"L'Oreal", coloring shampoo: advantages and disadvantages

"L'Oreal" - coloring shampoo that not only contributes to transformation, but also a positive effect on hair. This is indicated by numerous testimonials of women using this tool. Shampoos this company consist of natural medicinal herbal extracts and vitamin-mineral complexes. Using these tools easy to solve the problem of gray hair and enrich the hair color.

Features funds

Coloring shampoo for hair "Loreal" - it's a great choice, allowing for correction of natural tones curls. Pick out a means of easily every girl. It does not matter what color her hair, bright, red or dark. company's high-quality products consist of components that do not fall into the hair and envelop his invisible film. Furthermore, it should be noted that the composition does not contain an oxidizer and ammonia, which aggressively affect the structure of the curl.

The disadvantages of

"L'Oreal" - coloring shampoo, which has only one drawback. He quickly washed off. In general, this tool is not intended for dyeing, and for giving the original tone and stylish. It often happens that hair color is attractive, but the natural shade is not different color depth and brilliance. In such cases, you should use a special tool, without damaging the hair structure. It will give them a richness and brilliance. Efficient and reliable, "L'Oreal" - coloring shampoo, which has a rich palette and can reward your hair deep and elegant color.


  • As the use of shade will become saturated.
  • The right mix of funds with the balm will please any woman. Her hair will be more soft, smooth, shiny and manageable.
  • "L'Oreal" - coloring shampoo that contains only natural ingredients and vitamin complex in its composition.
  • An additional bonus - a pleasant aroma.
  • The shampoo is not able to stain clothing and skin. In case of contact it easy to wash and rinse water.

How do I choose the

When choosing a shampoo you need to follow some rules:

  • The winner of bright blonde hair using a toning shampoo can easily turn into a brown-haired woman. But professional stylists and hairdressers are advised not to do this.
  • coloring shampoo "Loreal" palette which provides the darkest color of chocolate, good for brunettes with hair faded after staining. Curls will gain back former splendor and radiance. But blondes this shade will not do.
  • For those who have blond hair, there is a beige tone. With him beauties get rid of unwanted yellowness. If the color is cool, this shade will make it more enjoyable.
  • Copper and gold created for brown-haired women. With these shades of their hair will sparkle and look luxurious.
  • The brightest color - mahogany. Not recommended for blondes. This color is more suitable to owners dark hair and red beauties. So their hair become brighter.

Each girl will certainly pay attention to the cost of coloring shampoos. It should be noted that depending on the point of sale the price for it may vary. Buy agent can be in the range of 600-800 rubles. The main thing - remember that the result will not be as durable as the paint.

Saturated color will fade with washing the head and is almost invisible after 1-15 procedures.

Shampoo is simple and easy to use. He is not able to destroy the structure of hair, but on the contrary has a caregiver impact and emphasizes the natural color. With him tresses will always be shiny and beautiful.

Wide range of shades will pick up exactly his.