In what color to dye my hair? Determine your type

This woman aspires to be beautiful, despite his age. Shiny and well-groomed hair makes the image of an attractive and stylish. But not everyone is happy with the natural color of your hair. Change it simply: with the help of coloring shampoos, dyes. Among the mass of the proposals only need to choose the remedy to your taste and wallet size.

In what color to dye my hair? Determine your type

The right choice

If you're not sure what color to dye your hair, you'd better follow these guidelines. Properly selected tone can radically transform the image of a woman and make it more colorful. Or vice versa: Color paint unsuitable - appearance has become faded, became visible roughness on the face. The first thing to do is to determine which of the four tsvetotip you approach.


She characterized light eyes (blue or green) and light brown or light brown hair. Leather beige, golden shades. So, what color to dye my hair to representatives of spring? This honey shades warm blond or bright copper and brown tones, but not cold. Summer

In what color to dye my hair? Determine your type

Their eyes - blue or gray, vegetation on the head - from the most light to dark tones of light brown. In what color to paint the woman's hair with a pink tint of the skin, to the face look fresh? The ash or platinum; you can choose blonde with silver shimmer. they also fit brown shades, but without the red tide and not dark. Light brown hair to "revive", choose chestnut, almond, light nutty tone.


What color to paint the hair of women, belonging to tsvetotipu "Autumn"? Their eyes - and light and dark, until the black and hair - as a dark light brown tones, and the resin. Women of this type have a golden, bronze or darkish beige leather. They should be fine tones of chocolate, chestnut and black. You can give your strands of brown tones, but only in warm colors. This type of match shades of red: mahogany, mahogany. Interesting image of the girl will give the effect of highlighting: from red to chocolate brown locks.


In women, such as "winter" eyes are usually blue, brown, green. With light skin, blue cast, saturated hair brown or black tones. They should paint the hair in ashy, black and dark brown colors. It is absolutely contraindicated in copper and gold tone, otherwise whitish skin of the face will be visible flaws.

In what color to dye my hair? Determine your type

You can try any test: "In what color to dye my hair, looked so impressive." It is five or six questions that will give you certain characteristics: what are your eyes, which like the tone of clothes and lipstick. The responses will be easier to choose a coloring agent. To choose the right than to dye your hair, you need to know the types of dyes:

  • bleach dyes, which include hydrogen peroxide;
  • chemical dyes that change color, but also destroy the natural pigment;
  • physical - it foams, coloring shampoos;
  • natural colors do not break the structure of the hair and has a positive effect on them (Basma, henna).

The choice is yours, ladies! Feel free to experiment and be irresistible!