From what to wear powdery color?

In the wardrobe of women should be a variety of colors. This will allow you to create original kits for different occasions. Looks attractive powdery color. This includes tone, reminiscent of powdered shades for the face - from ivory to coffee with milk. With the help of color powder image becomes more feminine. We just need to choose the right tone.

What is the color?

It looks like powdery color? After all, she has a lot of shades of powder. He assumes all shades - from ivory to pink. It turns out that the whole palette into it. In light range of tones has its own name - Beige, Nude. The color may be present warm shades - pink, peach, suntan tone.

From what to wear powdery color?

What goes?

Powdery color is saturated, compared to the neutral nyudom. This is a delicate shade that can be suppressed by some bright. He looks harmoniously with the following tones:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • Black;
  • brown;
  • dark blue.

Powder color of clothing is perfectly combined with azure, dark green, coral, pink. If used as addition to products more saturated colors, the color combinations are increased. Therefore, it is perfect look with a touch of raspberry, red, purple.

From what to wear powdery color?

But it is better not to combine it with salad, mint, orange, olive and mustard. Lilac tone is also considered to be controversial: it is necessary to have a good taste to be able to combine with it.

Creating an image of

Unique style gives powdery color. Photos of possible combinations, presented in the article, very well confirm this. This kit will not look boring if stylish clothes. Wear several things that color is not necessary, it is desirable to select one or two and use a minimum of decoration. For example, for powdery dresses need to pick up shoes and handbag of the same shade. Also, do not forget about accessories. It looks great combination of a skirt and a top, trousers and blouses.

From what to wear powdery color?

The suit this shade is perfect for the office. Wear such clothes can be spring and summer. From what to wear powdery color? You can choose the color of the scarf under his coat, for example, black. Under the brown boots or ankle boots - classic beige bag.

It looks great evening and wedding dresses in this tone. You can try to combine the invoice, for example, combined with lace embroidered sequins. In this case it will be advantageous to look powdery color. What goes it? It can be worn with a gold color, for example. Choose a stylish jewelry.

Any combination of a powdery color may look beautiful, if choose the right shades. For example, a trouser suit pink tone stamp and shoes and bag should be lighter. The image obtained thanks to the harmonious jewelery. Just keep in mind that jewelry should be a little bit, otherwise you can ruin the image.

Choosing the right shade

Natural shades are ideal for everyone, so they can choose for your wardrobe. How to determine the appropriate tone? Depending on the color of skin and hair tones are chosen different. Blondes with light eyes and skin are ideal beige and pink tones.

Brunettes preferably selected apricot, pale yellow, bronze. The last option looks great, if the skin is tanned. But this rule has exceptions, for example, brunette with dark eyes and white skin is suitable powdery color in combination with blue.

K warm colors, it is desirable to choose the golden accessories and complement the cold silver. If you use this rule, you will create a harmonious way. Moreover, such a recommendation is suitable for everyday and evening dresses. For an image, you can choose one shade or combine several.

The choice of dress color powdery

By purchasing the dress, you should pay attention to whether the style is suitable, as well as whether the product helps to hide the flaws. This is important, as improper clothing can "give out" flaws figures. Now powdery color of many brides are choosing instead of white. Look beautiful dress colors ivory or "baby blue".

From what to wear powdery color?

Clothing natural tones is perfect for day and night images. For the holidays, you can choose a dress complex style. To the knee or to the floor. It looks great outfits powdery colors, embroidered with beads, with lace. Using a neutral tint can experiment, but it is desirable to combine flowery dress with conventional shoes and accessories. They should be in tone dress or in a neutral color.

By daylight the exit is better to choose low-key dress. Suitable for such cases the product simple cut. If it merges with the color, select the textured material. When you add the image of bright accents dress should be simple. It needs bright shoes, a handbag or a thin red belt.


Powdery color is very fond of the designers. Shoes this color is perfect for day and evening dresses. Stylish look classic shoes, ballet flats. It is necessary to take into account the decor and material. It should be remembered that correctly chosen shoes visually slim. But for this the heel must be high, and the tone of shoes - the same as the skin.

How to choose a skirt the color Nude?

Skirt neutral tint is regarded as universal, but by choosing the length, you should consider some of the features. Short and to flesh-colored knee combined both with similar colors and with red, green, blue. If the dress will be in one color, the skirt should be interesting details, as well as possible to the original cut.

From what to wear powdery color?

The density of the product may also be different. The skirt on the floor looks great when sewn from fabric, for example, chiffon. It can be combined with ballet flats or high heels, but tankette or medium heel is better not to choose. Top-maxi skirt should be simple and monotonous.


Powdery color looks great in accessories: bags, clutch bags, necklaces, hats. For the image in a range of decorations should match the tone of clothing - it will make the set catchy.

From what to wear powdery color?

With powdery shades produce different images - from subtle to hooliganism. They can be used for office style, romantic packages, casual clothes and vintage. Best of all powdery color looks white. Black can also be combined, but it must be chosen carefully, since it is obtained by simple image. It looks great combination of powdery shades with brighter tones of the same color.

If the products original cut, detail, texture, the accessories should be simple. Product neutral tones indispensable to complement the bright outfits, because then the image looks harmonious. For example, for a bright maxi dresses and red shoes is better to choose a bag gentle tone. Powdery color is great for many, the main thing - to choose the right shade and correctly combine it with others.