps the only way to keep the child's head in order. This is especially true restless babies attending kindergarten. Therefore, we can do a variety of hairstyles with a rubber band or more that will reliably remove hair from the face, make a neat head. Volume thirteen tail with rubber bands can be very useful. For it would require only a comb and soft bright accessories.

Simple hairstyles with a rubber band

The process of executing

This tail is similar to the previous one, as described above, that it is necessary to make a neat parting first and only then to divide the hair into twelve equal the thickness of the strands. Partings between them at the same time should be as neat and tidy, otherwise it will be ugly. The strands are collected in twelve small tails, and then the ends of the tails on top tied in a large tail. The higher it is, the smoother will be the hairstyle.

A high ponytail

Girls can also be used to create rezinochki hairstyles. For example, to decorate high cauda equina recommended to use a thin silicone or bright-colored rezinochki and a sufficiently tight soft. It is tied high and sleek ponytail. With the help of the thin rubber rezinochek it is divided into small sections. Similar to what is shown in pictures above. Incidentally, such a low haircut, too popular. Not least because it is not so much bother my head, like, all the same ponytail.

Pigtails and rezinochki

Simple hairstyles with a rubber band

This is the most popular combination, by the way. Modern moms are often braided my girls pigtails, diluting them with colored rubber bands, and sometimes performing surprisingly complex and simple at the same time the combination of the hair. The photo above is perfectly clear. This simple, but the original hair with two braids and rubber bands does not require a lot of time. It is only necessary to divide the hair parted in the middle into six equal parts, and then parallel to weave braids tails from the upper to the bottom, carefully weaving the strands. This hairstyle is possible even for very busy moms who appreciate time.

with options for

There styling that fit any age, for example, hair rim with an elastic band. This is such a special accessory, which is an ordinary wide strip, whose hair is firmly fixed as a hoop. Such tissue rims there are many, so you can choose the one that is best suited. Girls, for example, with cartoon heroines, and the girls - in fashion this season a large monochrome peas.