The history of the transformation of a woman into a man

The man, born in a female body, openly said in his instagrame about what it is - to go through the transformation process. According to him, not all transsexuals show outward signs of psychological belonging to the other sex before will go through a sex change.

Musician Jamie Wilson turned from a woman into a man, but the majority of people looking at him and not say that the first 18 years of his life he was a female. "Do not judge a book by its cover. I publish this picture, to show that not all exhibit signs of transsexualism ", - writes Jamie instagrame.

The history of the transformation of a woman into a man

a lot of collages with pictures among the photos on his page before and after. On the left is looking at us pretty long-haired girl, and on the right - a real man without any signs of femininity.

"When I made coming out, people refused to believe that I - a man, because of my" feminine "appearance for 18 years. Why I publish this comparison? Because I want everyone to see that no matter who looks like ... If a person lacks the spirit to declare that he was transgender, gay, bisexual, or the like, please, believe it and keep it, because stereotypes are necessary to break " - says Jamie.

Jamie unvarnished tells about the stages of its transformation. In the past he was a graceful blonde, and now grows a beard and mustache.

He also underwent surgery to remove the breast. "I do not like to be substituted, but it seems to me that it is important to share it. Please do not complain to the moderators for the post, it is for educational purposes, "- Jamie signed a photograph. According to him, prior to his Cuming-out, he forced himself to look feminine, because he felt that it was important to please others.

"Today, a year since I take testosterone! It's a crazy adventure, but I learned a lot about myself, and that's wonderful - finally able to be myself. I lost my family and most friends, since the beginning of the transformation, but in the process I found out who I really care about. I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me and cheers in Instagram. Now you all - my family! I am ready to respond to anyone who wants to ask me questions or just want someone to share it. "

All the relatives Jamie disown him when he said that he was - the guy. He says it was the worst day in his life and he really misses his family, by the fact that his parents are proud of him.

But Jamie did not missed the sleepless nights when he struggled with his feelings, on the expectation that all will go out of the house so that you can put on men's clothes and long hair to hide under a cap, the endless hide and seek.

"If you look at me, I'm not the strong, tall and handsome man ... But you know what I mean? I've finally become themselves, and it's very nice. "