Car accidents involving famous people

• Car accidents involving famous people

Recall automobile accident victims, or conversely, which famous people were the perpetrators.

Matthew Broderick

He was responsible for an accident in which two women died

Car accidents involving famous people

In August 1987 Matthew Broderick vacationing in Ireland, where, as you know, left-hand traffic. Coming out into the oncoming lane, Matthew collided with another car, both of which passenger - 28-year-old woman and her mother - died on the spot. Instead of a real prison term actor sentenced to a fine, which caused outrage families of the victims.

Konstantin Meladze

He knocked the woman

Car accidents involving famous people

Another case of a tragic car accident involving a celebrity - is the story of producer Konstantin Meladze, who in December 2012 on the track Kiev-Obukhov knocked down 30-year-old Anna food. Musician himself called the police and tried to render first aid to the victim, but she died before arrival "fast". Meladze, Sr. did not deny his guilt in the court, but the investigation has proved that Constantine ran over the victim of negligence and until recently was trying to avoid a collision - it helped Meladze avoid punishment. After the trial Constantine promised the family of the deceased to keep her children until they reach adulthood, and after a few years after the tragedy, decided to comment on the situation. In an interview with OK magazine! he said that changed perspective on many things. "About a month I could not do anything. But the power of the spirit dragged me after that terrible event. Now I say what has never said - about the attitude to me the family of the deceased woman. it was very important for me that they think if I understand. It's amazing people, who all this time had not condemned me. They understand everything, to understand the situation, and thus, can be greatly helped me to survive. And although I do not see them, they are for me the native people. And there is no day when I have not thought about them. Each morning, wake up, I pray for them, for their health. "

Caitlyn Jenner

It became a party to the accident, which killed a woman

Car accidents involving famous people

In 2015, a transgender Caitlyn Jenner became a member of a major accident in Malibu, as a result of which five people were injured and one died in the hospital. The car crashed into the celebrity machine, which controls a woman ran a red light. That she died. Jenner's guilt was not proven.

Leonid Yakubovich

It caused the death of a person on the road

Car accidents involving famous people

In 2001, under the wheels of a car presenter he fell drunk pedestrian: jumped out from under the bus, slipped and hit his temple on the side mirror Yakubovich machine. Later, the man died in the hospital. "The measure of my responsibility, peace, my peace have suffered very much, it's an incredible stress. It can happen to anyone, pip my tongue ... But even if you're not guilty, you are still guilty. At least one percent "- recalls the tragedy broadcaster.

Ivan Demidov

He injured in the accident, which killed the culprit

Car accidents involving famous people

In 2014, TV presenter was the victim of an accident on the Dmitrov highway in Moscow, Ivan was in the passenger seat of the car Toyota, which crashed KIA. Demidov was hospitalized with injuries of the shoulder, leg and a concussion. 36-year-old perpetrator of the accident, the owner of KIA Maxim Kudrya fell into a coma and died in hospital without regaining consciousness.