Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

If you're reading this, then in the near future you will visit the grand event, which is set dress code Black Tie. This could be a wedding, a big theatrical premiere, is an important technique in the invitation to that specified a mandatory dress code. Not respecting the rules of fashion, you run the risk of either look foolish and inappropriate, or not even be admitted to the celebration. Therefore, some information on this subject will not be superfluous.

Consider in detail what is the dress code Black Tie, and what to wear when the invitation to write these strange words.

Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews


Black Tie translates to English as "black tie". This is the third of the solemnity of the dress code after a White Tie ( "white tie") and Grand Soir ( "great evening").

In the early twentieth century to replace the coat, a symbol of status and power, come not less elegant tuxedo. It put on the event average of solemnity, dinners and meetings in the men's private clubs. A distinctive feature of the tuxedo are silk lapels and collar, with whom it was easy to accidentally brush away the fallen ash from the cigar. Supplemented tuxedo and black tie - this was the foundation of the male evening dress code.

After the First World War, for friendly gatherings gentlemen began to dress a little bit easier, and Black Tie dress code left for a more special and festive occasions.

Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

What to wear to men?

Let us consider in more detail what constitutes a Black Tie? Dress code for men includes some essential elements of the wardrobe:

  • Tuxedo. It can not only be black or dark blue, but also white. The latter, combined with white trousers, is more appropriate in the summer or during the day. Tuxedo is a double-breasted or single-breasted. Breasted wear buttoned, single-breasted - not buttoning. Classic dress code Black Tie - Single-breasted black tuxedo.
  • Pants. The fabric from which the pants are made, must be identical to that from which sewed Tuxedo. Under a white tuxedo pants worn both white and black. Strap is not provided, as the waist line is covered by a vest or cummerbund. Material stripes pants must repeat material tuxedo lapels.
  • Shirt. Exclusively white, no breast pocket, with a French double cuff. The collar can be classic with the reception, with a small reception or bends, like a shirt that is worn under the suit.
  • vest or cummerbund. Dress code Black Tie in the evening means a vest or cummerbund (waist). The vest can be double-breasted or single-breasted. The fabric from which the jacket is formed, must repeat fabric covering tuxedo lapels. Can replace the cummerbund vest. This wide belt made of shiny fabric, like lapels, exclusively black. Since the belt to wear a tuxedo is not, then you can wear suspenders, if there is such a need.
Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

shoes for men

Which shoes fit for Black Tie-level event? Dress code for men provides light shoes, oxfords and derbies with thin soles, without a bright flashy accessories with a closed lacing. The main requirement - the shoes should be made of black leather.

Under the shoes supposed to wear long silk socks black.

Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

Accessories for men

What men accessories includes dress code Black Tie?

  • Bow tie. Butterfly should be made of the same fabric as the cummerbund tuxedo or lapels. Tie must be fastened by hand, wear already formed finished butterfly - a sign of bad taste.
  • Chest handkerchief. This is an optional element of the dress code, but it gives the image of elegance and solemnity. Many believe that without a breast handkerchief image will never look complete and festive.
  • Cufflinks. You must be combined with the buttons by color, shape, material from which made. They can be made of precious metals and stones, but do not attract too much attention to shine and pretentiousness.
  • Clock. Ideally - a pocket. Until recently, the wristwatch worn under a tuxedo was taken. Today, this version of the example, the main thing to watch was small, neat black strap on.
Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

What to wear women?

And what about the ladies invited to the event to mark Black Tie? Dress code for women more loyal, but there are some rules you should follow:

  • Dress length - not above the knees. The dress does not have to be long to the floor, it may be a cocktail, midi length, but not shorter.
  • The dress should be classic, not trendy and conceptual. The event does not provide extravagant and strange dresses and accessories.
  • Not acceptable deep neckline and high slit skirt.
  • fabric and decoration of the dress should look noble and expensive. If in doubt about how a particular shade cloth or appropriate, stop for a black, dark blue or ivory, satin, silk or velvet dress.
Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

Footwear for women

How to choose the shoes on Black Tie event? Dress code for women in relation to the shoe severe - extremely high heels. They can be made of satin or silk and decorated with small bows in tone. Unacceptable shoes with open toe, sandals, ballet flats.

Accessories for women

Dress code Black Tie allows women to wear an expensive and high-quality event, but all the same costume jewelry. In contrast to the case of increasing the solemnity of precious stones and metals can be left at home.

Also it is better to leave the house fur coats, capes, boas. There is a risk of being dressed inappropriately and defiantly.

But on the glove lady decide. Remember, the longer sleeve dress, the shorter should be the gloves.

As the bags for a small evening clutch made of satin fabric, without the abundant decor.

Since the ideal hair should be collected in the hair, it may be a decoration in your hair: barrette or comb.

Dress code Black Tie for men and women: a description, features and reviews

Subspecies dress code

Black Tie has several subspecies. If the invitation there is a certain mark, it means the rules of dress code will vary slightly:

  • Dress Code Creative Black Tie. This subspecies allows to show imagination and personal style. This dress code may be the opening of the Gallery of Modern Art or the famous boutique. Men can wear colorful vests, shirts other than white flowers and bright accessories. Women pozvolitelen decor in the form of sequins, original handbags and jewelry. The main thing is that the image remained solemn and elegant. The event with the dress code as possible, and even necessary, wear designer clothes young creative designers.
  • Black Tie Invited. This type of dress code frees the ladies from the dress to the floor. It can be replaced by a cocktail dress-case, an evening pantsuit or even low-necked jumpsuit. You can experiment with color, for example, wear a fuchsia dress, but in this case, be careful with the details. The whole image should be supplemented with evening accessories and ornaments, to give the image of solemnity. The hair can be left loose or gathered in a stylish sloppy bun. Men can change the tuxedo velvet jacket. Bow tie can be replaced plastron, neck pouch, Ascot or any other festive tie.
  • Black Tie Optional. The dress code is marked "optional" allows men to choose a suit of brown, terracotta, blue or gray. Women are allowed to come not only in a suit with a skirt or trousers, but also in kits consisting of different fabrics, such as lace top and skirt made of velvet or silk pants with a cashmere cardigan.

Rules dress code - it is not only composed of a set correctly, but also etiquette. Compliance with the rules of fashion shows just how respectful you treat people, to invite you to a celebration. Not observing the dress code, you show inattention and indifference. It is not necessary to treat too lightly dressed, in some situations, outfit say about you much more than you would say yourself.