What is the suit? Features of this garment

Clothing is casual and festive. The second type refers suit. What is this for clothes? This luxurious product that will make the image of the human original. Details about it are presented in the article.


What is the suit? They called evening dress for men. Often, it is a mandatory form of clothing, for example, during performances of ballroom dancing. Wear such outfits do not at any time, but only after 7:00 pm.

What is the suit? Features of this garment

For the modern man is that suit? This is a luxurious outfit that will come in handy for special occasions. It includes special cut jacket: short front and long rear. Trousers too original. They are decorated with satin stripes.

From the history of

What is the suit in the old days? In past centuries it was the elegant clothes that men wear on special occasions. Articles have appeared thanks to the officers, who, even in the saddle like to be dressed, and that thus there was no hesitation in his movements. The thing was part of uniforms. Due shortly before it does not restrict movement, and long hind lapels made elegant suit.

This uniform became popular in the middle of the XVIII century. It is only used by the military, and it was not used as a ceremonial dress. And since they were only the upper class men, it is thanks to them and the clothes became popular. They attend in costume gala receptions, balls.

What is the suit? Features of this garment

After a while, the thing was decorated with a large collar and lapels. Tie became close chin and collar reach to the cheeks. But the fashion for such innovations took place, and so again the costumes became popular in its original form. During the XIX century, some elements of the coat changed. option has been created for a riding that had wide coattails. Some costumes he covered his stomach and had a beveled shape. Gate became high, and large lapels. Tailors experimented by changing certain elements of the costume. Now presents a variety of product variants. There are coats for boys who have the same original features, as well as adult models.


Attendants at various events, too, can wear a suit. For him it is black instead of white jackets and bow ties.

Products intended for various events, have differences. For example, the suit has Dancing other brim. And the one who is used to riding, is markedly different form and solemnity. Now there are options for women's coats with the original look.

How and what to combine?

Not everyone knows what you can wear these clothes. Must adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to combine outfit with only a white shirt, perfectly starched, stiff collar with curved corners.
  2. The collar should decorate with white bow tie.
  3. The complement is a white vest and shirt front, which also need to be starched.
  4. Make more original way to help luxury and high-quality buttons on his vest and shirt. It is desirable that they were made from freshwater pearls and mother of pearl.
  5. pants suit this difference is not difficult: they are narrower, have a high waist, side sewn silk strips 2-stripes.
  6. The dress must be combined with black lacquer shoes and socks the same color.
  7. You can take a white pocket handkerchief, which will serve as a complement to the suit.
  8. For festive occasions it is desirable to choose a suit with a hole for the buttonhole on the left lapel.
  9. In the cooler times of the top coat and put on an elongated complementary outfit white gloves.
What is the suit? Features of this garment

To date, such garments worn to weddings, formal evening receptions, award ceremonies. Products will be relevant and in operas, theaters. White suit can be worn alone in warm weather on the events that take place on the street. Clothing is optional in ballroom dancing. It is a form of the athletes in the competition in equestrian sport.

Tailcoats are a special clothing that is suitable only for special occasions. Now it is available a lot of different options, different trim, cut and other characteristics. Therefore, we must take into account, where it will be worn when choosing this costume.