Serial killers, the victims were women only

Many serial killers chose as his victims is women - those who are weaker than them physically. We believe that the killer is always like a killer, but looking at this list, it's hard to believe that some criminals were happily married, and others - are well educated and have received the best education.

Ted Bundy

Serial killers, the victims were women only

One of the most famous serial killers, on whose account, at least 30 women, with whom he made short work between 1974 and 1978. Though probably he had more victims - Bundy kidnapped them, then raped and tortured. Some of the women he killed while they slept. After the murder of the abducted girls, he again raped them, dismembered, and some part of the body left in his apartment as souvenirs.

It seems that a man with such inclinations simply had to grow up in squalid conditions. But, despite the fact that Bundy was really an illegitimate child, brought up his grandparents.

Bundy spoke warmly about their relatives. He admitted that he always respected my grandfather and identified himself with him. However, the rest of the family described him as a tyrant and a fanatic who hated blacks, Italians, Catholics and Jews, beat his wife and tormented animals.

Ted Bundy received an excellent education, and was attractive and extremely charming man. Largely due to this, and he managed to lure into their network unsuspecting girls.

Serial killers, the victims were women only

When Bundy was sent to prison, he repeatedly managed to escape from there, although the counselors assured him that stay in place better for the very same gang. He himself admitted that the murders were part of the "adventure". Loss of life was the way to the final "master" the victim and sexual abuse - physically take possession of her remains. It is striking that even the FBI used to how well Bundy understand the logic of serial killers. For example, he offered his assistance in the investigation of the case "Killer Green River." Bundy was a very accurate psychological portrait, but it no one listened. As a result, the killer was still at large 17 years.

Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair 24 January 1989 in Florida.

Gary Leon Ridgway

Serial killers, the victims were women only

The same "Killer Green River", which helps to find Ted Bundy. Committed 49 murders proved girls and women, but he admitted to 71, between 1982 and 1998. After 20 years, his guilt has been proved by the results of the DNA analysis.

He grew up in an intact family. However, the fact that she was "full", did not make her happy: Gary's father liked to use the services of prostitutes. Ridgeway pupil was considered weak and the level of his IQ was very low.

That, however, did not prevent him to finish school and get married. Three times. Each time the divorce was due to the infidelity of a spouse: the Ridgway could not help but go to a prostitute (they were weak maniac), the wife in her husband's absence resulted in a lover. With his third wife Judith Mawson he was married as many as 14 years and, in the words of Ridgeway, was very fond of her. He admitted that while they were married, his "activity" has declined. Judith confessed: "I feel that save lives, while his wife and making him happy."

Serial killers, the victims were women only

The victims Ridgway became a prostitute or a fugitive, which would not have to look fast. Most of the crimes he committed in his home, truck or deserted places. Ridgway's ex-wife told me that they liked to have sex in the countryside. At the request of detectives she showed some of these places, not knowing that earlier in these same places corpses of the victims were found.

Serial killers, the victims were women only

The bodies of some of strangled women without clothes and jewelery he had left beside the River Green River. Sam Ridgway said of his victims: "I would have talked to her ... made it so that she did not think about sex or something that scares her. So she thought, well, you know: "And this guy does not give a damn!" Although I did not care. All I wanted - it grab her, to pull into the car and kill. "

At trial, Ridgeway cried and asked for forgiveness from the victims' relatives.

Serial killers, the victims were women only

He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the right of correspondence.

Keith Hunter Jesperson

Serial killers, the victims were women only

It is also called killer with a happy face (Engl. "Happy Face Killer"), because at the end of the messages that he sent to the media, he always put a smiley face as his signature.

He grew up in an aggressive dysfunctional family: his father was an alcoholic and domestic tyrant. Jesperson some reason denied this, although other family members and friends have confirmed that senior Jesperson often drank. Father also mocked them - once, even for educational purposes applied to the son of a stun gun.

China became the first victims of the animals: he played off them and loved to watch as they fight each other and kill. In 10 years, he made the first attempt on the person - his friend Martin. He did not deny that he was going to kill Martin. Later Jesperson nearly drowned another boy in a public pool, but rescuers had time.

However, all these brutal tendencies did not prevent Jesperson marry and to get three children. His first known victim was in 1990 Tundzha Bennett. They met in a bar, and he invited the Tundzha to his rented house. After sex between them began sparring: Keith beat a woman and strangled. To provide an alibi, Jesperson returned to the bar, spoke to the visitors and then got rid of the body.

Serial killers, the victims were women only

Keith continued to kill, until he was arrested at the end of March 1995. Twice he tried to commit suicide, and then spoke about his other crimes. At one of the stages of the investigation Keith said that he has more than 160 kills, but only 8 women have been officially recognized as victims. He received a lifetime 3 sentence.